Find out who looks like you to find the double with the most similar face

    On the Internet it is now impossible to count the billions of photographs uploaded from all over the world, not only Facebook but also other social networks, blogs, forums and many other sites where there are photos of real people, practically everyone's faces. Looking for faces could be easy on Facebook, with such a rich database and being able to see the faces of all the people in the world then it could be fun too. find out if there is a double of mine, one who looks like me particularly or that his face is identical to mine!

    To find one that looks like you it is not necessary to go and recognize it by eye because you can use a web application that find out who is most like me in the world, with similar facial features.

    The site PimEyes is one of those that allow you to find similar photos and similar images by looking from your own image. Its specialty is facial recognition technology capable of finding faces resembling that of a photo uploaded by us on the internet. If you try, therefore, to upload a frontal photograph, where your face can be seen clearly, without ornaments and without hair covering the forehead, then you will be able to find the faces that resemble us the most and, in some cases, even the almost identical to us.
    The photo can also be uploaded by indicating the URL of the online image as well.

    The only limitation is that after doing the research, to see where the photo of the person who looks like us is and further details, you need to unlock the paid plan.
    Personally, I tried the application by uploading a photo I took on the fly via webcam and it found me amazing matches, with a couple of doubles that really surprised me. While I can't know who I am without paying, it still remains an interesting find.

    Another site to find photos of people who look like us, completely free, it is Anonymizer. In this case, however, the similar faces that can be found are of people who do not really exist. It is in fact one of the sites to generate faces of people who do not exist. Other sites to look for your twin hidden in the world are also Ilooklikeyou e, which unfortunately, however, requires the registration of an account.

    To stay on the subject, you can see other interesting applications including:
    - see which VIP celebrity looks like.

    - Find out which portrait looks like us with Google Art Selfie

    - Compare two faces to see if they look alike on Twins Or Not

    Find out who looks like you to find the double with the most similar face

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