Reset or change your Yahoo Password

You haven't logged into your Yahoo inbox for a long time, and now that you need to, you realize you no longer remember your password to log in. For this reason, you immediately opened Google to look for a guide that could help you solve the problem and ended up here, right on my website.

Let me tell you, you've come to the right place at a time that couldn't be better! Below, in fact, I will explain how to recover Yahoo passwords from both computers and smartphones and tablets, using the recovery procedure integrated in the service or, alternatively, a series of techniques applicable to commonly used software, such as browsers.

So, without hesitating further, cut out a few minutes of your free time for yourself, make yourself comfortable and read very carefully everything I have to explain on the subject: I'm sure that, within a few minutes, you will be able to regain possession of the email account that, by now, you thought you were practically lost. Having said that, I have nothing left to do but wish you good reading and good luck with everything!

How to recover Yahoo Mail password

Retrieving the password to access your Yahoo Mail inbox is not at all difficult: all you have to do is follow the reset procedure, accessible through the platforms from which you can use the service (e.g. computers, smartphones and tablets). Below I will give you all the details of the case.

Retrieve Yahoo password from PC

To retrieve your Yahoo password from your PC, first connect to the service's website and click on the item Cannot access? located just below. Next, enter your Yahoo Mail address or access phone number in the box provided, click the Continue button and follow the instructions provided to receive the password reset link.

Note: If necessary, you can replace your Yahoo Mail address or access phone number with the email address or phone number set during registration for data recovery.

The procedure may vary depending on the data available to Yahoo: for example, you may be asked to complete the registered phone number with the missing digits. If you still have access to the phone, enter the numbers in the appropriate fields (identified by two or more underscores) and click on the Send button to receive a unique code to indicate a little later: once you have entered it, you will be able to define a new access password.

If, on the contrary, you can't access your mobile phone, click on the I don't have access button and follow the suggested steps to use an alternative recovery method: for example, if you have specified a recovery email address, you will be asked whether to send a verification code to that address, to be entered on the next screen. Once this is done, you can proceed with the password reset wizard, indicating the new access key, twice, in the suggested fields.

If you no longer have access to this email address, click again on the I don't have access to this email; if you specified security question and answer during registration, you will be asked to indicate them to reset your password.

Finally, if none of the specified methods is suitable for you, you will receive a warning about the impossibility to recover your account through the online procedure. To address this issue, visit the Yahoo Help site, set the Account item in the first drop-down menu, indicate the Yahoo email address to be recovered in the appropriate field, check the box I'm not a robot to pass the security checkbox, then press the Start button and follow the instructions provided to get in touch with the Yahoo staff.

Note: In this case, you may be asked to verify your identity by sending us documents or other recognition methods. The recovery procedure may also take several days, as it involves the intervention of a "human" operator.

Retrieve Yahoo passwords from smartphones and tablets

You usually use the Yahoo Mail app for Android or iOS, but after logging out, you can't access the service because you forgot your password? Again, you can use a simple wizard to address this problem.

First, launch the Yahoo Mail app, then tap the Sign in with Yahoo button and wait a few seconds for a page to open in your browser; when it does, tap on the item Can't sign in? button, choose between the Yahoo email you want to recover, the login phone number, the recovery email address or the recovery phone number and tap the Continue button to start resetting your password.

At this point, the procedure varies depending on the information you provided during registration: you may be asked to complete the declared mobile phone number or enter a code you received in the recovery email; however, you can follow the same steps I have already explained in the computer section, as the procedure is almost identical.

If, on the other hand, you don't use the app but still want to reset the password from your smartphone or tablet, connect to, tap on the Cannot access item and follow the same instructions provided in this section.

Program to recover Yahoo Mail passwords

If you have failed to achieve your goal using the steps provided above, you can try to recover Yahoo Mail passwords through some programs. For example, you have the ability to view "in plain text" (i.e. not covered by the dots) the access key saved in your browser, or, if you use a password manager such as LastPass or 1Password, you can retrieve it from the respective archives. Below you will find everything explained in detail.


Did you previously set up automatic access to Yahoo Mail in your browser and answered "yes" to the password save request? Then there is a very good chance that you will be able to retrieve your password directly from within it, using the procedure most appropriate for your browser.

Google Chrome

  • Computer - click on the button (⋮) located at the top right, then click on the Settings item and then on the Advanced item located at the bottom of the next screen. Then identify the Manage Password section, click on the corresponding arrow, locate the Yahoo email box inside the Saved Passwords pane and press the eye button to view it in clear text. On some operating systems, you may be asked to enter your computer password as an additional level of security.
  • Smartphone/tablet - tap the button (⋮), tap Settings and tap Password.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Computer - click on the button (☰) located in the top right corner, click on the Options item, move to the Privacy and Security box, then click on the Saved Accesses button to view the accounts stored in the browser. To conclude, select the Yahoo Mail address located within the proposed list and click on the Show password button located at the bottom right.
  • Smartphone or tablet - tap the button (⋮), tap on Settings and Privacy, enter the Access Management section and tap on the Yahoo Mail address to view the password.


  • Mac - click the Safari menu at the top left corner of the screen, select Preferences from within it, then click the Password tab and enter your Mac password to unlock your keyring. Finally, locate your Yahoo Mail account from the suggested list and left-click on it to see your password in plain text.
  • iPhone and iPad - enter iOS Settings by tapping the gear button located on the Home screen, tap Account and Password apps and websites, then use the device's default recognition method (Face ID, Touch ID) or enter your Apple ID password to access the Safari password store. Finally, tap on your Yahoo Mail account for an extended tap to see your password in plain text.

Password manager

Did you follow my password management guide, so, do you use a special software to keep the access keys for the services you use? Then it's very likely that you can trace your Yahoo password through the above mentioned program: password managers not only allow you to automatically "fill" the access fields of websites, but they can also be used to display passwords saved within them in clear text. Below I will show you how the most commonly used passwords work.

  • LastPass - after starting the program, app or browser extension, enter your e-mail address and master password to unlock the safe if necessary. When you're done, enter the word Yahoo in the search field at the top, locate the email address you're interested in, click on the corresponding wrench (or tap on the corresponding entry if you're on a smartphone or tablet) and select the Edit entry from the proposed menu. Finally, tap on the eye corresponding to the Password field to see it in clear text.
  • 1Password - the operation is very similar to LastPass, although the interface is slightly different: after starting the software you usually use (PC program, app or browser extension), unlock the safe using the unlocking method of your device (e.g. Face ID or Touch ID) or entering the master password, then type the Yahoo word in the search area at the top of the software, select the email of your interest and press the Reveal button to display the password in clear text.
  • Keepass - after unlocking the database, click/tap on the magnifying glass at the top, type in the word Yahoo and press on the result for the email address for which you want to recover the access key. Then, click on the Show password button, if you are on a PC, or tap on the button (⋮) and choose the Show password item from the menu proposed, if you are on a smartphone or tablet.

Other programs to recover your Yahoo password

You haven't been able to recover Yahoo passwords in any way? Don't throw in the towel yet: for your information, you can try to achieve your goal by using a special software that can "reveal" passwords saved in the browser or within the operating system itself, or the specific features of Android and iOS. For more details, please see my guides on how to see the email password, how to see the passwords saved on Android and how to see the passwords saved on iOS.

Stay away, however, from all those programs and apps that promise to find lost passwords by making a large number of attempts in sequence (bruteforce) or using alleged "hacker" methods, because they no longer work: in the best case, you would waste valuable time, and in the worst case, however, you may end up with a lot of malware installed on your device and your Yahoo account permanently blocked (due to rapid repeated failed login attempts).

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