How to get the new WhatsApp emojis

Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of the tutorial I think it is useful to explain in a general way the dynamics of updating the emoji. Well, you must know that to "renew" the latter and get the ones released recently, the WhatsApp application must not be updated (as you might initially think).

Updating the popular instant messaging application, in fact, will have the consequence of eventually updating sticker for the app itself (as happened with the introduction of animated stickers, for example), but not the emoji, which are integral parts of the operating system.

At this point, you may be wondering how to update emojis. Simple: update the operating system of your smartphone to the latest version available. The Unicode consortium, the non-profit organization that develops emojis and designs them, associates them with specific character sequences, and when new ones are released, new associations occur. For this reason it is necessary that the operating system of your device also “aligns” with these changes with an update.

Given the above reasons, I will show you in the next chapters how to update smartphones Android e iPhone (assuming that updates do not always include new emojis). Updates for operating systems are free but, in the case of Android, especially as regards low-end smartphones, they are released rather infrequently by manufacturers: the same update of a specific Android ROM can become available at different times depending on the your smartphone). On iOS, however, the problem does not exist, as all updates of the Apple operating system can be applied immediately to all supported models.

The most immediate procedure to "bring" both Android and iOS to the latest version available is to use the OTA (over-the-air) updates. The latter are distributed directly by smartphone manufacturers, via the Internet and can be installed directly from the settings of your device in a totally secure way (unlike the "unofficial" ones developed by the developer community which I will not talk about here).

It should be noted, however, that particularly older devices may no longer be supported by manufacturers; this implies that for these smartphones and tablets it will no longer be possible to install official updates. To check for any news on the support status of your device, you can search on Google by typing the key phrase [smartphone model name] update (I recommend though: always check that the update is official and released directly from the manufacturer of your smartphone). Is everything clear so far? Perfect, then I'd say we can proceed.

How to get the new WhatsApp emojis: Android

Do you want to know how to get the new WhatsApp emojis on your phone Android? No problem, I'll show you immediately.

Since there are various versions of Android and they all differ from each other (especially in the way the system menus and the items that compose them are structured), it will not be possible for me to provide you with specific indications for the model of smartphone you use. Given, however, the simplicity of the steps to be performed, I am sure you will have no problem putting my instructions into practice.

So, to check if there are any updates available for your phone, you must first go to the settings of Android (to do this you just need to tap on the icon of thegear found in the notification area, home screen or app menu). From here, tap on the item System and then on the voice Advanced.

At this point you should see the entry Updates: tap on it and wait for your smartphone to automatically search for any updates. If the search is successful, the operating system of your smartphone will notify you of the presence of an update and to proceed all you have to do is press on the item Download.

At this point you will have to wait a few minutes (depending on the size of the update and the speed of your connection) and, once the download is complete, you can decide whether install immediately upgrade or do it overnight, that is, when the smartphone is inactive, by pressing the appropriate buttons that are shown to you.

In case you choose to install the update immediately, I invite you to connect the device to the charger so that the power does not go out of the phone during the installation process (it is essential that the smartphone does not turn off accidentally during the aforementioned phase). If you select the first option, which is to proceed with the installation immediately, the phone will turn off automatically and upon restart (which will take place after a few moments) you will have to wait for the installation to be completed, after which you can return to using the smartphone normally.

Let's take a practical example, to better understand: if you use a smartphone Xiaomi, you can carry out the procedure I have just illustrated by going to Settings> System Info and from here press on box left with the icon MIUI version installed. At the end of the automatic search, just press the button Download update placed at the bottom. Finally, depending on your preference, click on the button Restart now (to install the update immediately) or on the voice Update tonight (to perform the update while the smartphone is inactive).

Furthermore, I would like to point out that on many devices, as soon as a new update is available, it will be the same operating system that will notify you with a notifies. In this case, all you have to do to proceed with the installation is to press on notifies itself, which you find in the appropriate menu that you can call up by sliding your finger starting from the upper edge of the display and repeating the steps you find in the previous paragraphs.

Once you've brought Android to the latest version available, launch WhatsApp and recalls the keyboard to check for any new emojis (to view the keyboard in question, tap on input field that you use to compose messages and make sure that an icon is displayed on the left in the field itself keyboard, if not, tap on thesmiling emoji to the left).

Finally, I inform you that you can also install official updates via computer (by connecting the phone via USB) using the programs made available by smartphone manufacturers. For specific information on this last procedure, I invite you to consult my tutorial on how to update Android easily (in the latter I also explained how to update Samsung phones).

There would actually also be a way to update older Android devices via Unofficial ROMs, but it is very risky (there is the possibility of irreversibly blocking the device), and for simple emojis I don't think we should try!

How to get the new WhatsApp emojis: iPhone

get new emojis for WhatsApp on iPhone, you have to act in a similar way to what I showed you in the case of Android, that is, update the operating system to the latest version available for your smartphone (the vast majority of updates released by Apple include new emojis). The operation is not complex at all and can be performed by Settings of the "iPhone by".

