How to insert SIM iPhone 6

Prepare a SIM for iPhone 6

How to insert SIM iPhone 6

If you do not have the possibility to go to a center of your telephone operator and request a Nano-SIM (which I highly recommend you do, also because it can cost a maximum of 10 euros), get ready to cut out your old SIM using the following tools .

  • One A4 sheet on which to print the template to cut the SIM.
  • A little bit of double-sided tape to attach the SIM to the cutout template.
  • A permanent marker to draw the cutout guidelines on the SIM.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A file or sandpaper to file the edges of the SIM after cutting it out.

After having collected everything you need, connected to this web page and download the PDF template to cut out the SIM by clicking on the item first Download original PDF file e poi sull'icona del floppy disk present in the toolbar of your browser. If there is no icon for saving the PDF, right-click anywhere in the document and select the item Save with name give the menu check if you press.

Once the download is complete, open the template in PDF format and print it on an A4 sheet making sure that the zoom level of the print is fixed at 100% (otherwise you will get a model with a wrong aspect ratio, therefore completely useless).

When you finish printing, pin the card you want to cut out in the field MiniSIM (2FF) to NanoSIM (4FF) of the model if it is a SIM in standard format or in the field MicroSIM (3FF) to NanoSIM (4FF) if it is a Micro-SIM. Then take the marker and draw on the card the guidelines for the cutout (tracing the two horizontal lines, the two vertical lines and the diagonal line that are on the paper).

Now it doesn't seem to me that there is much more to add. Take a pair of well-sharpened scissors, cut the SIM, paying attention to precisely respect the guidelines noted above and you're done. Again, do not dent the circuitry (i.e. the card chip) or you will render the SIM completely useless.

As a "touch of class" I recommend that you file the edges of your "Nano-SIM" using a file or a little sandpaper. Just work a little on the edges of the card, without exaggerating.

Install the SIM in iPhone 6

How to insert SIM iPhone 6

Well, now you are ready to insert SIM iPhone 6. If you haven't done it yet, then take the white card that you find in the smartphone package, open it and take it out metal paper clip that you find inside.

At this point, insert the paper clip into the tiny hole on the right side of the iPhone and exert firm pressure so that the SIM slot "jumps" out of the body of the "iPhone by".

In case you have lost the metal clip that is in the iPhone box, take a common metal paper clip (the ones used to hold the sheets together), twist its end slightly outwards and use it to exercise. pressure in the "flap" of the smartphone.

Now make your Nano-SIM match the shape drawn on the slot and try to insert the “drawer” back into its housing without making the card move. The SIM is simply placed in the slot, it does not fit together, so it doesn't take much to move it. Try to be very specific.

Now wait a few seconds, cross your fingers, and try to activate your iPhone. If everything went well, the "iPhone by" will recognize the SIM and will allow you both to make phone calls and to surf online using the 3G / LTE network.

If your SIM is locked with a PIN, enter the correct code to start using it. Then, if you want to avoid being asked to unlock the card every time the smartphone is restarted, go to the Settings i iOS (the gear icon on the home screen) and select the items Mobile phone (Or Telephone, if you are using an iOS version earlier than 11) e SIM PIN give the menu check if you press.

Finally, move up OFF the option toggle SIM PIN, enter your card unlock code for the last time and you should no longer be "bored" by SIM unlock requests.

How to insert SIM iPhone 6

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