Change or cut the SIM-card for iPhone or as Micro-SIM

Change or cut the SIM-card for iPhone or as Micro-SIM With the advent of thinner and more feature-rich smartphones, the needs for SIMs have also changed, and have become smaller and smaller as phones became what we know today. The problem with this diversity is that, if we decide to buy a modern smartphone after using the same phone for 3-4 years, most likely the original SIM will not fit in the new phone and we will have to find a way to adapt the card (by making it smaller or larger). to make it fit into the housing of the new smartphone.
In this guide we will show you how shrink or enlarge the SIM card to be able to insert it inside the iPhone or in one of the new smartphones in circulation.

How to cut or fit the SIM card

As we will see in the following chapters, 3 different SIM formats are currently supported and each of them should be present in the new SIMs purchased by the operator (both new line and in portability of the old number). If we have difficulty adapting the SIM in our possession, below we will find the answers we are looking for.

How is a SIM card made?

The SIM card is used to identify the phone on the mobile phone network. Authentication data and network specifications (such as SMS or internet access configurations) are stored in the small gold chip on the front. Around the golden section of the chip, which is the important one, there is a plastic border that only serves to give the shape of the device, in which, however, the ICCID code is also written, which can be requested when changing operator.
Change or cut the SIM-card for iPhone or as Micro-SIM

La difference between Nano-SIM, Micro-SIM and SIM standard is all in the size of the plastic edge which, in the case of the NanoSIM, is practically absent.

How to cut a SIM card

To fit a large SIM you can try, if you have good dexterity, to cut off the excess edge. There are many online guides that explain how to cut a SIM, which can be easily done using special tools such as the MMOBIEL Universal 3 in 1 Pliers to Cut Classic / Micro / Nano SIM Cards (10 €).
Change or cut the SIM-card for iPhone or as Micro-SIM

To cut it without special tools, you can make the cut manually, following the steps described below:
  • A SIM adapter or printer (colored or black and white) with a sheet of A4 size
  • A ribbon
  • A ruler and markers
  • Good Scissors
  • Patience and precision
The sheet with the shapes of the small SIM cards can be downloaded and then printed from the dedicated site.
Once the sheet is obtained, print it, position the SIM to be cut on the sheet (paying attention to the lines and allele lines drawn) and then cut the outer edge with scissors, paying extreme attention.
Change or cut the SIM-card for iPhone or as Micro-SIM

Ideally you can then use sandpaper to smooth the corners.
In cutting, in addition to having a firm and precise hand, you must be careful not to cut a piece of the chip, which must remain intact.
With the A4 sheet indicated above, you can also cut a MicroSIM to make it a NanoSIM, even if the thickness to be removed is really small and it is more difficult to cut.

How to replace the old SIM with an adaptable one

If you don't feel safe or want to avoid damaging your SIM making it unusable we can go to the first physical store of your telephone operator e by replacing the SIM card, obtaining a new model already prepared for all cuts.
Change or cut the SIM-card for iPhone or as Micro-SIM

The replacement cost varies for each operator, but usually does not cost more than € 25. Once you have bought the new SIM, simply open the plastic envelope, remove it from the plastic card and adapt it to the desired size, gently pressing on the edges of the SIM (which are already pre-cut to automatically adapt to Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM).
Change or cut the SIM-card for iPhone or as Micro-SIM

The problem in changing the SIM (and also the risk of badly cutting the SIM and breaking it) is that you lose the phone numbers stored inside it. Before making the change or trying the cut, you must therefore save the address book via an online account, as seen in our guides Save Android address book to Gmail and Google e Save iPhone contacts to Google / Gmail.

How to adapt already cut SIMs

If we have already cut a SIM and obtained a Micro-SIM or a Nano-SIM, we will not be able to insert it on an old phone (compatible only with larger formats) still in our possession without an adapter.
For this purpose we can use both the plastic edges removed from the pre-cut SIM cards and buy dedicated adapters, such as the 4 in 1 Nano sim Micro sim Standard Sim Card Adapters (6 €).
Change or cut the SIM-card for iPhone or as Micro-SIM

Just insert the SIM in our possession in one of the adapters, obviously choosing the one compatible with our old phone to reuse.


Even if by now almost all the SIM cards on the market are adaptable and pre-cut (therefore ready to be used on any phone), it is advisable to always keep this guide at hand, especially if we often change phones or reuse old phones to give to elderly relatives. . For convenience, we can also insert these adapters (and the relative pin to release the slots) in the wallet, so as to always be able to adapt the SIMs that will happen to us.

To become true masters of SIMs and learn how to manage their associated functions, we recommend that you continue reading in our guides How to know who a SIM is registered to e Disable SIM card PIN and PUK.

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