Will Hogwarts Legacy have DLC? Confirmation from the development team arrives.

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Hogwarts legacy has reignited the flame of potterheads around the world who already want more plugins, gods DLC for the video game they've been waiting their whole lives for. which, unfortunately, they will not come

If nothing else, fans will enjoy recreating some scenes from the Harry Potter movies through mods, such as the last one we told you about.

Or to discover the darkest secrets from the most famous school of magic in literature, including those related to mysterious armor.

But they won't be able to explore new places or meet new characters because, as reported by PCGamesN, the developers have confirmed that no DLC is planned on the horizon.

Alan Tew, the director of The Hogwarts Legacyrecently spoke in an interview about what will be the future of the title

There are no plans for DLC for now, simply because the launch of the game was very busy:

“We have been really crazy about bringing Hogwarts Legacy to life, so there are currently no current plans for DLC. […] It seems a bit surreal, we've been working on it for a long time. But I'm kind of in proud dad mode. I'm very happy with the team, and this has been a true labor of love for the fans."

For now, therefore, the development team's only additions to Hogwarts Legacy are the patch to fix bugs. Or the ones that it should at least fix, since the latest updates have not been optimal.

After all, there is still a lot to discover within the game, such as the Easter egg that gamers are finding dedicated to other famous video games.

In a game where even insects can be magical, sort of, as one player recently discovered.

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