How the PEC works

What is the PEC

How the PEC works

Certified Electronic Mail, also called by the acronym PEC, is an e-mail tool that is accessible via the Web. Unlike other traditional Webmail services (such as Gmail or Outlook for example), e-mails sent via PEC to other PEC addresses have legal value and are equivalent to sending a registered mail with return receipt.

On balance, therefore, the PEC is nothing more than an e-mail service that is used for sending and receiving e-mails; the legal and certified value of the email, however, makes the PEC an indispensable tool for sending communications officially.

For whom the PEC is mandatory

How the PEC works

One of the questions I am asked most often concerns the obligation to have a PEC address. So let's clarify the question immediately: at the present time the PEC is mandatory only for all businesses, professionals, sole proprietorships and public administrations.

In fact, starting from June 2013, the possession of a PEC address was made mandatory for all companies, even individual ones. All companies must therefore indicate their certified e-mail address, communicating it to the Business Register.

For private citizens, the possession of a certified e-mail address is not mandatory, although this tool, as explained, may prove useful for sending and receiving official communications with legal value, such as those sent to public bodies .

How is the PEC used

How the PEC works

The first thing that must be said about the use of Certified E-mail is that it is not as difficult as many people often imagine.

The structure and interface of a Certified Mailbox is in fact similar to any other Webmail service. Furthermore, no special software is required for the use of the PEC. Most companies that offer the purchase of a PEC also make the use of Certified Electronic Mail available to the customer through a specific Webmail service; in this way the sending and receiving of emails can be easily done via the Web.

Alternatively, if you already have a desktop email client, you can configure the PEC email address using the POP and IMAP protocols. In this way you will not need an additional client to manage the sending and receiving of PEC emails.

Given the spread of smartphones, most of the time it is also given the possibility to download a special application for Android and iOS; in this way you can manage the PEC even when you are out of the office.

How the PEC works

How the PEC works

As for the practical functioning of the PEC, what differentiates the functioning of a PEC email from a traditional email address is its system for sending and receiving validated emails.

After sending an email to the recipient's PEC address, you will receive two notifications: one notification of acceptance (certifies the shipment to the recipient) and one delivery notification (certify that the email has been delivered to the recipient).

Obviously, the PEC will automatically send you the notifications just mentioned: apart from filling in the body of the email and indicating the recipient's email address, you will not have to carry out any type of additional procedure.

The cost of the PEC

How the PEC works

Let's now clarify one of the most discussed topics: the PEC is a service a payment. Contrary to what can be said around, at the present time it is not possible to obtain a certified e-mail address in a manner free e Unlimited.

Probably who says the PEC is free it is because it remembers the service of Post Certificate @, service that, no longer active since 2014, allowed to obtain a PEC address free of charge for sending certified emails to Public Administration entities.

Since, as I have just explained to you, this service has been closed, at the time of writing, to have a PEC address you have to pay a fee by purchasing the service from famous Internet sites that offer Web services.

However, we must keep in mind that the PEC is by no means an expensive service: usually the fee for the purchase of a PEC mailbox is around 5/10 euros per year; a figure that I believe is easily accessible. If you are interested in evaluating the purchase of a PEC, also know that some providers offer the possibility of obtaining one free trial version but only for short periods. At the end of the same you will have to pay to continue to use the PEC.

PEC price comparison

In the following paragraph, I want to help you compare the prices for the purchase of a certified e-mail service, indicating some of the main service companies that offer the purchase of a certified e-mail.


How the PEC works

The well-known LegalMail service company offers the possibility to purchase a Certified Email address with a service designed specifically for professionals and companies.

The prices of the PEC of LegalMail are in fact higher than those of other companies, but on the other hand there is the possibility of using it for free for a trial period lasting 6 months.

  • PEC Bronze: costs 25 euros per year + VAT and allows you to obtain a 5 GB PEC mailbox that can also be consulted from mobile.
  • PEC Silver: costs 39 euros per year + VAT and allows you to obtain an 8 GB PEC mailbox, also accessible from mobile devices.
  • PEC Gold: at a price of 75 euros per year + VAT and allows you to have a 15 GB PEC mailbox, also accessible from mobile devices.

To purchase a PEC mailbox from LegailMail, go to its official website.

City post office

How the PEC works

Poste cittàne offers the possibility to purchase a certified email with prices that meet the needs of individuals and companies. The plans that can be purchased are as follows:

  • PEC Base for individuals: costs 5,50 euros + VAT per year and allows you to have a PEC mailbox with 100MB storage space. Only 200 emails can be sent daily. The PEC can be used for a duration between 1 and 3 years.
  • PEC Base Business: is a service related to the subscription of a certified e-mail for companies. It allows to obtain 5 PEC accounts with 1GB of space. However, each PEC mailbox can only send 200 emails per day. The signed PEC boxes last for 3 years.
  • Advanced Business PEC: the subscription plan that allows you to obtain 5 PEC boxes of 200 emails each. There is the possibility of being able to keep all notices and receipts and the boxes last for a period of between 1 to 3 years.

Prices for PEC Business accounts are not indicated and there is no possibility to try the PEC for free with a trial period. To purchase a certified e-mail, go to the official website of Poste cittàne.


How the PEC works

Aruba is a well-known web services company known for its hosting service offering. I believe it is equally valid for its PEC services.

  • PEC Standard: the cost is 5 euros + VAT per year and allows you to obtain a 1GB PEC mailbox accessible from mobile via the Aruba PEC Mobile app, available for free on Android and iOS
  • PEC Pro: the cost is 25 euros + VAT per year and the PEC purchased will have 2GB storage space with 3GB of archive. This PEC service is also accessible through the aforementioned application for Android and iOS.
  • PEC Premium: the cost of this PEC is 40 euros + VAT per year and allows you to obtain a 2GB PEC mailbox with 8GB of storage space. This Aruba PEC mailbox can also be accessed from mobile via the dedicated application.

To purchase a PEC mailbox from Aruba, go to its official website. There is no free trial period available.

Free MailPEC

How the PEC works

Libero, the well-known company that offers a traditional e-mail service, also offers the possibility to purchase a PEC mailbox. There are only two subscription plans, one of which is designed for individuals and the other is dedicated to companies:

  • Free Family PEC: the cost is 9,90 euros / year (VAT included) and you get a PEC box with 1GB storage space. The sending of emails is unlimited.
  • Free PEC mail: at the cost of 25 euros / year + VAT is a service dedicated to companies. In fact, you get a PEC box with unlimited space.

Since there is no trial period for Libero MailPEC, if you wish to obtain a PEC address you will need to go to its official Libero website and proceed with the purchase.

If you have any other doubts about the functioning of the PEC I suggest you take a look at the previous guides published by me relating to Certified Electronic Mail.

How the PEC works

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