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Best Free Online Dating Sites If we want to look for a new person with whom to spend some time together, today the Internet offers many opportunities. In fact, we can meet new people online and maybe even organize real meetings, which are also free to use and not with the blackmail of having to pay to respond to messages, but we must choose only the best services, to avoid finding ourselves with some unpleasant surprises. In some cases, in fact, dating sites only make false promises, show fake profiles, send spam to all friends to have them registered and continue to send invitations to respond to messages from unlikely and attractive girls who, almost certainly, do not exist.

For this reason, for those who want a serious site to look for new people to exchange messages with and maybe even meet in real life and find the boy or girl of your dreams without risking scams and without having to pay, just read the following article, where we have collected the best free dating sites to meet new (American) people without spending a euro and avoiding ending up in scams or scams.

The best free dating sites

We have collected in this guide only the best dating sites that you can use without risk, with a simple free account and with a number of real contacts and accounts, with a few fake accounts (it can always happen, but serious sites immediately block the scam accounts or untrue ones).


Among the best free dating sites we recommend you OkCupid, accessible from the official website.
Best Free Online Dating SitesOkCupid site">
A digital dating site it should be first and foremost funny and then it should offer the possibility, at least theoretically, of know who you are communicating with; for these reasons OkCupid has become a very popular site all over the world! OkCupid membership is absolutely free and without deceit, and immediately you can look for people compatible with us based on a nice personality test.
Girls and boys of all ages (over XNUMX) can be contacted for free and, often for a fee, on other similar sites, you can reply to received messages. Although there is a paid premium account with additional search tools and an almost unlimited mailbox, it is not mandatory to meet new people and thus take advantage of this dating site! The only drawback of OkCupid is that the site is in English so those who just can't translate even half a word are cut off; however, many Americans from every city are already registered so just limit the search to the city or region to find people to meet online.

Using the function Matches, you can search for people by putting various filters such as age, nationality, the place where they are and many other advanced and specific parameters. You can safely send them a message and, for each profile, it is indicated if it is online and if it is a person who responds often or if it is an inactive user.
If you use, as a browser, Google Chrome, can be installed two extensions to improve the use of OkCupid and search for people in an easier way: Bettercupid (no more) adds more images, options and search filters, to search for girls and boys by browsing their photos quickly.
OkCupid can also be used on Android and iPhone, by downloading the apps available for free from here -> OkCupid (Android) e OkCupid (IOS).


If we are looking for an  site with which to chat and meet new people we can take a look at Lovepedia, accessible from the official website.
Best Free Online Dating SitesLovepedia website">
On this site you just need to create a free profile (as truthful as possible) and immediately start chatting for free with people in your city or by choosing one of the numerous thematic channels in the forum. The forum with the channels is the main strength of Lovepedia: if we don't really know where to start looking for new people, we can read or participate in one of the thematic channels on the site, start to have their say or present their opinions and, between a bickering and a point of view different from ours, find the person with whom to chat privately or learn more.
This probably is the only true dating site with no hidden payments or options to be more visible: in fact you only need an account and constant participation in the various channels or chats in real time to meet many new interesting people.


Another site to meet interesting people while walking around the city is LOVOO, accessible from the official site.
Best Free Online Dating Sites
This service is designed to bring people together via app: once installed on our smartphone, all we have to do is go around the city or through new streets and check which users use the same app and have also provided the availability to chat. From the website we can always check the people met along the way and chat in peace, without having to hold the phone in hand.
In any case, the app on this site is essential to be able to find new people, so we recommend that you create the account on your PC and install the LOVOO app for Android and for iPhone / iPad.


Today if you want to meet new people we can also be satisfied with Facebook, so you can add friends and then search for people from your city or with common interests or friends. Facebook is accessible from the official website.
Best Free Online Dating SitesFacebook site">
To find new friends and acquaintances, simply open the Facebook page and click Find friends present in the bar on the left side. Once we open this page we will see them all contacts recommended by Facebook based on our friendships, our interests, our school or work background and the cities indicated in our profile (hometown, city of residence and city where we have lived in the past); if there is someone or someone that interests us just click on add to friends next to the profile and wait for the addition.
Among the effective tools of Facebook we find the groups, which allow you to meet many new people based on our interests or passions and also access groups dedicated to specific cities or schools or universities (to meet new people nearby).
As already written in other posts, Facebook can be used as a dating site and it still remains a very good free site for socializing where possible search for new friends and contacts on Facebook. Certainly on Facebook you cannot add people who are completely unknown or without mutual friends and also in sending private messages you must be careful not to be reported for spam and to be banned.
With the Facebook app for Android and iOS, then, the chances of meeting new friends increase based on the places we frequent and, above all, it is possible to create the profile for meetings on Facebook Dating, not available from the website.


A very good site to meet new interesting people for free is Tinder, reachable from the official site.
Best Free Online Dating Sites
To register on Tinder you need to use the Android or iPhone mobile app, from which you can create your own personal profile, upload photos and provide all the information for dating that will later be used to find people with the greatest possible compatibility. Once registered, it will also be possible to use Tinder via the website from a PC and personally search for new people based on the city or interests based on the photograph, and choose whether it is interesting or not by swiping the app or the arrows on the PC screen. : if the interest is mutual, it will be possible to start chatting with the person and start an acquaintance.
Let's remember the golden rule of Tinder: it is not enough to swipe OK at all or all to start a conversation, but we will also have to find the agreement on the other side to be able to start acquaintance via chat. If you don't know how to use Tinder, please read our guide how Tinder works, the app to meet girls or guys we like.

Other dating sites

Parship is a dating site widely used by the 30-50 age group, similar to OKCupid: you create a profile and answer many questions about your personality in order to allow its algorithm to find affinity with people of the opposite sex ( or same sex depending on preference). This way you can try to start a chat conversation. Parship is free to get started, although you have to pay a subscription to exchange unlimited messages and view photos.

Meetic, is perhaps the most popular dating site in town thanks largely to TV ads, with the ability to search in your town for people you can really go out with. Even if Meetic can be tried for free with the registration, it is practically mandatory, in order to contact men or women we like, to take out a monthly subscription.


There are many dating sites on the Web but only those reported in this guide have high levels of security, offer real contacts and accounts (with few fake accounts) and have very high success and appreciation rates. Obviously, as in real life, we do not expect to immediately find the person to meet or to know: we always proceed step by step, we deepen our knowledge and finally we organize a live meeting, so that we can go from virtual to real.

Always on the subject of meetings and acquaintances, we invite you to read our guides on Best dating apps to know who we like near us and the sites of Free video chat with strangers to meet and talk.

Best Free Online Dating Sites

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