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First of all I would like to clarify your ideas regarding the nature of Linkem and the type of technology used to make the service available. You must know that the operator is a solution FWA +, or Fixed Wireless Access, which uses a mixed Fiber-Radio system.

To simplify the matter as much as possible, the connection is via fiber cable, up to the operator's antenna, which then transmits the signal to the receiving device (the modem that is given to the user) via radio, then wirelessly.

The offer is undoubtedly among the best in all those cases in which ADSL or fiber coverage is not available in a given area or in any case not in an optimal manner but you still need to surf the Net at high speeds (in this case, up to to 30 Mega in download).


As I said at the beginning, before showing you how the Linkem rechargeable offer is structured, it seems only right to explain to you how to check the degree of coverage of the operator's network in your area (or in the one where you intend to make the most of the service). In this way you can make sure that Linkem is actually operational in the area for which you are evaluating the activation of the service and you can also make sure that once activated it works correctly (at least on paper).

Therefore, connected to the company website, enter theaddress of the house where you intend to use the manager's Internet connection (to avoid errors in form, select the relevant suggestion from the list that is automatically proposed to you as you type) and then click on the button Check coverage.

If your area is covered by the Linkem network, you will be shown a list of offers that you can subscribe to.

Refillable offer

Now that you finally have the clearest goddesses about Linkem's nature and once you have verified the manager's coverage ratio, I would say that we can finally get to the real heart of the matter and understand, in detail, how therechargeable offer operator.

The offer in question takes the exact name of Linkem Without Limits Rechargeable and is initially available in two variants: one that allows you to enjoy 3 months Internet browsing at the price d 99 € and another that allows you to have 1 year Internet browsing a 269 €.

The modem can be indoor (to surf the Internet both at home and outside after connecting to the electrical socket) or outdoor (to be installed by a specialized technician). Regardless of the type of modem chosen, it is possible to surf the Net with a download speed up to 30 Mega (it depends on the capacity and degree of congestion of the network and the server to which you connect, as well as on the coverage of the area in which the service is used) and without time or traffic limits.

As for theactivation, can be done directly via the Web by visiting the offer page and clicking on the button Buy Now (after verification of coverage).

Alternatively, you can go directly to the store (to find the one closest to your area you can help with the appropriate Internet page) and explain to the sales employee what your needs are.

Once the 3 months or 12 months foreseen by the initial offer for Linkem Senza Limiti Rechargeable have expired, it will then be possible to continue using the service by making a specific top-up. THE packages available are the following.

  • 1 month of Internet - 27 euros
  • 3 months of Internet - 78 euros
  • 5 months of Internet - 120 euros
  • 12 months of Internet - 240 euros

The purchase of the chosen top-up rate can be done directly online, through the customer area of ​​the operator's website. Alternatively, you can go to Lottomatica points of sale or to Linkem authorized dealers.

As regards the activation and installation costs, at the moment there are none. The modem is instead on loan for use and in case of withdrawal it must be returned to Linkem following the instructions provided directly by the operator. If the return is not made, a penalty of 100 euros must be paid for each device not returned.

However, considering that the penalties provided by Linkem may vary with the passage of time, if you want to be always updated on the matter and if you want to avoid nasty surprises, I suggest you connect to the section of the manager's website dedicated to contacts and forms and to carefully consult the available info there. You can then find more details on the matter in my article on how to unsubscribe from Linkem.

Offer comparison

Do you want to compare Linkem's rechargeable offer with those of other “traditional” operators not present on the market? Then turn to Sos Rates, the site for the comparison of Internet offers (and not only) that I have told you about on several occasions here on my site.

To use it, connected to its main page, select the type of offer (Family, Optic fiber, Broadband etc.) or technology of your interest (ADSL, Fiber, Satellite etc.) by clicking on the relevant buttons located on the left and consult the table you see on the right of the screen: there you will find the rechargeable and subscription plans currently on the market with all their features (connection speed, monthly price, activation costs and so on).

To view more details about one of the offers in the list, move the mouse cursor over it. If, on the other hand, you want to subscribe to an offer directly online, you have to click on the button Request advice and you have to fill in the form that is proposed to you. You will then be contacted by an operator to get more details on the offers available.

Alternatively, you can do everything directly via the Internet without interfacing with an operator. To do this, just press the button Activate online that you find next to some offers and follow the instructions on the screen that will be proposed to you on the page that you will later see appear.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in comparing the Linkem rechargeable offer with that in subscription format or with those intended for the business side, I suggest you read my article dedicated to Linkem offers.

In case of problems

Despite having read my information carefully, it is still not very clear to you how Linkem's rechargeable offer works and would you like to receive more information about it? Have you activated rechargeable Linkem but some problem has arisen and you would like to understand how to solve it? Then I can not help but advise you to take a look at the section Support of the Linkem website where there are numerous questions with prompt answers that can be useful to dispel all your doubts in a "quick and painless" way.

If by doing so you are unable to find an answer to your doubts, you can deal with the matter by contacting the customer care of Linkem via telephone. If you have not yet signed an offer with the manager, the number you should contact is the commercial assistance number: 06 94444 (for a fee based on the plan signed with the operator currently in place).

If you have already subscribed to a Linkem offer, you are a private customer and want to call from a landline, the number you need to dial on your phone is: 800 546 536 (free). From mobile, however, the number you need to call is: 06 94444 (for a fee based on the active rate on the numbering used). You can find further numbers and contacts, useful for example for reports and complaints and for contractual changes, by visiting this specific page.

In addition to getting in touch with Linkem customer support via telephone, you can also do so via social networks: on Facebook or on Twitter. In both cases, send a message to the manager explaining what the problems or your doubts are. In a short time you should receive an answer with all the info and details you need.

Rechargeable linkem: how it works

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