Tim PUK Recovery: Complete 2021 Guide to Unlocking Your SIM Card

How to recover PUK Tim: all the methods of 2020

The PIN and PUK are very important codes for the security of privacy and your data. While the former can be modified or replaced, if lost or forgotten, the latter it cannot be changed. This means that, to unlock your card, there is no other solution but that of necessarily recovering the PUK.

Let's see together what are all the tested methods of the last year to get hold of the eight-digit code:

Check the Tim Card or SIM

The first thing to do is to go to check the sales package of your Tim card or SIM. This is because each of these cards is sold accompanied by two important security codes, the PIN and the PUK. Also there is the serial number or ICCID Tim.

These codes, the first consisting of four digits, and the second of eight, are shown on the back of the plastic support that frames the SIM, hidden by two silver-colored strips.

If, therefore, the purchase package has not been lost or thrown, here is where you can find the PUK code.

Find the Tim store closest to you

If you can't find your Personal Unblocking Code anywhere, then the only solution is to head to one of the many Tim centers that are present in your area.

To identify the one closest to your home, you can use the Find Stores service, which will present you with a map of your territory, thus allowing you to choose the most easily accessible center.

Once in the shop, operator Tim will offer to replace your Tim card, allowing you to always keep the same number. Since the PUK code cannot be changed, and each card has one it belongs to, with the new SIM you will also be given a new PUK.

Can the PUK code be retrieved through the telephone operator?

You can contact Tim's customer service by dialing 119 from any mobile device supported by the same telephone company.

The kind operators are at the service of their customers, ready to provide any type of support related to their card.

Unfortunately, however, it is not possible to retrieve the PUK code through the telephone service made available by Tim. The eight-digit code is strictly personal and cannot be communicated verbally.

How to use the PUK to unlock the SIM Tim

After so many adventures, have you finally managed to recover the precious PUK code? Now what you need to do to unlock the card is to type the following string on your phone:

** 05 * PUK * PIN * PIN # and then press the call key.

We recommend that you pay close attention during this operation and try not to make mistakes. If you enter the PUK incorrectly more than ten times in a row then you risk blocking the card. In this case, the only option you will have is to go personally to a TIM shop to replace the SIM, managing to keep, however, the old phone number.

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