The best mobile phones ever in the history of mobile phones

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Mobile phones have been one of the best inventions of the century and have fundamentally changed our lives.
Over the past few decades, mobile phones and their evolution, smartphones, have increased considerably and become more and more powerful and with more features.
You can know everything about the history of mobile phones in this article which is divided into two parts: first let's see the list of the best phones of all time in terms of circulation and sales.
In the second part of the article you can instead read an infographic with the history of mobile phones which starts from the first mobile phones, passing through Apple and Android, ending with a look to the future.

The list of the best-selling mobile phones ever was drawn up by the Daily Telegraph in a gallery of images that obviously sees Nokia as the protagonist.
The ranking is surprising, some will recognize their old mobile phones.
From the last position to the first, let's see the 20 most used mobile phones in the world in recent years:

- Nokia 2850: One of Nokia's few flip phones, came out in 2004 and has continued to sell 35 million units over the years.
- iPhone 3GS it is the best-selling iPhone, around 35 million.
- Samsung Galaxy SII e SIII - each sold about 40 million units.
- Nokia 6230: announced in 2003, it sold 50 million units and is still one of the most popular mobile phones today.
- Nokia 3100 came out in 2003, 50 million phones of this type colored pink or blue.
- Motorola StarTAC of 1996.
- Motorola C200.
- iPhone 4S: launched in 2011, 60 million sales.
- Nokia 5130: one of the XpressMusic phones, 65 million mobile phones sold.
- Nokia 6010: with color screen.
- Nokia 1208: sold 100 million times.
- Nokia 1600: 130 million units sold.
- Motorola Razr V3 in 2004, 130 million units sold.
- Nokia 2600
- Nokia 3310: In the city I think he was number one for several years.
- Nokia 5230: launched in 2010, it sold 150 million pieces.
- Nokia 1200: 150 million.
- Nokia 3210: Nokia's historic mobile phone from 1999.
- Nokia 1110: the most popular and widespread phone in the world, with 250 million units sold since 2005 and still on sale today (pictured above)

Below an infographic to be read with the history of mobile phones and smartphones, made by the Waypharer website.

The best mobile phones ever in the history of mobile phones

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