Does Hogwarts Legacy have multiple endings?

Does Hogwarts Legacy have multiple endings?

Avalanche Software has delivered the complete RPG experience with Hogwarts Legacy. Our decisions affect the story of the game, even changing the ending of the game. While there is no karma system like in Fallout 3, teachers and students will comment on your dark actions. But what's even more critical are your choices throughout the main story, as they will shape the ending of Hogwarts Legacy. But wait, does that mean there are more endings in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Endings Guide | How to Unlock Multiple Endings

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After discovering Ranrok's latest plan and defeating Rockwood, you'll quickly go under the school to try and stop the goblins. Of course, you will have good Professor Fig with you. He will ask you what we want to do with the hidden power left behind by the guardians. The paths to both endings are now open to you: one is good and the other is not so good.

How to unlock the good ending in Hogwarts Legacy

How to unlock the bad ending in Hogwarts Legacy

If you choose to open it instead, Fig will warn us of the danger. After the warning, you can rectify your choice and return to a good ending. Or you could say instead: "This power must not remain hidden" or "I want the power for myself." Either of these last two dialogue options will lead to a bad ending. The only difference in this ending is that it skips the death of Professor Fig. Also, when absorbing the power, you will have red eyes and it will appear that you have great inner power. However, there are no gameplay implications that change after this choice.

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