How Cambly works

What is Cambly

Let's start with the basics, namely from what is Cambly. Well, Cambly is an e-learning platform that allows you to do one-to-one online English lessons with native teachers 24/7 and 365 days a year, both "on demand" in real time (if the tutor chosen is available), and by scheduling the lesson for the day and time of interest.

Lessons take place through a integrated video chat, therefore not on Skype or other external platforms: just use one of the compatible browsers on PC (eg. Google Chrome) with the service orCambly's official app available for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

The courses are suitable for everyone: from beginners who need to start from the basics to professionals who need to perfect their English for work. In this regard, it should be emphasized that among the over 10.000 active teachers there are a lot of them on the platform different professional figures, as airline pilots, nurses, lawyers and managers in various business sectors.

It is even possible to select teachers based on their own accent (UK, US, AU, etc.). There are also some who speak city, although for a "full immersion" experience it is recommended to use only the English language during the lessons. Tutors can also be chosen based on the student's personality, English level and other parameters.

It should be noted that all chats and the lessons are recorded, so that you can consult them later (for free) and understand your mistakes, understand where to improve your accent, etc. A tool is also included in the chat automatic translation

Also included in the subscription price are several courses: IELTS, TOEFL, Business English; and various workshop (for example the one for practice in job interviews). Also, you can get a certified which certifies participation in lessons and which can be used for work or study purposes.

Cambly proposes you 10 minutes of free lessons if you register with the code ARANZULLA; after that, to access all courses and lessons, you will need to activate a subscription for 1, 3 or 12 months. You can also choose the duration of lessons (15, 30 or 60 minutes) and theirs weekly frequency (2, 3 or 5 times a week).

The prices, all very affordable, vary depending on the plan chosen, and using the code ARANZULLA when activating the subscription you can get the 40% discount on Cambly's annual plan (practically, 5 months at no cost)!

For children it is then available Cambly Kids, which I told you about in a dedicated tutorial: take a look if you want to know more.

How Cambly works

At this point, I would say that we can get to the heart of the tutorial and find out more closely how to use Cambly. Below you will find all the information you need to create your account, test the service and subscribe to start attending available classes and courses.

On a PC, make sure you are using a Cambly compatible browser, then Google Chrome or another browser based on Chromium (eg. Edge, Brave or Opera). If you prefer to use smartphone o tablet, you can download the official Cambly app from the Android and iOS / iPadOS stores.

How to join Cambly

sign up for Cambly, linked to this page, click on the button Subscribe and type email address e Password you want to use for your account in the form that is proposed to you (make sure you choose a secure password). Then press the button Create account.

If you prefer, you can also authenticate with your account Facebook, That Google or that Apple, using the appropriate buttons at the top and entering the access data of the account you have chosen to use.

Finally, indicate if you are creating the account for you or for your son (in this case you should take a look at the dedicated Cambly Kids service, which I told you about in a dedicated tutorial) and press the button Continue, to access the list of teachers available and take advantage of yours 10 minutes of free lesson (using the code ARANZULLA during registration).

Finally, remember to validate your account by clicking on verification link received by email.

How to try Cambly for free

If you want to try Cambly immediately with a tutor chosen automatically by the system (without entering payment details), click on the button The 10-minute trial lesson begins and view the short presentation video that is shown to you; then click on the button Go to the lesson present below e allow Cambly to use the camera, responding in the affirmative to the notice that appears in the browser.

Excellent: now you just have to wait for the connection from the tutor and your trial lesson will begin. In addition to being able to converse live with the teacher, you will be able to chat with the latter using the appropriate field on the right, where you will also find a translation tool in real time.

Using the buttons located at the top, you can choose whether to activate or deactivate webcam, microphone o sound the interlocutor. With the button Logoutinstead, you can interrupt the lesson.

Do you want to choose the tutor with which to carry out your trial lesson? No problem: on the page TUTORS from Cambly you can very quickly find the right teacher for you, using the filters listed above. When you find a potentially interesting teacher, click on the relevant button Profile to view their complete profile. By clicking on the button Callinginstead, you can start the trial lesson.

Da Whatsapp, you can start your free trial lesson in the same way, then accessing your profile and pressing the button Start trial lesson or by selecting a tutor from the appropriate tab. Again, remember to give Cambly access to the camera.

Note: if you will make your friends subscribe to Cambly via an invitation link (which you can find in the Minutes for free of your profile), you will be able to get 5 minutes of free lessons by clicking on the link in question and an additional 60 minutes for free if the friend signs up for the service. Your friend will also receive 10 minutes of free lessons!

How to subscribe to Cambly

To subscribe to Cambly and fully access the lessons and courses on the platform, click on the button SUBSCRIBE you see at the top right.

On the page that opens, use the drop-down menus on the left to indicate the number of minutes that you intend to dedicate to each lesson (15, 30 or 60) and the number of lessons per week you want to make (2, 3 or 5).

