Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filters

Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filters For most users it is not necessary to have all the tools available with a professional photo editing program such as PowerPoint or the GIMP (although the latter is free, it is still a program with many tools that are difficult to use for the average user) . If we do not have many pretensions, we are beginners with photo editing or we are looking for something quick and immediate to edit photos, we recommend using the free online photo editors, really great for being able to crop images, edit them and add filters.
In this guide we will show you then the best free online photo editors, accessible from websites without installing any program or tool on the PC (just use a modern web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge).

Best websites to edit photos for free

Below we have collected the 10 best sites with which to edit photos for free, without using any type of tool or program; all the tools for photo editing are in fact available within the Web page in convenient menus and buttons, designed for beginner users with the
Photo editing.

Pixlr X

Pixlr X is one of the best powerful and free online photo editor.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filtersPixlr X site">

With this site you can upload images directly to the site or even just import them with direct links from other sites. You can also create new images with transparent backgrounds, which are PNG images to use as logos without having to use Photoshop. The X version of the site (the best in our opinion), offers a simple interface with all the tools just a click away, so you can change every aspect of the uploaded image.

BeFunky Editor

Another very easy editor to use to add effects and to cut parts of the photos is offered by the BeFunky site.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filtersBeFunky Editor">

On this site we will be able to upload photos and images in any format and take advantage of one of the many tools available to crop, to rotate the image, to rotate the image, to change the main settings (brightness, contrast, color etc. ) and use one of the many filters to beautify the image (for example we can add blur or Bokeh effect).

Canva Photo Editor

Another website with a good free photo editor is Canva Photo Editor.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filters

From this site we will be able to quickly access some photo editing tools, so you can add one of the many effects available, adjust the parameters of the images (even in a totally automatic way), crop a part of the photo or choose whether to resize it, rotate it or apply it. a "mirror effect".
At the end of the modifications it is sufficient to use the key Save to save a local copy of the image you just edited.


Croppola is one of the best sites for crop photos online.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filtersCroppola website">

From this website we will be able to upload one or more photographs together and automatically receive the suggestion on how to crop the photo, so as to exclude the useless part and keep the part most congenial to us.
The options allow you to keep the aspect ratio of the image that can be cropped to be square, 4: 3, 3: 2, 16: 9 and more. There is also the possibility to crop an image to be used later for the cover of the Facebook diary.
If we need to cut a photo, this is definitely the site to use!

Inpaint Online

Inpaint Online is a very useful and incredibly precise web application that allows you to cut backgrounds, people and objects from photos.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filtersInpaint Online site">

Using this site then we will be able to remove elements or people who should not have entered the frame, so as to correct the photo. For example, if there is a stranger's face or an ugly object in the background, we can erase it with the "magic eraser", without ruining the overall photo. The free service allows you to upload images to the website and tap on the parts of the image you want to remove.
We had already talked about this service in the article on how Delete objects from photos by removing elements and people from the image.

Fotor Editor

Fotor Editor is the web application that integrates most of the quick photo editing tools, which can also be used by beginners.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filtersFotor Editor">

By uploading our image we will have several menus with various filters, tools and effects, ready to be used to improve our photo and solve some of the most common problems with images. Many tools are only available in the paid version, but the ones available for free are more than enough for editing simple shots.
We talked about this site in the article on how to edit photos online in an advanced way.

PiZap Editor

Another site interested in cropping images, editing them and adding filters is PiZap Editor.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filtersPiZap Editor">

In a simple and clear interface we will have numerous editing tools available, so that we can largely replace the features available on traditional photo editing programs. At the end of the changes we will be able to choose whether to save the file locally, whether to save it on a personal cloud service or whether to share it directly on social networks, via email or chat. Editor

Among the various photo editors available on the Web we could not miss Editor.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with Editor site">

The site offers simple buttons in the left sidebar where all the most common photo editing tools are present. In addition to the photos on our computer, the site also allows you to upload any photos you may have saved and shared on our Facebook account, so you can apply the changes and share the photo with the improvements applied.

Edit Photos For Free

If we are looking for a website with various photo editing tools, we can try Edit Photos For Free.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filtersEdit Photos For Free">

In the simple interface of the site we will only have to choose what we want to create or modify, so as to view only the tools useful for the purpose. We will thus be able to create photo collages, remove the background from an image, add typographical writings, add effects and filters and create / edit GIFs.

Polarr Photo Editor

Among the best sites to crop images, edit them and add filters, we also recommend Polarr Photo Editor.
Online photo editor to crop images and edit them with filtersPolarr Photo Editor">

The site allows you to choose two different modes of use: Express (for beginner users or for small changes) and Pro (for users who are navigated or who need all the photo editing tools), so as to be able to load the appropriate interface the type of work to be done. On Polarr we can modify practically any aspect of the uploaded image as if we were in Photoshop; at the end of the work we can choose whether to download the modified image on the PC or to share it online.


Photopea is the number one of the online and free photo editors, practically identical to Photoshop, as written in an article dedicated to this magnificent site.


If we do not want or cannot install a photo editing program on our computer, we can use one of the websites listed in this guide without problems, so that we can apply changes, crop and make better any type of image (both photos taken with the reflex or both photos taken from the mobile phone).

If we want to edit photos from our Android smartphone or iPhone, we recommend that you read our two guides to Best App to edit photos on iPhone and iPad with filters and effects and Best App to Edit Photos on Android.
If instead we want to use a free photo editing program on our computer, we can continue reading on our article at The best free programs for photo editing and graphics.

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