How COYOTE mini works

COYOTE mini purchase and subscription prices

Before explaining in detail how the COYOTE mini, I have to tell you about its price, as it is necessary to purchase it and subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription.

The cost of COYOTE mini is € 49,99 (in this promotion until 31/01/2019) and the subscription prices are € 9,99 per month, with two years of commitment and three additional months of subscription, starting from the first start of the device.

There is also a monthly subscription without obligation which, at a cost of € 12,00 per month and with three additional free months, can be canceled at any time. Finally, there is also the annual subscription at a cost of € 144,00. Even with this last solution, three months of free subscription are included in the price, starting from the first switch on of the device.

By connecting to the official COYOTE website, you can also purchase other devices in the range COYOTE: COYOTE S, the detector with integrated video camera (the price is € 99,99 if in promotion) e COYOTE NAV+ which, in addition to reporting the presence of alerts in real time, provides an integrated road navigation tool (the cost is € 249,99 if in promotion). All the COYOTE devices mentioned also require the purchase of a monthly or annual subscription, the prices of which I have explained to you in the previous lines.

That said, over the course of the next few chapters of this tutorial, I'll tell you about how to create an account COYOTE and how to buy COYOTE mini, then illustrating the operation of this device.

Create a COYOTE account

The first step to take in order to use COYOTE mini is to create an account via the official website COYOTE, in order to buy the device, which will be shipped free of charge to your home.

To do this, go to the main company page COYOTE via the link indicated and press the button My Profile, which is located at the top right.

Now, in the next screen that is shown to you, use the text fields that you find corresponding to the tab Create a new profile, to register. Indicate your title by placing a check mark on Lady o Sir and enter all the requested information: surname, name, email address, password and telephone number.

Then put a check mark on the voice I have read and accept the General Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy and finally click on the button Create my profile. At the end of the registration, the login to the account will take place automatically; you can then proceed, following the instructions in the next chapter, to purchase COYOTE mini.

Purchase COYOTE mini

After registration, to buy COYOTE mini through its official website and receive the device comfortably at home, move the mouse to the menu item Shop, located on the home page of the website COYOTE, and click COYOTE mini, to see its product sheet.

Scroll the web page that is shown to you, to choose which subscription to buy according to your needs and put the check mark on its box to select it. To continue, click on the button Add to Cart. In case of doubts about prices, refer to what is illustrated in the chapter dedicated to the topic.

On the next order summary screen, click on the button Confirm the cart found on the right side of the screen. Finally, check that the data relating to the billing address are correct (or, if necessary, modify them, using the text fields that are shown to you) and press the button Pay for your order, to enter the requested payment data and thus complete the purchase of the device.

You can buy devices from the range COYOTE even in the shop, by going to a COYOTE Store, if present in the city where you are, or at a retailer's point of sale COYOTE.

To locate the store closest to you, please refer to the section All shops present on the website COYOTE: type the name of the city where you live in the appropriate text field that is shown to you and press the button Search, or click the button Use my current location, to see the stores located in your vicinity.

Using COYOTE mini

Now that you have created an account COYOTE, you bought and received the device at home, it's time to see how it works COYOTE mini.

In the next few lines, I'll first show you how to set up the device, then I'll tell you about the main features of its driver assistance service. I will also explain how to receive and confirm alerts in real time and how to send a report on traffic conditions.

Configure COYOTE mini

After turning on COYOTE mini, by pressing its power button at the top right, the first step to be carried out is that of the configuration (this operation is only necessary at the first start).

To do this, select the language and country of use, scrolling through the menu using the physical navigation keys located on the device (the up arrow key and that down arrow). To set the language cityno and the country city, select these items in the menu that is shown to you; finally confirm the operation by pressing on OK, using the physical confirmation button in the center of COYOTE mini (Quello forma di C).

To finish the configuration, click on OK and then Accept e Following; then, to immediately start using the device, press on starts.

Main features

COYOTE mini is an unforeseen road traffic alert that works throughout the city and in Europe; is a tool characterized by a modern and ergonomic design which, thanks to its 3,2-inch screen, stands out for its ease of use.

The device is ad-free and comes with a SIM card inside. It plays the role of driver's assistant, informing the driver in real time about any unforeseen events that may occur on the road traveled, within a radius of 30 km from their position. The aim is, therefore, to help the user to keep a correct driving behavior, by respecting the speed limits and arriving prepared for the unexpected.

Traffic reports are made by users of the community (over 5 million people), they are shown in real time on COYOTE mini and remain active for three hours. In addition, each report is verified by users of the same community and can be confirmed or canceled, if necessary. The alerts that are shown can be of various types: fixed or mobile speed cameras, accidents, slowdowns, traffic, narrowings o obstacles on the roadway, reduced visibility, uneven bottom o slippery road, for example.

COYOTE mini updates automatically via OTA; in the same way the maps, checkpoints and speed limits are updated. In this sense, no user intervention is therefore necessary.

One of the most important features of COYOTE mini is the possibility of being used safely while driving, as it is possible to report warnings and confirm the warnings that are also shown through specific voice commands that can be activated.

