Best weather app for iPhone with forecast and temperature

Best weather app for iPhone with forecast and temperature With a modern phone we can check the weather forecast and find out if the day will be sunny or if it is advisable to bring an umbrella. Even the iPhone is no exception: it has its own weather forecast app already pre-installed but the information on it is not always reliable, especially if we live far from large urban centers. For those who want something better, more detailed or nicer, they can choose from many weather apps for iPhone, so they can check the forecast, the temperature but also other very useful information such as the incidence of UV rays or the quality of the air.

Let's see together what the best weather app for iPhone with forecast and temperatures, which can be installed for free on any recent iPhone model (from iPhone 8 onwards) and compatible with any closer or foreign city.

IPhone Weather App Guide

The weather apps that we will report below all work with the geolocation of the iPhone: it is essential to be able to offer weather forecasts in the city or in the area where we are. If we see the location warning window appear, we give permission without problems, since Apple's new policies require apps to track the location only when active in the foreground. To learn more we can read the guide Privacy settings on iPhone to be activated for protection.

Most used weather app on iPhone

The first weather app we recommend you try is 3B Weather, available for download from the Apple App Store.
Best weather app for iPhone with forecast and temperature
With this app we can check the weather forecasts for each closest and foreign city, view the forecasts hour by hour, get alerts on dangerous situations (strong wind, intense rain or temperatures that are too high), follow the precipitation clouds via radar in real time, get news on the most significant weather events and also change graphics, choosing the style of the icons.

Another weather app that deserves to be used on the iPhone is Meteo - by Meteo.icom‬, available for download from the Apple App Store.
Best weather app for iPhone with forecast and temperature
By installing this app we will get very precise information on the weather of cities complete with customizable weather widgets, radar system for rainfall, 3-day forecasts, air quality monitoring system, marine forecasts, animated wallpapers, comparison system of the weather for two different locations, section dedicated to earthquakes and reports of adverse events throughout the city.

Another very precise weather app that we can install on the iPhone is AccuWeathe‪r, available for download from the Apple App Store.
Best weather app for iPhone with forecast and temperature
Using this app we will have accurate forecasts for cities and for practically any city in the world, also thanks to the advanced integrated tools such as the humidity monitoring system, the allergy monitoring system, seen from the satellite of incoming disturbances, the day-to-day temperature monitoring and some advanced systems such as the tropical storm monitor and the COVID-19 infection monitoring system.

Another weather app that we can use on the iPhone to get reliable forecasts is Weather Underground, available from the Apple App Store.
Best weather app for iPhone with forecast and temperature
Weather Underground, in addition to providing weather forecasts with beautiful icons, differs from the others for the sky backgrounds that change according to the detected condition. Weather Underground is powered by 180.000 weather stations worldwide (many privately operated) and displays current humidity, dew point, visibility, pressure conditions and you can compare today's weather with historical data. This app also provides a widget for the Today screen which makes it easy to consult even by the hour.

The best weather apps for iPhone

The ones we've shown above are the most downloaded iPhone apps in town for getting accurate weather forecasts, but for those who want more, there are some similar apps on the Apple App Store, which are even better and much more reliable that we can install. If we were not happy with the previous apps we can try one of those below:
  • Dark Sky is one of the best weather apps for iPhone, unfortunately not free, based on the online service that tells us when it rains and for how long.
  • YoWeather to see what the weather is like outside on the iPhone background.
  • Weather Neue is a great weather app that shows the temperature on the screen in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Shake the device to manually update the weather reading and forecasts for the following days.
  • Windy the weather app to also check the intensity of winds, waves, snow and rain in real time, is one of the most complete weather apps for iPhone.
  • Meteo 'is a beautiful weather application with clean and pleasant graphics, capable of sending push notifications.
  • WeatherBug is a very good and popular weather app for iPhone for its professional graphics and detailed information on forecast and current situation.
  • Meteo + is an excellent app to check the temperature and all the current weather information as well as forecasts.
  • Yahoo Weather for iPhone is a very nice weather application to look at, with images and photos of the place you want to see the weather forecast for. The application is free, simple, not with many details or technical information, it is perhaps the best on this list, also because it is without advertising.
  • CARROT Weather is truly one of the best weather apps you can find in the iTunes App Store, for iPhone, with full weather forecast and data, and optionally many premium subscription features.
    This app provides essential weather information for the city, hourly weather forecast and a three day forecast.
  • Weather is another simple app, with extremely clean graphics and a colorful background that changes according to the temperature detected in the city you are in. The blue screen indicates the cold, the red the heat and you immediately understand what temperature it is.

Whatever the app installed, it is always advisable to check if it works well in the city we live in: the differences between one app and another can be really high.


Knowing the weather forecast on your iPhone is very simple, just point to one of the applications shown above. The choice must not be random or based only on sensations: we always try all the apps and keep the one with the most reliable weather, since the results can be different (positive but also negative) between the various apps.

Always on the subject of weather, we invite you to read our guides Temperature and weather forecast on Chrome and Firefox (extensions) e How to add weather on your PC desktop.

Best weather app for iPhone with forecast and temperature

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