Hogwarts Legacy Continues To Impress - Over 850.000 Simultaneous Players On Steam

We have already had the opportunity to talk about the enormous success of Hogwarts legacy (buyable with this link) and how has become the single player title for viewers on the Twitch platform, but with the game's actual release coming up we can finally do the math as well regarding the number of players involved in this magical adventure. And, let no one be surprised, the number is definitely big.

In fact, according to statistics provided by thenow irreplaceable SteamDB, indeed we find that the WB Games title has managed to collect a peak of 879.308 concurrent players involved in the title. A figure that, we remember, only concerns the platform Válvula and does not consider the other platforms the game was released on.

This excellent result places him among the most important titles in the history of the platform, allowing a Hogwarts legacy to achieve the following objectives:

  • Eighth highest peak for any game
  • 5th best result for a paid game (not free-to-play)
  • 2nd best result for an exclusively single player game

Who do we find at the top of the single player adventure records? Nothing less than the technological dystopia of 2077 Cyberpunks (buyable with this link), which managed to reach height 1,054 million players simultaneously busy exploring Night City.

Curiosity remains to understand how much the numbers could grow. Hogwarts legacy if we could consider all the gaming platforms on which the title is currently available, because thanks to the greater diffusion of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S compared to the early days, probably the already excellent result of Steam could reach volumes definitely superior.

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