Best App to read the news of the day on Android and iPhone

    Best App to read the news of the day on Android and iPhone Using your smartphone to follow the latest news of the day is a rather obvious use but can be improved by using the right application.
    The starting point for this article is given by a recent one update of the old Google News and Weather application, pre-installed in many Android smartphones and renewed now with a new graphics much better than the poor and spartan old version.

    1) The application Google News and Weather can now be installed for free on Android Smartphones and iPhones.
    The news is that of Google News which collects the main news of online newspapers. In the options it is possible to change the localization of the news by choosing to read those of the newspapers. The news is also separated by topics that you can exclude at will. The application also has two different widgets to get the weather for the next few days, to read the headlines of the latest news or to see a box with both.
    Google News now includes the section of Google Newsstand which allows you to read news from personalized sources, not necessarily online newspapers, but also blogs like bestresourcesnow.
    Google News and Weather is now a great app, light and fast, but the alternative there is no shortage, obviously free.

    Among the best applications for iPhone and Android to read the news of the day quickly, comfortably and completely, even with division of the arguments are at least 7.

    2) Microsoft News, for Android and iPhone, is the best alternative to Google News, with an updated, modern and content-rich app. Compared to Google News it is also more customizable on the first page, thus choosing the topics you are most interested in and with a widget to keep fixed on the screen.

    3) Flipboard for Android and for iPhone is an application similar to Google Play Newsstand, where you can create your own personalized newspaper with the topics and sources chosen. This is the best app for graphics and super smooth interface, very easy and beautiful to move and manage.

    4) Telegram is Whatsapp-like messaging app which also includes channels function. In practice, by subscribing to a channel on Telegram, it is possible to receive news from the sources of interest. We saw a list of channels to follow on Telegram in another article and, with the occasion, we remember that there is also the channel.

    5) Feedly for Android and for iPhone, and the best application for reading blog feeds, ideal for Google Reader orphans. Feedly has a fast reading system all based on finger movements and allows you to add new sources to follow other news. With Feedly it is also very easy to share news on social networks and on Facebook.

    6) Squid, is an app for Android and iPhone that allows us to create our personalized news channel by choosing the categories that interest us, with no limits of choice with the possibility of eliminating some of the sources that we do not want to read, to further customize our channel .

    7) Flym News Reader (Android only) is a feed reader for blogs and news sites that works in a similar way to Feedly, with the difference that it is free and open source, without advertising and then with the possibility of being able to read news and new posts too. offline, after it has synced.

    8) Press review, for Android, is the app for those who want to read the main online newspapers directly on their smartphone or tablet.

    In this regard, it must be borne in mind that some newspapers such as Corriere and Repubblica are paid in the mobile version. To open the sites in PC version, on the mobile, you have to change the user agent on the browser as explained in the guide.

    9) Prime Pages is an app only for Android, very nice, to be able to see and read the front pages of the main newspapers on newsstands every day.

    10 ) City newspapers for Android and MyNews for iPhone are two similar applications, which act as news aggregators for the main newspapers, very good and complete.

    11 ) bestresourcesnow Tech, the best of the whole store, is the app to follow the news of this blog. After this, you shouldn't need anything else to be super informed on Android and well educated in IT and technology. Obviously this is a non-partisan judgment ...

    Best App to read the news of the day on Android and iPhone

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