Hogwarts Legacy Tamed Beasts

Hogwarts Legacy Tamed Beasts

We all know that magical beasts are a very important part of the Harry Potter setting. So it should come as no surprise that they also appear in Hogwarts Legacy. Similar to the Pokémon games, HL also allows us to capture and then tame these magical creatures. If you were wondering how this whole process works in the game, we are going to show you everything you need to know about how to get and how Bestie adomesticar and Hogwarts Legacy.

Come tame the best friend at Hogwarts Legacy

As part of the Beast Class quest, Poppy Sweeting will show you how to tame the beasts, brush them, and feed them. After that, you will get the quest "The Goblin, the Sleeping Bag and the Loom". During this quest, Deek the Elf will show you how to use the Nab-Sack to rescue magical animals from poachers. When you return to Deek in the Room of Requirement, you will unlock the Vivarium. The Vivarium is where you can place your rescued and captured magical beasts. You can then feed and groom them to gain their favor. They, in turn, will produce all kinds of magical materials for you. If you're really lucky, you might even get a shiny beast. As such, this is definitely something worth doing, as you can get a lot of great ingredients.

Please note that the Vivarium does not have unlimited storage. If you want to enter a different animal of the same type, you can free up your current animal of that type to make more room. You can also sell magical beasts that you don't need at the Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade. And lastly, you should keep in mind that this quest comes quite late in the game and you won't be able to tame the animals early on.

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