Hogwarts Legacy: here is where to buy it at the best price

    Hogwarts Legacy: here is where to buy it at the best price

    February 10 Update: Hogwarts Legacy is now live! Buy it now at the best price!

    Presented for the first time at the event dedicated to Playstation 5 last September, Hogwarts legacy is the new title Warner Bros. Games set in the world of Harry Potter. However, the events narrated in the title will take place several years before the advent of the most famous wizard in the world and will see the player impersonate a student of the famous Hogwarts school of witchcraft, facing enemies and traps from the magical world created by JK Rowling.

    In our review we stated that “Hogwarts Legacy is an experience of gigantic proportions, really difficult to sum up in a few words. A meticulous reproduction of Hogwarts, its intricate labyrinths, its infinite secrets, is accompanied by a rich and multifaceted game structure, which will make you feel for the first time like a true Hogwarts student. The game is, to all intents and purposes, what a Harry Potter fan has always dreamed of."

    Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to PC with Windows, Nintendo Switch, Sony Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S. e Nintendo Switch. In addition to the standard edition, the Deluxe Edition which also includes the Dark Arts cosmetic set, Thestral Mount, Dark Arts Combat Arena, 72-hour early access, and the Obsidian Hippogriff mount. Finally, we also have theCollector's Edition which also includes the floating wand on a book-shaped base, the SteelBook, Kelpie's embroidered dress and the Dark Arts cap.

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