How to open ACSM

How to open ACSM files from PC

The simplest method to open ACSM files on PC is to use software Adobe Digital Editions, which is available free for Windows e MacOS. This program allows you to view (and transfer) ACSM files in just a couple of clicks. Before continuing, I would like to point out that in order for the book in question to be read correctly, it will be necessary to have a Adobe ID to associate it with.

Having said that, let's take action immediately: first of all, get the program installation file by connecting to its website and clicking on the specific link for the operating system in use on your computer, that is Windows MacOS (Macintosh). Once the file download is complete, start it and act following the procedure that best suits your computer.

  • Windows - presses the button Yes, put the check mark next to the item I accept the license conditions, click the button twice consecutively NEXT and complete the setup by pressing the buttons Install end. If prompted, click on the item No thanks to avoid installing additional software.
  • MacOS - double click on the file pkg contained in the package dmg previously downloaded. Press the button twice in a row Continue and click on the buttons Accept Install to start the installation procedure. When prompted, enter your Mac admin password to confirm everything.

Once the program installation is complete, start it and first click on the menu Help> Authorize Computer ... located at the top to enable the PC in use to read DRM contents.

Once this is done, enter the credentials of theAdobe ID, if you already have one, or create an account immediately using the button Create an Adobe ID: immediately after, a browser window should open containing a form to fill in all its fields (name last namee-mailPassword date of birth). When you are done, click on the button Subscribe, taking care to write down the e-mail address and the chosen password.

After the registration phase, go back to the Adobe Digital Editions window and fill in the fields proposed with theAdobe ID just created (the email address) and the Password choice, then clicking on the button Authorize to complete the PC authorization procedure. Finally, close the window by pressing the button OK And that's it!

From now on, you just need to double-click on the ACSM file in question to open it immediately with the program you just installed, adding the book contained in it to the library associated with the Adobe ID specified during configuration. To start reading the book, simply click on the cover that appears on the left side of the program. Easy, right?

How to open ACSM files from smartphones and tablets

You have received a DRM-protected book from Adobe on your smartphone or tablet and, therefore, you are looking for a method to open ACSM file on the move? Then this is the section of the tutorial that suits you best. All you need to do is a Adobe ID and an app to decrypt Adobe's DRM protected books.

If you do not already have an Adobe ID, you can create it in the following way: connect to the official Adobe website from the browser of your smartphone or tablet, press on the item Log in located at the top right and tap the link Create an Adobe ID present on the page that opens to start registration on the portal. Then, fill in the fields that are proposed to you with the necessary information (name surname, e-mail address, password, Country of residence e date of birth), indicates whether or not to receive information on Adobe products via email, using the appropriate box, and complete the registration to the portal by tapping the button Subscribe.

Once this operation is complete, you can proceed to download one of the apps compatible with reading ACSM files, directly from the store of your device. Before going ahead, however, I would like to clarify a fundamental point: for its part, Adobe offers a variant of Adobe Digital Editions, the software already seen in the section on the computer, for Android and iOS. At the time of writing this guide, however, many users have encountered problems and difficulties in using it: for this reason, I invite you to contact the alternative solutions that I am going to point out to you in the following sections.

BluefireReader (Android / iOS)

The first app that I can recommend you for open ACSM file on smartphones and tablets is Bluefire reader, a free eBook reader with support for many formats, including those protected by Adobe DRM, available for free for Android and iOS.

To use it, first download the app from the reference store of your device, start it from the Android drawer or from the iOS Home screen and, once you reach its main screen, enter theAdobe ID and the relative Password that you have previously created; finally, press the button Authorize to ensure that the device you are using can correctly open the protected files you purchased.

At this point, the game is practically done: go to the app through which you received or downloaded the ACSM file you intend to open (be it the system Downloads folder, the email client, a messaging app or other) and touch the icon of the book of your interest: at this point, if you are on Android, the title in question should be immediately added to the BluefireReader library; alternatively, touch the icon related to it from the selection menu that is proposed to you.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself on iOS, tap the button sharing attached to the preview of the file in question and, in the panel that opens, tap on the item Copy your Bluefire Reader to instantly add the book contained in the file to your personal collection.

When you're done, all you have to do is tap the cover of the book you just added to the app to immediately start reading it; you can access the reading / navigation tools at any time by tapping on the currently open page of the book.

Periodic (Android / iOS)

If the above solution was not to your liking, you can give the app a chance Periodically: This is a free software for Android and iOS (with additional features obtainable through in-app purchases, not useful for the purposes of this guide), designed to organize and read eBooks in a large number of formats, including ACSM protected by Adobe DRM.

Using Aldiko is really simple: after downloading and starting the app, press the button Salta to immediately go to its main screen, then if you are on Android, sfiora il pulsating placed at the top left and presses on the item Information, placed at the bottom of the menu that opens; if, instead, you are using iOS, tap on the icon Profile located at the bottom right and touch the item Settings.

Next, tap on the item Showcase DRM/DRM Accounts and then on the button Add DRM account to access the next configuration screen: at this point, touch the item I understand and agree, select the voice AdobeID give menu to tendin Account type and enter thee-mail and Password Adobe ID created earlier.

When you are done, press the button Save, start the app through which you obtained the ACSM file (e.g. the email client or the integrated file manager), tap on the book icon and, if you are on Android, choose to open it with Periodically through the appropriate menu that is shown; regarding iOS, instead, you have to press the button of the sharing (the square with up arrow) and tap the option Copy to Aldiko in the menu that opens. In this way, the eBook contained in the file will be immediately added to the library and displayed immediately afterwards.

Note: after opening the book, you can access the reading tools (font size, bookmarks, annotations and so on) by swiping from the top to the center.

Other solutions to open ACSM files from smartphones and tablets

Do you usually buy Adobe DRM protected books directly from an online site (like IBS, for example) or from the library built into your eReader? Then I think I have great news for you: most of the services of this type offer a series of apps that can be installed on smartphones and tablets.

These apps, in most cases, not only allow you to buy books quickly and easily, but also to read them through the affected device, without using any other external app. Apps of this type, for example, are made available by services IBS-Tolino (Android / iOS) and Kobo (Android / iOS); you can however find out if the service or reader you usually use offers this possibility by carrying out a short search on Google (eg. app [ServiceName / player] Android iOS).

How to open ACSM

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