How to know the Wind credit from another phone

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App to know the Wind credit from another phone

The fastest, easiest and most effective solution for know the Wind credit from another phone is to contact theWINDTRE official app, available for free for both Android (downloadable from the Play Store and from alternative stores) and for iPhone (downloadable from the App Store).

Through the official WINDTRE application, you will be able to access your customer area with username and password, regardless of the smartphone model and operator used, and you will be able to view all the information relating to your line, with the option of making top-ups. and manage your offer "remotely".

Clearly, in order to access your account, you must have already created it: otherwise, you can create it on the spot. However, I warn you, you will need to have your smartphone with the WINDTRE SIM close at hand, as a code of confirmation which you will then have to enter in the application, to verify your identity and complete the registration.

If everything is clear, I would say to start. The first step you need to take is to open it app store of your device and search WINDTRE inside. Once this is done, select theofficial application of WINDTRE from the search results and proceed to its installation by clicking on the button Installa / Ottieni. If necessary, also verify your identity: in the case of the iPhone, for example, you may have to authenticate yourself via Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple.

Once installation is complete, start the WINDTRE, by pressing on its icon that appears in the app menu of your smartphone, it allows it to send you notifications, access the telephone function and locate you when in use and pass the initial presentation, by pressing several times on the freccia verse destra. Then, if you already have a WINDTRE account, click on the button LOGIN and enter first email or phone number that you used to register and then yours Password.

If, on the other hand, you don't have an account yet, click on the button Create your account (below), enter the number of your WINDTRE line, press on Continue, enter the verification code sent to you via SMS on the WINDTRE number, press again on Continue and follow the onscreen prompts to set one Password and complete the registration.

Once logged in, you will find yours credit displayed on the main screen of the app (to which you can return at any time by pressing the WINDTRE logo located at the top left).

In case you want to top up the credit, press the ☰ button and then on the item instead recharge. On the page that opens, make sure that the top right is selected number you want to top up, select a amount from the appropriate menu (from 5 to 100 euros), select a payment method between paper, PayPal e tale and press pulsating recharge, in order to complete the transaction by following the instructions on the screen.

Site to find out the Wind credit from another phone

In case you do not have the possibility to install the WINDTRE app on your smartphone, you can still succeed in check Wind credit from another phone using the operator's official website.

Then open the browser you usually use to browse online from your smartphone and visit the site At this point, to avoid being redirected to the store of your device to install the app, activate the desktop view mode: if you use Chrome, you can do this by pressing the ⋮ button located at the top right and selecting the item Desktop site from the menu that opens; if you use Safari, devi premere sull'icona Aa present in the address bar and select the item Request desktop site give the menu that you come purpose.

Once the page has been reloaded, press the ☰ button on the WINDTRE website, touch the icon LOGIN, then the button LOGIN and enter your account details. Alternatively, tap on CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT and create an account on the spot as seen before in the procedure from the app.

Once logged in, you will find your credit information on the initial screen of the customer area, more precisely in the section Phone line accessible from the side menu. To see them, you may have to scroll all the way down the page. To perform a recharge, you just need to press the appropriate button (next to the remaining credit) and indicate number, amount e payment method via the appropriate on-screen menus.

Please note: as clearly understood, you can use the WINDTRE site also from computer and tablet. The procedures to follow are the same as those shown above, except for the need to activate the desktop display mode in the browser.

Number to find out the Wind credit from another phone

Have you tried calling the 4242 from another operator, to find out the credit of your WINDTRE SIM, but this is not reachable? Are you using another WINDTRE number and by calling 4242 you are only given the information relating to the latter? Unfortunately it is normal, the number for managing the credit of WINDTRE can only be reached from WINDTRE lines and only provides information relating to the number from which you are calling. Also, I'm sorry to inform you that there is no number dedicated to the remaining credit to call from another operator.

The only thing you can do is try to call the WINDTRE customer service number for those who call from abroad or from another operator, the 320.500.0.200, which is not free (you pay as a normal call based on the plan active on your line) and allows you to both talk to an operator and top up WINDTRE lines.

If you want to contact the number in question and try to ask an operator for information on the remaining credit, dial the 320.500.0.200 from your phone (regardless of the operator used), initiate the call and, when the recorded voice tells you, dial the number associated with your WINDTRE SIM (the one whose credit you wish to find out).

Once this is done, follow the instructions of the system for speak to an operator (the option should match the key 3, but it is subject to frequent variations) and wait to speak to a WINDTRE consultant to ask him about your credit.

If you want to make a recharge, on the other hand, after calling WINDTRE customer service, dial the number associated with your SIM and press on the button corresponding to the reload option: it should be the1 but it is subject to frequent variations, so listen to the directions of the guide voice.

How to know the Wind credit from another phone

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