Best apps to quit smoking and quit smoking (Android, iPhone)

There is nothing more difficult than quitting smoking so, to fight this addiction, you need to receive external support that can come from someone or from electronics.
In these difficult years, the main anti-smoking push is not so much the high risk of lung cancer (often ignored by smokers) but rather the huge amount of money that cigarettes cost. Smoking is expensive, so thinking about how much money you can save is probably the biggest motivation.

Have a smartphone in your hand or pocket Android or a iPhone becomes also useful for quitting smoking. In this article we look at some of the best apps to use to motivate yourself every day, convince yourself of all the benefits that can be obtained after quitting cigarettes and help yourself in giving up this addiction.

1) The application Quitnow è free for Android and iPhone. This app, also very popular with the reviews of those who are using it, shows the exact amount of time elapsed since the last smoke, the number of cigarettes that would have been consumed had you not quit and the amount of money saved.
Quitnow puts it like an online game, where you get points for not touching cigarettes and where, above all, you can share your progress and successes with others.

2) kwit for Android and iPhone it is an app, one of the most modern and popular, which keeps high the motivation not to resume for those who have decided to quit smoking normal cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, using a scientific method made up of objectives, goals and motivational cards .

3) Smoke Free (Android and iPhone) Helps quit smoking by showing time since last cigarette, money saved and health improvements.

4) Stop smoking assistant (Android) is a support that informs us about all the progress made to stay motivated not to smoke.

5) Quit smoking slowly (Android) dictates the times in which you can smoke, lengthening them more and more every day so that you can quit smoking or otherwise limit yourself a lot in time.

6) App to quit smoking (Android) offers a personalized quit smoking program, information on how to improve your life and also anti stress relievers to use when you feel like it. Instead of a radical decision, you can also choose to quit smoking gradually and create a personalized program to get rid of smoking without stress. There are also scientific information, personal motivations and there is also the possibility to customize the graphics.

7) Only for Android there is also Get Rich or Die Smoking, semper free your Google Play. This app is all about the money you save without smoking. Not only does the app count the unspent money on cigarettes, it also shows what you can buy with that money. It has all the other functions to keep motivation high with advice, medical indications on the harm of smoking and effective monitoring of one's health.

8) Quit Genius to iPhone which are nothing if you really want to try and quit. This application is the most expensive for iPhone and iPad but it is also the most feature-rich. It can be used as a psychological support to consult when you feel the need to smoke, to avoid falling back into the habit. Thanks to graphs and calculations it is possible to count the cigarettes smoked and the money saved. You can set up a personalized and gradual plan to smoke less every day, requiring you not to touch a cigarette if it has not been planned. Here, too, you can share your successes on Facebook in order to be gratified and even more motivated.

9) Stop smoking cigarettes instead it is a free app per iPhone e iPad always based on the money you save by quitting smoking or the money you are spending by buying a pack of cigarettes every day. This alone should fight this dangerous vice.

Certainly these applications are useless if you are not fully convinced you want to quit and if you do not arm yourself with willpower. Maybe then you'll have to read an article on how to eliminate addiction to smartphones, but this can never be written in this blog ...

Best apps to quit smoking and quit smoking (Android, iPhone)

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