The terrifying statistics of the Hogwarts legacy show that Voldemort is a pacifist compared to us

In Hogwarts Legacy you play a student of magic, but you have a great thirst for magical blood. Your main character is even deadlier than Voldemort.

Hamburg – Harry Potter, like a series of books and in the movies, repeatedly has moments of contact with death. The scar on the main character's forehead is a testament to the death of his parents at the hands of Voldemort and to his own survival. Cedric Diggory dies in front of Harry at the hands of Peter Pettigrew. You could almost say that the dark wizard and his Death Eaters are the deadliest force in the wizarding world. However, thanks to Hogwarts Legacy, we now know that Voldemort's body count is still moderate. Your main character, on the other hand, is death walking the earth.

game title Hogwarts legacy
First publication date February 10 2023
developer avalanche
series Harry Potter
editor Portkey Games, Warner Bros. Games
platforms PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
species Open world, action-adventure

Hogwarts Legacy: Worse Than Voldemort? That's how brutal the dark wizard was

How many did Voldemort kill? The danger of Lord Voldemort, aka. Tom Riddle, is well documented in The Wizarding World. The black mage became obsessed with dividing his soul and placing it in horcruxes to stay alive even after his body died. If you want to make a Horcrux, you have to kill another human being. Voldemort himself created seven Horcruxes, but one of them is Harry Potter himself, so humans had to die for the other six.

But that's not all, as is known, Harry's parents also had to believe it, as well as Snape, Grindelwald and a host of other minor players. Common math is that Voldemort killed a total of 21 people, not counting the murders of Death Eaters and other followers of his. The main character of Hogwarts Legacy can't help but laugh at these numbers.

In Hogwarts Legacy, carve a path of death and destruction wherever you go.

In Hogwarts Legacy you are a killing machine: The first few hours of Hogwarts Legacy are relatively harmless. You accompany Professor Fig through a ruin, witness a goblin uprising at Gringotts, and begin your everyday school life at Hogwarts – the normal life of a wizard student, you might think. However, everything takes a tough 180° turn, once you've unleashed yourself into the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

In the open world and quests of Hogwarts Legacy, you will always have to face other human wizards and witches. Your main character may still be in his teens, but he meets others with terrifying brutality. To put it bluntly, in Hogwarts Legacy you kill quite a few people, often entire groups, in seconds. Not to mention the masses of wildlife that you systematically remove.

Your main character is incomparably brutal: This is far from a new and common practice in the context of video games. However, in the context of the "Harry Potter" universe, the main character's murderous lust is almost absurd compared to "the most powerful black wizard in the world."

Voldemort's body count is a joke compared to the main character, you easily ate 21 people in fifteen minutes. Much worse, unlike you, Voldemort is almost merciful. Let's see how you kill in Hogwarts Legacy:

And these are just the traditional damaging spells. Plus, you make them completely defenseless against your magical violence with spells like Levioso or Petrificus Totalus. You hardly want to start with the Unforgivable Curses of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Dark Wizard Is Merciful In Contrast To Your Bloodlust

Even a Voldemort seems nice by comparison: Once your main character has mastered Crucio and Avada Kedavra, he likes to commit magical mass murder with curses. See what the most powerful spell combination in Hogwarts Legacy does. How does Voldemort handle things? Well, when the Dark Lord sets his sights on someone, his course of action usually consists of a quick Avada Kedavra and that's it. At Hogwarts Legacy, however, you are always sadistic, ruthless, and utterly lethal.

This is the face of a cold blooded killer

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Reddit's calculations around the time of Harry Potter (in 1994) there were between 3000 and 9000 witches and wizards living in the UK. The numbers seem surprisingly low, given that giant crowds tend to be at events like the Quidditch World Cup.

It is not possible to confirm that your main character is responsible for the small population of wizards. With his bloodlust, it is far from impossible that in one year at Hogwarts he has effectively whittled down an entire generation of British witches and wizards, with repercussions stretching back to the end of the XNUMXth century.

So, if at some point you're playing Hogwarts Legacy and wondering if it's moral to learn the unforgivable curses, remember one thing. A quick death from Avada Kedavra is a mercy in contrast to what you do to other witches and wizards with your traditional spells.

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