How to recover notes from iPhone

From ForDataRecovery, we want to explain How to Recover Notes from iPhone. In this post, we will show you how you can set Password to the Note on your iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X or any Apple device, as well as remind you what it was and how you can recover Notes. It is recommended to have iCloud to save everything there.

Have you mistakenly deleted some notes from your iPhone and are looking for a way to restore them? Your "iPhone by" doesn't want to know anything more about powering on, you absolutely need to recover the important notes you had saved on the device and would you like to know if there is a system to handle it? Well, I'd say you've stumbled upon the right tutorial, at the right time.

With this guide of mine today, in fact, I will explain to you precisely how to recover notes from iPhone by intervening in the iOS Notes app. I already anticipate that, contrary to what you may think, this is not a particularly complex operation - at least not in most cases - and that with a minimum of patience and a pinch of attention, even the least expert in new technologies can do it.

How to recover deleted notes from iPhone

Interested in understanding how to recover deleted notes from iPhone? Then follow the instructions below. I already anticipate that you can do it both on local notes and those stored in iCloud, by going to intervene in the folder relating to recent deletions. Note, however, that the notes remain in the trash for 30 days and after that time they are permanently deleted.

How to recover local iPhone notes

If you want to recover iPhone notes saved locally on the device, the first step you need to take is to take the smartphone, unlock it, access the Home Screen and / or for iOS Library App and select the icon Note: (the one with the Notes Block).

Once the main screen of the Notes app appears, locate the On iPhone section, then tap the wording Recently Deleted attached to it (if you can not see it, first tap on the arrow located on the right, to expand its menu) and locate the deleted notes you want to restore. If you think it necessary, you can help you search by typing the keywords of your interest in the Search field present at the top.

Then tap the Modification item located at the top right, select the notes you want to recover and tap the Move item located at the bottom left of the screen, then select the Note: folder present in the On iPhone section or in any case the local folder where it is your intention to transfer everything, implement the recovery, and that's it.

In addition to what I just indicated, you can recover local iPhone notes using the backup of the device, acting as a computer (via iTunes or, on macOS 10.15 and later, via Finder) or directly from the device, via iCloud online backups. However, the thing is decidedly less practical, since doing so requires restoring not only the notes but the entire device: for all the details of the case, see my specific guide on how to restore iPhone backups.

How to recover iPhone notes from iCloud.

If instead you want to recover iPhone notes from iCloud, the procedure to follow is as follows: select the Note: icon (the one with the Note Block) that you find in Home Screen and / or in the iOS App Library, locate the Your iCloud section on the main screen of the app and tap the item Recently Deleted (if you do not see it, first press arrow located on the right, to expand its menu).

At this point, tap the Modification item at the top right, select the notes you want to recover and tap the wording move located at the bottom left of the screen. Then tap the Note: folder present in the iCloud section or in any case on the site of your interest in iCloud and the procedure to recover the notes on iPhone will be completed.

Alternative solutions.

None of the methods to recover notes on iPhone that I already indicated to you has proved effective and would you like to know if there are alternative solutions? Well, given the circumstances, the best suggestion I can offer you is to try using some data recovery software that involves connecting the iPhone to the computer.

Among the best programs in the category, I would like to highlight Dr.Fone and EaseUS MobiSaver, both of which are paid, but you can possibly download them in a free trial version with limited features. I told you about it in depth, along with other useful software for the purpose, in my guide on recovering data from cell phones and in my dedicated review of the best data recovery software.

How to recover notes from a broken iPhone

If your Apple smartphone has stopped working and you can't turn it on or can't use it properly, you can try to recover notes from broken iPhone from another Apple device or from the web.

Note, however, that this is only possible if you have previously enabled the synchronization of notes in iCloud, which can be done by selecting the Settings icon (the one with the gear wheel shape) in Home Screen or in the Library App, the proper name at the top of the screen, the voice iCloud on the next screen and appears ON the switch located next to the item Note:.

Then, if you meet the condition, you can retrieve your notes from another iPhone, iPad or Mac by performing the login to your iCloud account from the device used, as I explained to you in my guide on the subject, and then enabling the synchronization of the notes on the latter.

To succeed on that iOS / iPadOS, you can proceed as I showed you a moment ago, while as far as MacOS is concerned simply click on the System Preferences icon (the one with the gear wheel shape) placed in the Dock Bar, on the item Internet Account in the window that appears, on the wording iCloud in the side menu and then selecting the check box next to the item Note: On the right. Of course, on all devices you must have previously signed in with the iCloud account used to save the notes on the iPhone.

As I told you, the notes synchronized in iCloud are also accessible from the Web, from the Internet site In this case, to view them, go to the home page of the service and sign in with your account, then click on the Note: and you're done.

If, on the other hand, you had not activated the sync notes in iCloud, you can still try to access the data in question directly from your iPhone repair or replace the problematic part of the device, such as the battery or the screen, following the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to recover data from a broken phone.

How to recover password notes iPhone

You had set one password to protect some notes on your iPhone but you no longer remember it and you would like to modify it? It can be done, but note that the new password can only be used for new notes; for those that are already protected, the old password will still be used. Unfortunately, Apple cannot provide assistance in regaining access to notes that are already protected and for which you forgot the unlock password.

That said, to recover password notes iPhone, first go to the Home Screen and / or in the iOS Library App and select the Settings icon (the one in the shape of a gear wheel). In the new screen that you are shown at this point, tap the item Note: that you find by scrolling down, then on the wording Password and then on the option Recover password.

At this point, type the password set for your Apple ID in the appropriate field that appears on the screen, then tap the OK item at the top right, presses the Recover Password button in the menu displayed on the screen and follow the wizard to reset the proposed password.

Still on the subject of password recovery, it may be useful to know that, if you previously configured a hint for password recovery, you can try to use the latter to try to trace your password without necessarily having to reset it.

To do this, open the Note: app on your iPhone, locate the folder of interest to you on the main screen, tap the protected note on which to act (you can recognize it as it is marked with the icon of a closed padlock) and tap the item View note.

At this point, if you have enabled Face ID or Touch ID to protect the notes, make sure that the iPhone does not detect the face or fingerprint and tap the voice Enter password in the menu that appears. Subsequently, or if you had not enabled one of the two protection systems just mentioned, enter the password incorrectly twice in a row, tapping the OK button from time to time.

On the third attempt to enter the password, you will see the set password hint appear on the screen, which you can possibly use to enter the correct password in the field provided.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Open the Notes app.
In the Notes menu choose Preferences.
We touch "Reset password".
We press Allow.
We introduce the password of our Apple ID.
We click in "Restitute password of access".
We write a couple of times the new password and, if we want it, an indication (hint).
Click on "Allow".

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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