Clash of Clans

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How to Recover Clash of Clans Account

From ForDataRecovery, we want to explain how to recover your Clash of Clans account. If you have lost any Data, such as Username, Password or Email of this Video Game, and now you can't log in, here we leave you different ways and steps so you can access again. Due […]

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How to contact Epic Games

Contacting Epic Games from a computerIf you need contact epic Games, I guess the reason is because you are having problems with his video games. In this regard, you can act as a computer first, by connecting to its official company website.Then start a browser […]

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45 Best Multiplayer Games for Android and iPhone

Playing mobile is fun as a pastime, but it can also become challenging and competitive when it comes to challenges against other players. By now most of the games on the Google and Apple stores can be played together with other people in multiplayer challenges […]

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Best free calling apps (Android and iPhone)

If many years ago the only way to make mobile phone calls involved the use of a SIM and a telephone number from an operator, today all you need is an Internet connection and an application to call for free on any phone, be it an iPhone or an Android smartphone. […]

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3 Free Windows War Games: Tanks, Ships and Planes

This time the title of the post is extremely clear: we have 3 free games to choose this week, 3 very engaging and also challenging games, which can be played for free on Windows PCs and which have in common the theme of war, experienced firsthand. For two of them […]

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Best sites to download free PC games

If we want to play the best games made for PC without paying anything, we no longer have to rely on piracy at all (which can lead to installing malware), but it is better to rely on sites with free, freely downloadable games. Furthermore, in addition to those […]