Best apps to skip the queue on Android and iPhone

Among the biggest annoyances that can happen during the day, finding yourself in a queue waiting for your turn to enter the post office or supermarket far exceeds all other problems, generating a widespread sense of frustration that leads us poor users. to be nervous and angry (even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic, where admissions are limited to a certain number of people).
If we too have witnessed such a scene in our city and remained in line to wait for our turn, we reveal a trick with which you can skip and easily avoid most of the queues and get straight to the point: in some cases we won't even have to get up from the living room, since we will be able to get the requested service through the app.

Skip the queue app

The apps that we will report to you in this article will allow you to skip the queues through an access management system, with which we will be able to immediately know how many people are in line and when it is convenient to go to the desired office or shop, so as to find a few people or enter immediately without waiting.
Other apps, on the other hand, will allow you to carry out most of the operations and services directly online, so as to "never end up in the queue".


The first app we recommend you try to skip the queue is ufirst, available free for Android and iPhone.

With this app we will be able to manage the accesses for banks, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, municipal offices, university secretariats, retail shops and supermarkets, viewing in real time the number of people already in line and remotely booking their ticket, so to be lined up even before arriving on the spot.
Once you get there in good time (it is better to arrive when there are 4-5 numbers before ours) just wait for the call of our number to skip the "physical" queue and immediately receive the requested service or access the shop where you can shop .


Another very useful app for skipping the queue at supermarkets or affiliated stores is JumpCoda, also available free for Android and iPhone.

To use the app, simply indicate a shop or an activity that supports the management of the queue remotely in your city, book our number and in the meantime check the scrolling of the queue already present.
When we lack a few numbers, we can easily get in line and wait for the call, so as to skip the existing physical queue and enter before others.

Post office

If the problem is the queue that we often find at the post office in our city, we can effectively skip the queue using the app Post office, available free for Android and iPhone.

By downloading this app we will be able to select any post office with electronic management of the queue for the counters and book our access at a preset time; as soon as you arrive at the post office just scan the QR code near the column that distributes tickets for the queue and wait for our booked call, which should take place in a few minutes (we will in fact skip all the numbers already in the queue).

Other apps to avoid the queue

What we have shown you so far are the apps that really allow you to skip the queue at the supermarket, at the post office and in some affiliated public offices (such as hospitals or clinics); but alongside these we can also use the app to totally avoid the queue, using the services available online and able to replace our physical presence in the shop, post office or public place where we wanted to go.
The best apps to avoid queues altogether are:
  • BancoPosta (Android and iPhone): with this app we can do most of the operations at the counter directly from home! We can pay bills, pay municipal taxes, school fees and F24 forms using the BancoPosta card in our possession. We have seen in another article the guide to book the number in line at the post office.
  • Postepay (Android and iPhone): if we have a PostePay or PostePay Evolution card we can pay bills, F24s and public taxes directly from the app, without going to the post office.
  • INPS mobile (Android and iPhone): do we have to submit an application to INPS or check our contribution situation? We can use the mobile app for this purpose, which can effectively replace the physical counter for the vast majority of operations and requests.
  • Enel Energia (Android and iPhone): if we are Enel Energia customers we can avoid going to the office and manage our practices (including the payment of bills) directly from the app.
If the problem is daily shopping, we can avoid the queues of supermarkets and shopping centers by using e-shopping services such as those seen in our articles Shop for food on Amazon to buy food and drinks e Online stores to shop and buy food and drinks via the internet.


Skipping the queues legally without having to argue with other people is possible, all we have to do is take the smartphone and download all the apps that we have reported above, perhaps grouping them in a convenient folder called "skip the line": as soon as the opportunity just open this folder to immediately have the right app to skip the queue.

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Best apps to skip the queue on Android and iPhone

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