The main screen of COYOTE mini is the one present when the device is switched on: the current driving speed and the maximum limit to be respected are indicated inside the circle. If the speed limits are exceeded, the circle with indicating the speed will turn red.

On the left, however, there is a number that represents the users COYOTE located nearby (for example 102), while to the right of the circle the distance to the closest user is indicated (for example 2 km) and its degree of reliability (from a a three: stars), which varies according to the frequency and reliability of its reports.

using COYOTE mini on fast roads, motorways or expressways, on the right side of the screen, the Forecast mode which shows, within a radius of 30 km from the current position, the warnings and any unexpected events.

For example, information such as traffic problems reported by the community is displayed on the screen (accidents, slowdowns, obstacle on the roadway, narrowing, etc.) or alerts related to the presence of fixed and mobile speed cameras, ZTL areas e drawn tutor, thanks to the information in the database.

Receive, make and confirm reports

Receiving a traffic report is very easy: turn on COYOTE mini and put it in your car. If there is an unexpected event, a message will be shown on the screen referring to the alert reported by the community (for example accident) or a warning about the presence of a speed control device (for example Speed ​​Cameras).

In addition, some useful indications are shown on the screen, such as for example the distance that separates the unexpected (for example 3500 m) and the number of users who confirmed the alert (for example 360) and how long has the last report been made (for example 2 min).

The reported alerts remain active for three hours; after which, if they are not confirmed, they are automatically canceled. In some cases, or depending on the settings, the on-screen warning may be accompanied by an audio message. When you arrive at the indicated point, to confirm or cancel the alert, press the up arrow key (SI) or that of down arrow (DO NOT).

Furthermore, if the voice commands are active (the presence of the microphone symbol at the top left indicates its activation), to confirm or cancel the alert say "SI"Or"DO NOT".

Send reports in real time

You can use COYOTE mini also to send a report in real time and thus notify other users of the presence of an unexpected event.

To do this, press one of the physical buttons on the device: the central button allows you to report an unexpected event (for example stationary vehicle o accident), the key with the up arrow it is used, on the other hand, to access the warning panel on speed cameras present in the opposite direction of travel or in your own direction of travel. To confirm the selected report, press on the item OK, through central button.

If you have activated voice commands, you can also send a report by saying "Activate COYOTE"And, subsequently, the notice to be communicated: for example"Slowdowns".

Change the settings

To activate the voice commands, you have to act through the menu Settings. To do this, press the up arrow key, then use the key of down arrow to go to the section Settings e pigia his OK, via the central button. Then check that the entries are active Vocal recognition e Activation with keyword "Activate COYOTE".

While using COYOTE mini, the alerts are shown on the screen and signaled by an audible warning and, in some cases, by an audio message. To do this, you can adjust the settings related to how alerts are received (on-screen warning, on-screen warning + beep or on-screen warning + beep + voice), returning to the section Settings, as just explained.

Now select the item Alerts and choose how to receive the notice for fixed speed camera, tutor, mobile speed camera, frequent mobile speed camera, traffic alerts and high accident zone.

COYOTE Statistics

Another noteworthy feature recently introduced by COYOTE is that relating to statistics: it is a personalized virtual logbook that, in real time and in a single screen, shows your driving habits, allowing you to compare them with the rest of the community, to increase engagement among users of the service.

The statistics are automatically updated through the use of the devices COYOTE, showing information such as the distance traveled, driving time and average speed, but also the number of alerts received e confirmed.

To see and activate them, if they are not already, connect to the official COYOTE website and log in to your account. Once this is done, click on you don't know at the top right and click on the entry My Profile in the context menu that is shown to you, to access your personal area. Now, to see your stats panel, click on the item My stats which is located in the left sidebar.

If the statistics are not active or, if you have problems viewing them, click on the wording Discover my COYOTE statistics service, scroll the page that is shown to you and press the button Activating the My Statistics service.

Bring a friend to COYOTE

Among the possibilities offered by COYOTE there is that of being able to recommend the service to friends by sending them a promotional code that allows them to obtain 2 months free subscription, upon taking out a subscription to the COYOTE service. For each invited friend you can get 6 months free subscription to use on your account COYOTE.

To do this, connect to the official COYOTE website and log in to your account. In this way, you can access your personal area by first clicking on the you don't know top right and then on the item My Profile.

Once this is done, click on the item Discover the offer, which you can find in the center of the displayed web page, and indicate the email addresses of the friends you want to invite in the text fields shown. At this point, select the device you own, in which you want the free subscription months to be activated, and press the button Confirmation located at the bottom.

For more information

You have carefully read all the information provided relating to the operation of COYOTE mini, but would like to know more about a particular feature of the service or device? No problem: you can take advantage of other useful resources.

In case of doubts, or for more information about a product or service COYOTE, linked to the section Quick of its official website, by clicking on the indicated link. In this way, thanks to the answers to the most frequently asked questions asked by the users of the service, you could find what you need.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with customer service at COYOTE, always referring to the section Quick. Press the button Write to us, located in the latter, to send an email to, or click on the button Live chat, to start a conversation in real time via chat.

In case you need telephone support, you can call the customer service of COYOTE to the number 02 8295 1476, available Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.

Article created in collaboration with COYOTE.

How COYOTE mini works

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