How Viber Works

How to sign up for Viber

How Viber Works

To create an account on Viber, just download the application on your smartphone and validate your phone number (which is therefore used as an identifier, also to find contacts who are already subscribed to the service).

The first step you must take, therefore, is to open the store of your smartphone (eg. Google Play Store your android or App Store on iPhone), search Viber inside and start the application download by pressing the appropriate button.

Once installation is complete, start Viber and follow the initial app setup procedure. During the procedure you must enter your mobile number (including the international prefix, which for the city is prefix), press the buttons Continue e OK and wait for the number to be verified. If the verification does not take place automatically, type in Viver the confirmation code you received via SMS and "tap" the button Enter Viber.

Next, choose the name and photo to display in Viber and hit the button Continue to complete the initial service setup process. To do this first, you can also press the button Facebook and import your name and photo from your profile on the social network.

How to use Viber

How Viber Works

Now that you have created your account you are ready to find out how Viber works more closely. The application automatically examines the contents of the address book and shows you which friends are already using the service, so to start a new conversation all you have to do is go to the tab Chat, press the button "+" located at the bottom right and select the name of the person to contact from the screen that opens. Alternatively, you can add a contact to Viber by pressing the ad icon hamburger (top left) and selecting the item add contact from the side bar of the sinistra.

The functioning of the chat is similar to that of WhatsApp and many other messaging applications. Below you will find the testo field in which to type your messages and next to the latter three icons: that of theTeddy bear that allows you to add emojis and stickers in the conversation, that of the microphone which allows you to record short audio messages and that of the symbol "+" which instead allows you to add photos, videos, documents, hand-drawn drawings (doodle), contacts and Winks (short videos or SnapChat-style photos, to be created with a special application) to the conversation.

To start a call free via Viber, press the icon of handset located at the top right of the chat screen. To start a video call, on the other hand, first presses the handset icon and then the button Video present nella schermata che si apre.

If you want block a contact o change notifications related to his messages, open the conversation that sees him as the protagonist, swipe from right to left and select the appropriate options that appear in the right sidebar. From the same menu you can also add new participants to the discussion and create a group chat.

Another way to create group chat is to select the tab Chat of Viber, press the button "+" located at the bottom right and select the item New group give the menu to compare.

To make calls to traditional telephone lines, you must use the service Viber out which works via rechargeable credit. To purchase credit for your account, press the ad icon hamburger collocata in alto a sinistra and selects the voice Viber out from the menu that appears. Then he presses the button Buy credit and choose whether to top up your account for 99 cents, 4,99 euros or 9,99 euros.

Once you have purchased the credit, access the card Call of Viber, presses the icon of numeric keypad that you find at the bottom right, dial the number to call and press the button Viber Out call. To find out the rates of Viber Out calls consult this web page, or select the item Access the rates from the menu Viber out on Viber.

Are you interested in public chats? Then press the icon of white squares found at the top right of the main Viber screen, press the blue button present on the page that opens and find the "groups" of your interest. To subscribe to a public chat and receive all its updates, "tap" on its preview image and then on the button Follow this public chat.

How to install Viber on PC

How Viber Works

After setting up Viber on your smartphone, you can install the service's desktop client and talk to your friends directly from your computer.

To download Viber on your PC, connect to the program's website and click on the button Download Viber. When the download is complete, open the file ViberSetup.exe that you just downloaded on your PC, put the check mark next to the item I agree to the license terms and conditions click her cousin install and then Close to conclude the setup.

At this point, start Viber and when asked if you have already installed the application on your smartphone, answer Yes. Then type your mobile number in the appropriate text field and click on the button Continue. You will be sent a verification code via smartphone that you will need to type on your computer to authenticate in Viber and start using the service.

For the rest there is not much more to add. The application interface is so intuitive that there is no need to explain how to use it: in the left sidebar there are contacts and quick links to chat functions, calls, public conversations and Viber Out. In the center, instead, there is the screen for composing messages or telephone numbers. Have fun!

  1. The app scored 1 out of 7 on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's safety rating. For more information on end-to-end encryption systems, see this Wikipedia page (in English). ↩︎
How Viber Works

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