How to get Support a Creator

Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to get Support a Creator, I must provide you with some preliminary information relating to the program in question of epic Games, which in the city is called Support a Creator.

Well, we are talking about an affiliate program that allows creators to earn money by creating content for all the video games in theEpic Games Store, such as Fortnite or Rocket League.

To participate, you must send your application using a specific online form and, following approval, you will be able to share your own creator code with other users of Epic video games, in order to obtain a percentage on the purchases made by the latter through the use of the code provided (for example on Fortnite you can earn 5% on the value of all purchases of V-Bucks or other content made in euros).

Since it is an affiliate program, it is necessary to respect the guidelines for the creation of content provided by Epic Games, as well as to maintain a code of conduct that is in line with that indicated by the community rules.

Furthermore, in order to keep the affiliation active it is necessary to reach the minimum threshold of $ 100 over a 12 month period; otherwise, the accumulated fee will expire and you will be removed from the affiliate program. Payments will be credited by Epic Games once the content creator has completed the tax interview and, at the same time, activated an account Hyperwallet through the instructions that will be provided in a specific official communication.

Finally, to make a correct disclosure, it is necessary to have a transparency of communication in the promotion of one's affiliation code for the program Support a Creator: in this regard, every time you promote the affiliate program, it indicates that it is a sponsored communication, using hashtags such as, for example, #Ad and #Sponsored.

Alternatively, specify that it is sharing an affiliate program - thanks to which you may receive commissions - using phrases such as: "In relation to the Epic Games Creator Program, I may receive a commission linked to some purchases within of the game."

If you have any further questions or problems, do not forget to visit the official support page of the program Support a Creator.

Participation requirements

To be able to send your application in order to be included in the program Support a Creator di Epic Games some basic requirements must be met. In fact, content creators who have at least 13 years old (14 years, for those residing in South Korea).

In order to participate in the program it is also clearly necessary to accept the guidelines for content creation, but also meet some criteria related to their presence on social networks.

In fact, in order to participate in the program Support a Creator you must have a minimum of 1000 follower on at least one of the following platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram o VK.

In addition to the above requirements, there are some technical operations that you must perform on your Epic Games account, namely the verification of the e-mail address and the activation oftwo-factor authentication. In this regard, you will find more details on how to proceed in the next chapters of this guide.

Check your Epic Games account

In order to be able to send the request for participation in the program Support a Creator di epic Games you must first have verified your account epic Games.

However, don't worry, as you should have already done this when creating your account. The verification of the e-mail address, in fact, is compulsorily requested during the registration process for an account epic Games for the first time: all you have to do is enter the verification code received by email and press the button Verify email.

However, keep in mind that this procedure may be requested again, in case you decide to change the e-mail address associated with your account, through the panel Account> General> Email address.

Therefore, if asked, check the emails received from the team epic Games, in order to complete the verification of your account. In this regard, in case of doubts or problems, refer to my tutorial in which I tell you about how to create an Epic Games account.

Enable two-factor authentication

In order to participate in the program Support an Epic Games Creator you must also activate thetwo-factor authentication which, if you do not know, adds the use of a disposable code (to be received via authentication app or SMS) to the classic password when accessing your account from a different device or browser.

Having said that, to proceed, after logging into your account, go to the section Account> Password and security and choose whether to enable two-factor authentication via an authentication app (Authenticator App), or whether to activate it via SMS (Authentication via SMS) or via email (Email authentication), moving up ON the lever relative to the option of your interest. The app procedure is safer, so that's what I recommend.

Regardless of the authentication method you choose, you will need to enter the to activate this additional security measure security code that you will receive via email, SMS or in the authentication app used (for example Google Authenticator per Android e iOS/iPadOS).

In this regard, in case of doubts or problems on the correct execution of the procedure in question, refer to my tutorial on how to activate two-factor authentication on Fortnite.

How to become an Epic creator

You have carried out all the preliminary operations that I have indicated to you and, now, you are wondering how to get Support a Creator Fortnite, because you would like to apply to be part of the program in question for this popular video game epic Games? In this case, follow the procedures I am about to give you which also apply to all other video games epic Games.

To get started, then connected to the official page of the Support a Creator program and press the button Apply now. At this point, specify your chronological age, placing the check mark on the option relating to the age of majority (I am over 18 years of age or over the age considered to be the age of majority in my country of residence, if over 18 and I am applying personally) or specify that you are applying as a parent or legal guardian of a minor (I am applying as a parent or legal guardian on behalf of a minor whose age is 13-17 or 14-18 if resident in South Korea). In the latter case, if you are applying as a representative or legal guardian, enter your information name, last name e title.

Next, you have to specify which ones are the URL of the social networks on which you meet the minimum requirement of 1000 followers: then use the text fields that are shown to you, to paste the URLs of at least one of the supported social channels (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, VK, Twitter, Instagram) and the first button Connected, to make the connection and, therefore, the verification of your followers.

Once this is done, also fill in the text fields related to language e regione, in order to specify to the Epic Games team what your geographic information is. After that, put the check mark on the items related to the acceptance of the agreements (I have read, acknowledged and accept the Creator Agreement) and guidelines (I have read, acknowledged and accept the Content Guidelines).

Finally, when you are ready to submit your application, click on the button Send. At the end of this operation, you just have to wait for a reply email from the team of epic Games, in case your application is considered. Easy, right?

How to get Support a Creator

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