30 Apps for Editing Videos and Editing Movies (Android and iPhone)

30 Apps for Editing Videos and Editing Movies (Android and iPhone) With modern smartphones we can shoot videos as if we were using a real professional video camera. The convenience of the smartphone is that it is always ready to capture a funny moment that happens around us and share this moment captured on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or in the private chats of friends. Now, however, we are inundated with new applications to make videos, correct them and share them quickly, so as to make them perfect for sharing or to remove a part of video that does not interest us.
So let's avoid passing the video to the PC and use one of the following app to edit videos and edit movies completely free.

How to edit videos from smartphones

To edit videos shot with your smartphone in very advanced ways: now we can create from the smartphone video montages and share movies su Android e iPhone. Using one of the apps listed below we can create fun clip with a nice background soundtrack and innovative special effects.

The best apps to edit and edit videos

KineMaster is one of the best video editors for Android mobile and for iPhone to change color, saturation, brightness and also to add transition effects.
30 Apps for Editing Videos and Editing Movies (Android and iPhone)

There are many themes to choose from and visual effects, but to remove the application icon from edited videos, you have to pay for the full version. With KineMaster you can work on multiple layers and add effects, crop clips frame by frame, optimize lighting, add audio and much more. It really is the most complete and most PC program-like video editor. Of course, this kind of power and versatility doesn't come for free, but with a subscription.

Another app we can try to edit videos is Quik, available for Android and for iPhone.
30 Apps for Editing Videos and Editing Movies (Android and iPhone)

This easy-to-use tool allows you to create personalized videos with photos and music where you just need to select photos and videos from the roll or from albums, choose a music, add writings, cut parts and above all select the editing style.
We can learn more by reading our article Quik to create videos with photos and music for free.

Another very good app for editing videos in a professional way is Adobe Premiere Rush, also available free for Android and iPhone.
30 Apps for Editing Videos and Editing Movies (Android and iPhone)

With this app we will be able to quickly edit any video taken with the smartphone and apply effects, remove parts of the video, add a background track and change the speed of the video, so as to slow it down or speed it up.
To learn more about the use of this app we can read our article Adobe Premiere, the best video editor, free on Android, iPhone and iPad.

inShot is another app for Android and iPhone that is great for editing video and audio files with just a few taps on the screen.
30 Apps for Editing Videos and Editing Movies (Android and iPhone)

Using this app we will be able to add countless filters and effects, transitions, voice recordings, speed controls and so on to improve any type of video, even those downloaded from the Web. Also excellent as a video format converter and as an audio editor.

Videoshop for Android and iPhone is a fun app, perfect for people who want to create social content to share on Facebook or Instagram.
30 Apps for Editing Videos and Editing Movies (Android and iPhone)

There are many audio effects, including animal noises, farts, explosions and laughter. There is also a stop motion tool, support for video slideshows, music, features for cropping, slow motion, fast motion, voiceovers, and reverse playback.

