How to open TGZ

Open TGZ on Windows

You are using a computer with su installed Windows and would you like to understand what tools you have on your side to be able to open TGZ files and how to use them? Then keep reading. Below you will find what I believe to be some of the best programs belonging to the category and the relative instructions for use.

Beware that TGZ files are presented as a "matryoshka". Once opened, in fact, inside them you will find an archive in TAR format to be selected by double-clicking to reveal all the files hosted in it.


How to open TGZ

The first of the tools to extract TGZ files with Windows that I suggest you consider is the excellent one 7-Zip, a free and open source software that allows you to extract all major compressed archive formats (as well as create ZIP and 7Z archives).

To download it to your computer, connect to its official website and click on the link Download placed next to the item 32-bit x86 (if you are using a 32-bit operating system) or next to the entry 64-bit x64 (if you are using a 64-bit system instead). If you have any doubts about the type of system on your PC choose the x86 version.

When the download is complete, open the 7-Zip installation package (eg. 7z920-x64.msi) and fai clic prima sul pulsado Yes and then install and Close to complete the setup.

Go now to the Start menu, search for 7-Zip File Manager and start it as administrator (by right clicking on its icon, selecting the item Other is that Run as administrator from the menu that appears and then pressing on Si) and associate the program with all the main compressed archive formats by going to the menu Instruments, selecting Opzioni ... and first clicking on + / Select all and subsequently on Apply and OK.

Mission accomplished! If there were no hitches, you should now be able to open the TGZ archives by simply double clicking on their icon. If not, manually create the association with 7-Zip by right clicking on any TGZ archive and selecting the item Property from the menu that appears. Then click on the button Change and select the path "C: Program Files7-Zip7zFM.exe".

Hamster Zip Archiver

How to open TGZ

If you are looking for a valid alternative to the program I mentioned earlier, I suggest you contact Hamster Zip Archiver. It is in fact a specific free software for Windows operating systems that allows you to open all the most popular compressed archive formats (including those in question) as well as to create them. It has a nice user interface, it is very easy to use and it only takes a few moments to install.

You ask me what to do to be able to use it? I'll point it out to you right away. First, go to the Hamster ZIP Archiver website and click the button Download for free, in order to download the program to your computer.

When the download is complete, open the executable file you just downloaded (eg. hamsterarc_v.xxxxx.exe) and click your Si, its OK and NEXT four times in a row. Complete the setup by pressing on end. If during the installation procedure you see some items appearing written with unclear characters, do not be alarmed, this is normal.

Now that you see the program window on your desktop, drag the TGZ files you have onto it, corresponding to the section Open the archive… that you see appear. Then click on the button Extract all files appeared in the upper right part of the Hamster Zip Archiver screen and indicates the location where you want to save the files contained in the archive once extracted.

When the extraction process is complete, you will find a folder with the same name as the compressed archive in the location you indicated earlier. To view the contents (and therefore to access the contents of the compressed archive), just double-click on it.

Then consider that if you choose to set Hamster Zip Archiver as the default program for managing compressed archives (the procedure varies significantly depending on the version of Windows used, you can find out how to proceed by reading my guide on the subject), next time that you will have to open such a file, simply double-click on its icon.

Open TGZ on Mac

Possiedi a Mac? As I said at the beginning, even in this case it is possible to open TGZ files. To do this you can, unlike Windows, take advantage of the functionality already included in macOS for the extraction of compressed archives or contact third-party tools. The choice is yours!

"Standard" function

How to open TGZ

As anticipated, as regards the Mac side, you must know that macOS is able to open TGZ files without any additional program.

So, if you are using an Apple-branded computer and find yourself dealing with an archive of this type, know that you can extract its contents by simply double clicking on its icon. Alternatively, right click on the compressed archive icon and choose apri give the menu that appears.

By doing so, the contents of the archive will be immediately extracted in the same position in which it is located, in a folder that bears its name. To access the files it contains, just double-click on them. Easier than that?

The Unarchiver

How to open TGZ

In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong using the functionality already included in macOS for extracting compressed archives, as I explained to you in the previous step, you can try to install the free app The Unarchiver which allows you to open all major compressed archive formats.

To use it, connect to the appropriate section of the Mac App Store online and clicks the button See in the Mac App Store. In the window of the Mac App Store "True and proper" that at this point you see appear on the desk, presses the button Ottieni / Installa, type the password for your Apple account (if necessary) and then wait a few moments for the application download and installation procedure to be started and completed.

Now, right click on the TGZ file you want to extract, select Open with from the context menu that appears and choose The Unarchiver. Therefore indicate the location on your Mac where you want to extract the archive and click on the button Extract which is in the lower right part of the window that appeared on the desktop.

The archive extraction procedure will be started and at the end you will find yourself with a “normal” folder in the position indicated above with the name of the extracted TGZ archive. To view the files inside, simply double-click on them.

If desired, you can also set The Unarchiver as the default archive manager for TGZ files. To do this, right-click on it, choose Get information from the menu that opens, expand the section Open with: in the window you see appear on the screen and select, from the contextual menu, The Unarchiver. By doing so, the next time you have to open a file in the format in question you can recall the use of The Unarchiver simply by double clicking on it.

Open TGZ on Linux

How to open TGZ

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, TGZ files are compressed archives used mainly in Linux environment. Consequently, in this case, in order to extract them, it is not necessary to use third-party tools, similar to how it happens on Mac.

For example, to open TGZ files on Ubuntu (one of the most famous and appreciated Linux distros among users), just double-click on the compressed archive icon, press the button Extract located in the upper left part of the window that appears on the desktop, indicate the destination location of the files contained in the compressed archive and press again on Extract. That's all!

When the extraction is complete you will find, in the previously chosen location, a folder with the same name as the compressed archive with the files contained within it. An on-screen warning will also inform you that the procedure has been completed successfully. To close it, press the button Close.

In addition to what I have just indicated, you can extract the TGZ archives on Ubuntu by right clicking on them and selecting, from the contextual menu you see appear, the item Extract here… (to extract the archive in the same location as the source file) or that Extract to ... (to indicate any destination location for the extracted files).

Open TGZ online

How to open TGZ

To conclude, as they say, I want to point out a tool that you can use to open TGZ files without having to download and install absolutely anything on your computer, which you can use directly online. It is Unzip-online, a free and very easy to use web app. It supports both the archives in question and all the other most popular ones. It works with all major web browsers and all operating systems and also the documents uploaded to the service are automatically deleted within 24 hours. The only limitation, if we want to define it so, is that which allows you to intervene only on files with a maximum weight of 200 MB.

To use it, connected to the main page of the service, click on the button Uncompress files e poi quello Open File / Choose File / Browse to select the TGZ archive on your computer to extract. Once this is done, click on again uncompress files, in such a way as to start the actual extraction procedure.

Wait for the file to be processed then click on the names of the extracted items to download them to your computer. If you have not made any changes to the default browser settings, the files will be saved in the folder Download.

How to open TGZ

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