Add or change PC manufacturer and logo and other system info

    Add or change PC manufacturer and logo and other system info When you buy the OEM type computer (see article "Is it better to have a custom PC or a pre-assembled computer (OEM)?"), Ie pre-installed and branded by companies such as HP, Asus or others, both laptop and desktop PC, it contains information about the manufacturer integrated into the operating system.
    If you buy a custom PC from a computer store, however, there may be no information or there is the store's data.
    When you install Windows from scratch, there is certainly no information about the manufacturer of the computer.
    What I'm talking about is the data written in the Windows screen which can be viewed by clicking on the "System" icon from the Control Panel or by right-clicking on "computer" and entering the properties.
    The information is Model, Manufacturer, Support website, phone number, manufacturer logo and several others.
    Even if there is no actual use, changing that information can be fun by putting in personalized names and directions.
    To change, add and delete basic computer information, you just have to make some changes to some registry keys in Windows 7 and also Windows 8 and Windows 10.

    As usual, remember that you have to be careful when touching the registry keys because an error could compromise the functioning of the computer.
    To open the registry keys, go to the start menu, search for regedit and open the registry editor.
    From the menu on the right made in folders, open the following path:


    If the PC has already been marked by the manufacturer or the seller, then you will see on the right some values ​​which are:
    Support hours
    Support Phone
    These can be modified by writing whatever you want.
    If, on the other hand, there is nothing, then you have to add the values ​​by hand ..
    Then click with the right mouse button on the blank in the space on the right, click on New> String value and add Manufacturer
    Double click on Manufacturer and write what you want, for example,
    Then add SupportURL and write the name of a trusted site that becomes clickable from the system page, for example,
    If you want to do something even nicer, you can add the logo.
    Then add the Logo value and indicate the file to be used which must be a bmp image with dimensions 100x100.
    If you want to use a photo, open it with the Irfanview program and then save it as a BMP image.
    By default, the logo is the one found in C: WindowsSystem32oemlogo.bmp.
    Any changes take effect after restarting the computer.

    Finally, remember that even easier it is always possible change the name of the PC.

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