Freegate, best proxy program to access blocked sites

    Freegate, best proxy program to access blocked sites Internet censorship is becoming a more serious problem every day: numerous websites start to be obscured, websites made unreachable by the authorities and by internet control laws. In addition, there are issues such as browsing privacy and access to websites that are active only in some countries, including some videos on Youtube.
    To overcome these problems, we have seen several methods, all collected together on the web page about best proxies and programs to browse blocked and blocked sites.
    Among these were mentioned Tor, Ultrasurf and also Freegate, a program with mixed fortunes, whose latest update, however, made it the number one on the list.

    While most VPN applications to simulate browsing anonymously or from another country affect browsing speed or prevent certain sites (such as flash sites) from being displayed correctly, Freegate provides a fast connection to sites, as if you were surfing normally.

    Freegate, used by millions of people in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, is therefore thetotal anti-censorship which you can use as automatic proxy software that makes all sites in the world accessible without limitations through a fake IP address generated by the program to trick the server into believing that it is being accessed from another country. Everything works automatically and without blocking, as it happens with other programs, plugins or browser extensions. Freegate is also free and very easy to use.

    When you start the application for the first time, a proxy window appears. It allows you to create lists of websites to be set up for linking through Freegate. Basically there are three modes available to manage the lists: You can choose to have all websites pass through the Freegate proxy, you can mark some addresses to be navigated with Freegate and others that must never be passed through the proxy.
    The main interface opens after configuring all the initial settings and is made up of four tabs: Server, Status, Tunnel and Settings.
    The board Server & Hosting allows you to see, in real time, the stability of the connection to the proxy servers provided by Freegate.
    The board Status shows a button for turn Freegate on or off quickly.
    Under Tunnel it is possible to choose between two types of configuration and also to set a mode with proxy or one without proxy.
    If you select Proxy mode, a. Is automatically set in the Windows Internet options proxy in the advanced connection options (inside the browser options) which has as address, port 8580.
    The proxy also takes effect when browsing with Google Chrome, while if you want to use Firefox, you have to set it manually in the advanced network options.
    In the settings there are some options to activate to run Freegate automatically, to have it set the proxy or not and not to automatically open the browser. In the other settings, however, you can disable some plugins such as Java or ActiveX controls to ensure absolute anonymity.

    Freegate is a portable, installation-free application that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
    It is currently the best program, for ease and effectiveness, to navigate on blocked or blocked websites and to be anonymous on the internet.
    See here to verify that your IP on the computer has changed and is from another country.

    Freegate, best proxy program to access blocked sites

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