Internet offers for rechargeable SIM cards on tablets, keys and modems

Internet offers for rechargeable SIM cards on tablets, keys and modems To surf the internet from smartphones and mobile phones, tablets, USB sticks or "internet keys" and portable modems, we have made this complete guide, to use as summary to discover the most advantageous and best offers, not only from the point of view of costs and available traffic, but also from the point of view of reliability and connection speed. The speech revolves only around the main operators because, even if it is possible to buy rechargeable SIM cards or subscriptions from other companies, all of them still hold their traffic on the infrastructures of the main mobile internet providers: WindTre, Vodafone, Fastweb and TIM.

In addition to these we must also add Iliad, entered the market in 2018 with offers so advantageous as to create a real earthquake among the other operators, who had to adapt to avoid a mass flight towards this new operator (which in recent years has, however, increased prices in order to still earn something).

Internet offers for rechargeable SIM cards

In the following chapters we will discover which are the best operators for mobile Internet on which we can focus for tablets, keys and modems; once you have chosen which operator to bet on, we can choose one of the recommended offers below.

Best operators for mobile Internet

If we do not know which mobile operator to choose for mobile Internet we can summarize as follows:
  • Vodafone: Currently it is among the most reliable telephone companies, with excellent signal coverage throughout the territory, excellent customer service, but all this quality translates into higher prices than the competition (although now all tend to align).
  • TIM: this company has the same reliability as Vodafone, has practically total coverage throughout the territory and excellent speed, with prices that tend to be high (also in this case the offers tend to align).
  • WindTre: this telephone company was born from the merger of Wind and Tre, thus combining the advantages that characterized the two operators: good coverage throughout the national territory, good speed (especially in large cities) and prices that tend to be lower than the competition .
  • Iliad: it is currently the company that boasts among the best prices on the market, because with less than 10 € it allows you to surf with very high data traffic and with unlimited calls and SMS. Iliad uses its antennas where possible and offers a fair speed in these scenarios; where it does not take well it relies on the network offered by WindTre.
  • Fastweb: is one of the telephony operators that has achieved great results in recent years, thanks to the combination of SIM cards with fixed Internet offers (so as to pay a single bill for everything). To offer mobile telephony, it uses the WindTre network, so it shares most of its advantages (although speeds tend to be lower). Excellent quality / price ratio, but only if we are already Fastweb users or sign up for a new subscription for the combined fixed line.

If we want to focus on other minor operators, we remind you that PosteMobile, Ho are also available. Mobile, Very Mobile and Kena Mobile.

Internet on SIM for tablets, keys and modems

After seeing the operators we can focus on, let's see together the offers to get a rechargeable SIM with data traffic included, ideal to be inserted in a tablet compatible with SIM cards, in an LTE USB stick or in an LTE portable modem. In the guide we will show you the offer with the highest amount of data traffic, so you can immediately choose the one that will allow us to navigate without too many thoughts.
  • TIM: the best offer for this operator is Supergiga 100, which at the cost of € 19,99 per month offers 100GB of Internet connection on the TIM network and unlimited surfing on e-learning platforms (for schools in DAD. With this offer it is also possible to combine the TIM portable 4G modem for € 29,90.
  • Vodafone: if we want to bet on this operator the best offer is Giga Speed ​​Plus 100, which at the cost of € 19,99 per month offers 100 GB of Internet connection on the Vodafone network. To this offer we can combine an LTE modem for € 1 one-off and € 29,99 per month.
  • WindTre: with this operator we can subscribe to Cube Large Limited Edition, which at a cost of € 12,99 per month offers 100GB of connection on the WindTre network with only the SIM, without any modem included. If we want the modem we can always subscribe to Cube Large Wi-Fi.
  • Fastweb: the operator allows you to obtain a SIM with the FASTWEB NEXXT MOBILE offer, which at the cost of € 8,95 per month offers 50GB of connection on the Fastweb network, also on the new 5G network, in addition to unlimited minutes and SMS (in case we want to make calls or send SMS from the tablet too).
  • Iliad: with this operator we can focus on the unique Giga 70 offer, which at the cost of € 9,99 per month offers 70GB on a proprietary network or on a WindTre network, as well as unlimited minutes and text messages.
  • Very Mobile: among the minor operators we point out the Very Mobile offer for new numbers, which at the cost of 12,99€ per month it offers 100 GB on the WindTre network, accompanied by unlimited minutes and SMS.

Analyzing all the data the cheapest offer is from Fastweb, which at a cost of € 8,95 per month allows you to get a SIM with 50GB of data traffic on a fast network (even 5G), with the possibility of using unlimited calls and SMS (even if they will certainly not be exploited in the modems, they can be useful in a 4G tablet).
If we are looking for a data offer for tablets, keys and modems with many giga available the best are Very Mobile and WindTre, which offer 100GB of data connection with unlimited minutes and SMS at a very affordable price.
For those who use the DAD we can also focus on TIM, which in its offer does not calculate the traffic generated by the e-learning platforms, so as to be able to use the 100Giga for the rest of the navigation at home (if used within a modem) .
On average, the offers of Vodafone and Iliad, which should be taken into consideration only if we do not have coverage with other operators.

If instead of the Internet-only offers we are looking for a SIM with Internet and voice, it is worth reading our article on Cheap all-inclusive mobile phone plans (voice and Internet).


The offers to have a data SIM with Internet included are not lacking, we will only have to choose which one to bet on based on the price, the amount of data or the speed we are looking for on our tablet, USB stick or LTE modem.

If we don't know which LTE modem to choose, we can look for good models in our guide on Best 4G LTE portable routers, even for travel. If, on the other hand, we want to use an old smartphone as a mobile hotspot, we recommend that you read our article on how Use your mobile phone as a Wifi modem to surf the internet from your PC.

Do we also want to discover the best offers for fiber optics and for the home fixed line? In that case we can continue reading our article at Best home internet offers, ADSL or Fiber, more convenient and reliable.

Internet offers for rechargeable SIM cards on tablets, keys and modems

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