Then choose whether to subscribe to a plan monthly, a plan quarterly or a plan annual and click on the button Proceed with the purchase to switch to card payment. enter the code ARANZULLA in the field dedicated to promotional codes to get the 40% discount on the annual plan (practically, 5 months at no cost)!

Annual and quarterly plans can be canceled at any time and the unused portion is refunded (the refund amount does not take into account the discount used). The annual plans can be paid in 4 monthly installments, without the intervention of any financial institution. Payments are made on the day of registration and in the following three months (therefore not an installment every 3 months). The surcharge for payment in installments is 2%.

If you don't have enough time to practice, you can pause your subscription for 7, 14 or 21 days, then postpone its expiration date by going to the page Account settings (accessible by pressing on yours profile picture). Remember that you can only suspend your subscription once a month.

How to participate in Cambly lessons and courses

Participating in Cambly's classes and courses is very easy. You will initially be in free mode, in which you and the tutor you choose will select the topics to be addressed in the lessons. Alternatively, you can access the tab Courses (l'icon del book in the app) and select one of the courses included in the subscription: there are courses intended for the knowledge of basics of English conversation, courses intended for professional development and much more.

Each course includes a predefined number of lessons and, once activated (by selecting it and clicking on the appropriate button), your tutor will follow it in order to allow you to learn what you want. If you change your mind, you can cancel your participation in a course at any time by selecting it and clicking on the appropriate button.

But how to choose tutors on Cambly? Nothing could be easier: access the tab Tutors (the icon of magnifying glass in the app) and use i filters available at the top to find the right teachers for you.

For example, going up Cambly courses you can filter tutors based on the courses they take (if you have chosen to follow a specific course); by clicking on the box Lesson level you can choose whether to take courses at a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level; via the box Accent of the tutor you can indicate if you prefer a teacher with a North American, British, Australian or other accent; by clicking on the box relating to Personality of the tutor you can indicate if you prefer a kind and patient teacher, funny and affable or educated and informed, while using the box relating to Availability you can filter tutors based on duration of lessons and days of availability.

Alternatively, you can also use the Search field at the top right to search for a tutor by name, language or hobby.

Once you have found the teacher who could do it for you, you can click on the button Profile or his name, to view the descriptive card complete with presentation videos, qualifications, languages ​​spoken, courses covered, etc.

From the page in question you can also send a message to the teacher (option available only after activating the subscription), follow him, view the days and times it is available, start a lesson in real time or book a lesson by choosing the day and time (using the appropriate buttons).

You can also mark the tutors who convince you the most by clicking on the relative icon heart, in order to add them to your list of favorite (accessible from the menu of the same name).

To keep the scheduled lessons, you can use the program present in Cambly. To join a scheduled lesson, just click on the relevant button Call. For the rest, the procedure to follow is the same as I indicated earlier in relation to the trial lesson.

In case you need to cancel a scheduled lessonI agreed to program , premi sulthe icon of pencil related to the lesson of your interest and select the item I need to cancel. Lessons can be canceled within 12 hours from their programmed start (otherwise the minutes will still be marked as consumed).

In case of problems, if the tutor misses a lesson, do not worry: you will not waste the minutes at your disposal. The minutes will be automatically returned to you approximately 10 minutes after the start time of the lesson.

Classes and chat conversations with Cambly teachers come record automatically, so you can recover them later and study them well, to improve language learning.

I must say that I found this feature really interesting; also because the privacy of the students is protected to the maximum and the recordings are not used for advertising purposes or in public without the express consent of both the tutor and the student. However, it is possible to request its deactivation by contacting Cambly.

To access the lessons and recorded chats, select the tab Progress (or access the section Lesson history in the app, by pressing on yours profile picture): you will find the list of all the lessons followed. By clicking on a lesson you can review it, by clicking on the relative icon ⋮ you will be able to view the related chat (which you can also consult via the comic placed at the top).

By attending the lessons you will also get a Cambly certified, which indicates how many hours of exercise you have done on Cambly (along with your real name). You will be able to use the certificate in question at work and school, and employers and institutions can verify its authenticity by visiting a public page set up by Cambly.

You can find your certificate (available after at least 10 hours of lessons) on your page Profile, accessible by pressing on yours profile picture.

From the profile page you can also adjust the information related to yours account (name, e-mail, password, etc.); the settings on language, location, time zone, notifications and hidden tutors; the email preferences to receive and the details of yours subscription.

For more information

If you need to more information about Cambly, I invite you to visit the official support page, where you can find numerous informative articles dedicated to lessons, subscription, technical requirements, etc.

Instead, to get support from an employee, you can click on the button Quick present at the bottom right and use the chat that appears to formulate your requests. To speak to a human operator, click on the item Get in touch with us. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Article created in collaboration with Cambly.

How Cambly works

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