Best Widgets with Weather and Time on Android transparent and customizable

    Best Widgets with Weather and Time on Android transparent and customizable The Widget with clock and weather is perhaps the most used on Android smartphones as well as the most useful.
    Thanks to this type of widget it is possible to have a general overview of the current weather conditions and the forecast for the next few days, as well as, optionally, a large and clearly visible clock on the main screen of the phone.
      best weather app on android they have their own widget which, however, being behind larger and more informative apps, can have the side effect of greater battery consumption.
    For this reason it is worthwhile, if not already present, to install one of these free apps that provide a customizable, cute and transparent widget with weather and clock for every Android smartphone and tablet.

    1) Meteo & Clock Widget is the most successful app of this type on the Android store, because it is simple and customizable in its appearance.
    Once downloaded and installed, you can access the application settings to configure the units of measurement and to choose which application to open when you tap on the clock. You can then select the default app to set the alarm so you always have it at hand. In the widget settings you can choose what to display, whether to include the forecast for the next few days, the wind speed, the battery indicator and other things. You can also choose the color of the writing and set a transparent style, so as to integrate into the background of the main screen of the phone without dirtying it.
    At the end you can add the widget from the list by choosing one of various sizes 2X1, 4X1 (which is always the best), 4X2, 4x3, 5x1, 5x2 and 5X3. Widgets are also resizable, if you use a launcher like Nova that supports resizing. Touching the widget on the weather indicator will show the detailed forecast for the automatically detected location or for a particular place or even with the temperatures of all the cities in the world on the map. Just be careful not to choose too high a refresh rate in the settings otherwise there will be some impact on the battery.

    2) Weawow Weather and Widget is currently my favorite for several reasons. Meanwhile, it can be customized, with a choice of size and data to be displayed. Plus it's ad-free, free, and with built-in weather, which is based on Apple's Dark Sky provider. The widget can be colored as you want, you can choose the behavior of the various buttons and receive severe weather warnings.

    3) Transparent clock and weather is another widget to see time and weather situation in beautiful transparent style, with different sizes and types of graphics. You can include information about moon phases, sun elevation, humidity levels, UV index, and other things for your position in the widget.

    4) Weather Weather is another application among the most installed ever on the store, for those who want a simple widget that shows the weather and the exact time on the screen. The application interface has a modern look, with two widget sizes available. By touching the widget you enter the detailed forecast, very detailed.
    In this widget, however, the clock is missing so, if you want to make a pairing, you will also need to install a widget only now such as Digiclock

    5) Another Widget is a completely free app to add a widget that has Date, Time and Weather together on your phone screen, with clear graphics, big numbers and transparent background. The widget is also customizable and the calendar of upcoming events can also be added.

    6) Weawow Weather and Clock Widget is a very modern app (my current choice), with wallpapers that change according to the weather, with customizable widgets that include time, day, current weather, locations and any alerts. tapping the widget at various points you can open the clock app, the calendar app, the app to see the forecast.

    7) The Widget HTC Sense is the historical widget of the old HTC smartphones, modernized in a new very elegant version.

    8) Chronus is a beautiful widget with time, weather, calendar and many other information such as missed calls. You can customize the clock by choosing the aspect you prefer and access the alarm clock, the weather and even the news of the day directly from the widget buttons.

    9) Meteo Live offers different widgets, from the small 1 x 1 that shows the temperature, to the larger one that shows current conditions, a clock, maximum and minimum, upcoming forecast, wind speed and all other details. You can adjust the transparency for the widget and make the weather detection follow our position.

    10 ) Weather Underground is one of the most popular weather apps, including some widgets of different sizes, from 1 x 1 to 4 x 1. Widgets can be changed in background color, theme, dynamic temperature color and transparency. One of the best features of the widget is the dynamic temperature color, although it is only available for certain styles, which changes the background color of the widget to match the detected temperature.

    11 ) weather offers eight widgets to choose from for your phone screen, each four spaces wide, some transparent and others with weather-related backgrounds. You can change the opacity of the transparency, open the calendar when you tap the date and open the alarm if you tap the time.

    12 ) 1Weather has many widgets to choose from, ranging in shape from square to circle and in size from 1 x 1 to 5 x 3 blocks on the screen. You can make some changes to the widgets to match the screen, change the transparency and opacity of the background, the color of the icon set and the hue.

    Best Widgets with Weather and Time on Android transparent and customizable

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