Hogwarts Legacy will not have Quidditch in the game. This is what some rumors say

Hogwarts Legacy will apparently not include Quidditch: According to several sources who claim to be close to the project, the unique and original magic sport will be part of the game world, but we will not be able to get directly involved with this experience. Already at the time Quidditch had not been confirmed by the authors of Hogwarts Legacy, who evidently had to renounce this feature so as not to take resources away from all other aspects of the adventure.

Hogwarts legacy will not have Quidditch or at least will not be able to play

Through Official FAQ of Hogwarts Legacy it is discovered how "the broom is a means of transportation to explore and travel in Hogwarts Legacy, in addition there are also competitions with brooms. Players can attend Flying Lessons to learn to master the art of flying on a broom."

So in this case at least at the moment there is no mention of Quidditch, the wizarding sport is also practiced at Hogwarts. Inside the teaser trailer there was a chance to see a scene shot clearly featuring a character in Quidditch gear, but in that case it's possible that this was just a non-interactive plot sequence, during which you might be able to see the AI. practice sports as a spectator. Hogwarts Legacy will still allow us to use the flying broomstick as mentioned, but only to explore and travel around Hogwarts locations.

Not only because we also remember that within the game it will be possible ride animals, like hippogriffs, to move through the magical world. Hogwarts Legacy is indeed an open world and there will be vast spaces to explore, within which to find ingredients to create potions, side quests and more. It is possible that Quidditch will be confirmed later, but the fact that it is not mentioned already now leaves us a little doubtful.

We remember that as confirmed by Warner Bros. Games, Hogwarts legacy will debut during the winter of 2022 and, therefore, at the end of december. The game, released under the new label. portkey games, will be available on the latest and penultimate generation platforms, that is, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S., Xbox One e PC. A port is also planned for Nintendo Switch.

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