Hogwarts Legacy: cost, how much it earned and number of copies sold

How much did Hogwarts Legacy cost to produce? How much did the new magical adventure set at Hogwarts earn? And how many copies have you sold so far?

Hogwarts legacy is undoubtedly one of the most popular and beloved games of the moment, and in all probability it will remain so throughout the 2023. the one who threw avalanche Studios it is a high-quality product, which has hit its mark, perhaps receiving even more success than the developers thought possible. The product is ideal for reaching as many people as possible, even those who don't like video games but perhaps have a family member or partner who plays, through whom they can try to immerse themselves in this adventure.

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Then we talk about the world of Hogwarts, the most beloved and famous wizarding school on the planet. That much has been read in the books and much has been said in the films of the saga. Harry Potter, which over two decades have accompanied millions of fantasy enthusiasts in their personal growth and beyond. And that's why the announcement of a great new triple-A set in the amazing world of fantasy has piqued the interest of everyone, gamers and non-gamers, young and old.

Hogwarts Legacy: all the numbers of success

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We still do not have the exact amounts invested for the production of the magical video game. At the moment, however, various sources describe a product that should have cost between 150 and 200 million dollars An important figure, which confirms the triple A character of the work. Once we take this figure for granted, we can talk about revenue that has been recorded and copies sold.

Copies sold and profit

The data, reads the official report, at the moment Hogwarts Legacy has exceeded 12 million copies sold. We are talking about a title that was launched in mid-February, and therefore has just spent a month on the market. An extraordinary number, which confirms the enormous success of the title. From an economic point of view we are talking about revenue of more than $850 million, a figure that will increase after its launch on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

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