To access the latter, just tap on the icon of thegear found on the home screen or in the App Library. After that, tap on the item Generali and then on the voice Software update. If your iPhone already has the latest version of iOS available, you will see the message Your software is up to date, otherwise, the smartphone will show you the name of the new version of iOS available and the major news included in it (with possible references to emojis).

To start the download, click on the item Download and install at the bottom and confirm the operation by typing the unlock code of the phone. You will therefore have to wait for the download to be completed (it may take several minutes, especially if the update is very "full-bodied" and your connection is not particularly good). Once this process is done, you will need to press the button first Accept and then the buttons Continue e Install now (maybe connect the smartphone to the charger to avoid accidental shutdowns during the next phase).

The phone will automatically shut down and restart when installing the new iOS version (the progress process will be shown to you with a loading bar). At the end of the installation you will have to type the again unlock code smartphone and possibly also the Password of yours Apple ID. In this way your "iPhone by" will be updated.

From iOS 12 you can also install updates automatically when the iPhone is charging and connected to the Wi-Fi network during the night. To enable this option go to Settings> General> Software Update> Automatic Updates and, from here, tap onswitch placed in correspondence with this last item to activate the aforementioned function. Convenient, right?

Now you just have to see if there are new emojis by starting WhatsApp. If not, make sure the Emoji keyboard on your device. To do this, go up Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add New Keyboard and from here tap on the item Emoji. For other details about it, I refer you to my guide on how to get the new emojis on iPhone and the one on how to update iOS (in the latter I also explained how to update the iPhone operating system via computer).

How to get the new WhatsApp emojis: computer

So far I have told you about the procedures by which it is possible to expand one's "repertoire" of emoji to WhatsApp on smartphones, but it happens much more often to you to use the instant messaging service in question on PC rather than on the phone.

This being the case, you would therefore like to know which operations must be carried out on the computer counterparts of the service, namely the WhatsApp Desktop client and the WhatsApp Web browser application. Usual speech: update Windows and macOS to the latest versions and you will also have the most recent emojis .

How to get the new stickers on WhatsApp

How do you say? In addition to emoji, to communicate your moods to your interlocutors, you often use sticker and would like to know how to add new ones on WhatsApp? In this case, then you will simply have to search for new stickers and install them in the app, as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to download stickers in WhatsApp. If, on the other hand, you want to create your own, follow my guide on how to create stickers for WhatsApp.

As mentioned above, in some special cases, when new features related to stickers are introduced (eg animated stickers), to use them you need to update WhatsApp to the latest version available.

How to have WhatsApp emojis on Instagram

You want to know if there is any way to use WhatsApp emojis on Instagram? Unfortunately I have to be informed that this is not possible. Despite the fact that on Android the emojis of the two apps are similar, we must still keep in mind that they are not "interchangeable" with each other.

However, what you can do, to give a certain "air of novelty" to your messages in the aforementioned apps, is to use any keyboards that include stickers in the shape of a customizable emojis (the "real" emojis remain, however, always those that are part of your operating system).

Before proceeding further, however, I invite you to be very careful when using third-party keyboards since the latter are often unsafe as they could expose your keyboard to various risks. privacy (These tools, in fact, could "record" without your knowledge everything you type on them, including sensitive data e Password). So I recommend: before installing a keyboard of this type, always read carefully the reviews on the store from which you download them and do not install them for any reason from sources other than the Play Store or the App Store.

My advice, if you want to create custom stickers with your likeness to use on various instant messaging and Instagram services, is to use Bitmoji, a very popular free app, available on Android and iOS that allows you to create an avatar and get tons of stickers based on it. To install the app on your device, click on the links I have just indicated, click on the button Ottieni / Installa and proceed to verify your identity, if necessary.

Once the app is installed, continue by pressing the button Create avatars, indicate the date of your birthday and register by inserting a email address and creating a Password (you can also log in with your account Snapchat). Once this is done, start customizing your avatar by selecting its gender and various physical details (eyes, hair, nose, mouth and so on). After completing the above steps, click on the item Save at the top right.

Done! The avatar you created will automatically be integrated into Gboard (the Google keyboard pre-installed on many Android smartphones that can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store) and to use it you can use Gboard (to set the latter to Android go up Settings> Languages ​​and input> Current keyboard and from here you choose Gboard while on iPhone go up Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add Keyboard and select Gboard from the list; you can follow these procedures to select any other alternative keyboard you want to use).

I also inform you that Bitmoji also has its own custom keyboard; to enable it on Android go to Settings> Languages ​​and input> Manage keyboards and from here press onswitch next to the item Bitmoji keyboard. Then, to select the Bitmoji keyboard as the input method, just repeat the step of the previous paragraph (I explained to you in detail some time ago both how to change keyboard changes on Android and how to change keyboards on iPhone).

Da Gboard, to find the stickers created with Bitmoji, once the Google keyboard is called up, tap the icon of thesticker located at the top left, on the keyboard itself and, from here, tap on the icon cartoon smiling placed at the bottom. It didn't take long, do you agree? For other applications to get new emoji stickers, I refer you to my tutorials on how to edit emojis and how to create emojis for WhatsApp.

How to get the new WhatsApp emojis

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