Other apps to edit videos

In the first part of the guide we showed you what, in our opinion, are undoubtedly the best apps for editing videos and editing movies from smartphones or tablets. If they are not enough or we want to try other alternatives, just look at the list below:
  1. Powerdirector, free for Android and for iPhone is the version of the same PC program as Cyberlink, free, with a timeline and advanced video editing options, many transition effects, filters and the ability to create 1080p movies (but requires purchase complete app). You can also share the videos on Facebook or YouTube. The app is simpler than Powerdirector but equally powerful for recording videos and editing them. You can crop and merge videos, add audio, add slow motion effects, and much more, all in a very intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Unfortunately, full access to features is paid for with a subscription.
  2. ActionDirector, also by Cyberlink but only for Android, allows you to record and edit videos, apply effects and share with friends on social media.
  3. CapCut free on Android and for iPhone is a free and complete video editing app, with tools to cut, invest and change speed to movies, to add effects and filters, music and then also stickers and writings. Really great this is one of the best applications released in 2020.
  4. VITA for Android and for iPhone, completely free, it is a simple video editing app with all the necessary features. You can speed up or slow down a video, add text and transition effects, add glietter effects, apply filters, add music and animated head, create video collages and export creations in HD quality, without limitations.
  5. Funimate, free for Android and for iPhone, is a fun video editing app to create short and engaging posts on social media (Instagram and Facebook) to share with friends and followers. There are more than 15 filters, 100 advanced video effects and a huge music library.
  6. Androvid is one of the best apps for cut and split video and edit audio on android.
  7. Enlight Videoleap (iPhone only) was named the best application of 2017 by Apple for its ability to manipulate videos with powerful tools that can be used in a simple and intuitive way. You can mix videos and images, create overlays of filters and effects, add text, transitions and music with the final result of a full-fledged cinematic video.
  8. WeVideo is one of best web apps to edit video online which also provides a complete Android app and an iPhone and iPad app that only serves to upload videos to then edit from the site. The application on Android allows you to edit the video on your mobile using its very simple interface. You can choose from a variety of themes, add an audio file and then publish the video on the public or private WeVideo site. WeVideo ensures that the video remains in the cloud server so that you can further edit it using your PC.
  9. Magisto is an application for Android and iPhone, free (although with some limitations in the free version), which I have already talked about in the past because it is also available as a web application. In practice Magisto serves a Create mini music clips by taking the best scenes of a video automatically. You then take an already recorded video, even a long one, and with Magisto you transform it into a smaller clip artfully edited and with background music. Magisto does everything by itself and allows you to edit several videos and photos together by merging them together. The limitation of the free version is that you cannot save videos and there is a maximum length limit.
  10. VideoShow: editor video Android and for iPhone is an exceptional app that assembles videos and photos together, with many editing tools, effects, music, to create a professional video clip in a very simple and powerful way. You can add things like stickers, subtitles, filters, our voice, transition effects, GIFs, a kiss, falling petals, bubbles, shooting stars, thunder, snow and more to your videos.
  11. In Google Photos you can create and edit videos and movies in a simple way even with music added from the collection of personal songs.
  12. Action Movie FX (for Android and for iPhone) allows you to apply different effects to customize and edit videos, which are taken directly from Hollywood studios. You can then add a special cinema effect to videos recorded by your smartphone in a simple way.
  13. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor is an Android and iPhone app that is also capable of shooting videos with the camera and adding themes, video effects, titles and transitions. It can also be used with effects such as slow motion, slow-motion, fast-motion, music videos and FX.
  14. Filmora GO Video Editor is a different app for Android and iPhone, with unique effects to add to videos and also picture-in-picture editing tools, overlays, voiceovers, slow motion, titles and much more.
  15. FXGuru is a magnificent and free application for Android and iPhone that allows you to edit recorded videos with science fiction cinema effects. You can add missile attacks, the arrival of UFOs, flamethrowers, explosions and other effects worthy of the best Michael Bay films. The application also has powerful tools to shoot the perfect video and lets you add various effects very easily.
  16. Vizmato, for Android and iPhone is an application per iPhone which turns videos into games wacky effects, audio transformations, filters, captions and writings and the ability to cut and merge clips or split videos with a split screen. It also allows you to mount multiple videos together. With this app you can also apply effects while playing video, live live when recording.
  17. Cute cut is an app for Android and for iPhone that allows you to "draw" on a video to customize your videos with effects, textures, shadows and edges.
  18. Video Editor Videorama, iPhone only, allows you to rotate videos, use editing tools to add text, photos, music and filters, to duplicate videos and add different transition effects.
  19. Vidstitch is a free app for Android and iPhone that is used to create a video by combining photos, music and videos into a single, customizable collage that can be easily shared on Instagram.
  20. VideoCollage (for iPhone) allows you to create video collages to watch together at the same time.
  21. youcut is an Android app similar to Windows Movie Maker, where you can create videos using photos and music. In addition to this you can also join videos together, cut them, apply transition effects.
  22. Clipper (iPhone only) is a quick and easy video editor to quickly edit a movie, merge several videos, apply filters or background music.
  23. Splice is a powerful free app for iPhone., easy to use, to edit videos from an Android smartphone or iPhone with video and photo trimming and editing functions, it can adjust the speed of movies, add soundtracks, transition effects and you can also record your own voice to put it like that of a narrator on a video.
  24. Video Editor - video effects, video editing is an app only for Android by inShot, awarded as one of the best applications of the year. It is a fairly simple video editor, which has the distinction of having artistic glitch effects that have a great rendering to make any movie special.
  25. Stamps, for Android, is a simple and intuitive video editing app to perform certain actions easily and quickly. You can then cut videos and audios, convert videos, merge them, split them, extract audio from videos, create GIFs and other things.
  26. YouCam Video (Android) is the best video enhancement app, with effects, filters, text and more. You can also combine two or more photos to create a movie with music and automatic effects. The app interface is very easy to use, suitable for everyone.


To edit videos it is not necessary to move the videos recorded with the smartphone to the PC, since the apps provided by the Android and iPhone stores are full of apps that allow you to easily edit a video without having to take a "degree" to use complex programs. present for computer.

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