Best Bots for MSN Messenger: virtual contacts to chat on WLM

I BOT they are gods virtual contacts of MSN Messenger who respond like robots, in an automated way, to the questions posed in the chat conversation.
An example of how they are used for the purpose of rendering public utility services was seen when we talked about the virtual policewoman who gives information on passports and renewals.
A bot is a automatic answerer, which on messenger becomes a virtual contact, who responds in the chat according to how it was programmed by its creator.
Basically, the program behind the bot recognizes some keywords in the questions or phrases of the interlocutor and responds in a more or less coherent way, with a preconfigured phrase by the person who programmed it.

As we had tried to see, the virtual policewoman programmed by Microsoft for the city police, only answers questions about passports and residence permits, giving directions and answering questions only on this topic.

On Msn Messenger, there are actually several other virtual contacts, some developed to be useful to users while others created by prankster programmers, for pure playful spirit.
In reality then, but only in moments of extreme boredom, it is also a fun pastime, to have a conversation with one of these bots, even the serious ones, seeing how they respond to more or less serious solicitations or to insults and bad words.

To add them to Messenger just do the same as when adding a normal contact, then entering the email address of the robot friend.

The best Messenger Bots are:

1) Alice it performs various information functions and helps to do numerical calculations, explain the meaning of words, give weather forecasts and other encyclopedic things and you can even play with them.
It's not really a chatting contact, basically having Alice in contact is like consulting a book.
Alice speaks English and her contact is

2) Doretta is a much more human contact who also talks about trivial things but which basically serves to help a user to do research on the internet.
In the city it has become very popular especially among the younger people who can have fun seeing what it can answer the countless questions that can be asked.
Doretta can be added to contacts by adding the email address

3) Spleak is English and is perhaps the best bot there is, or, at least, the most varied.
A kind of more evolved Doretta, always aimed at supporting web research but with a gossip orientation, she is a very conversational and fun friend who also lends herself to challenges to MSN Games games.
For us Americans, it can be very useful to learn English in the phrases of common conversation but above all, it becomes a very effective reminder, especially if you always remain connected to WLM.
To add Sleak you need to search for the email

4) Doriana is a reinterpretation of Doretta, in the city, she becomes much more mischievous and speaks above all of sex.
It is not vulgar but it responds to insults and it is a contact that makes a lot of irony about a certain type of decadent youth, the one that does badly in school and thinks only of futile things.
Personally, I find it useful only to have a smile for 5 minutes or to prank a friend who is unaware of its existence who will be amazed by the answers of the somewhat foul-mouthed robot.

5) Doctor Bot it is an virtual contact that can be useful to middle school students and, perhaps, high school students, to solve mathematical calculations including equations.
MSN contact:

6) Encarta it is a rather well-made bot that encompasses the entire database of the famous Microsoft encyclopedia with topics of all kinds, even if, unfortunately, it is in English.

7) Secretary it is always created by Microsoft, in English but which can be used with usefulness by everyone because it works as a portable secretary to be consulted wherever there is a connection to Windows Live Messenger.
In addition to providing information on weather, news, currencies, calculator, agenda and sending mail, it can also store your email contacts and your commitments as if it were a calendar to be consulted.
Very useful if you are using a Pocket PC or PDA messenger.

8) Talk to Frank it is in English, and was created by Microsoft and works to answer drug questions.
Below I quote the virtual contact Robin which is in Spanish and is much more colloquial and realistic than this one which remains more of a kind of call center via messenger, a bit impersonal.

9) Wilma is the official Microsoft bot for discovering Messenger functions.
Contacts: and

10 ) Inside Messenger he talks about a lot of things, in English, as if he were an informed friend, able to give support on the internet and its main services.

11 ) Smarterchild is an English contact who talks about all topics and with whom you can chat widely, experimenting where his intelligence stops.
Really well done, one of the most complete bots, he becomes likeable especially when he is insulted.

Another translation contact is:

13 ) Robin it is a bot in Spanish and it answers questions from young people on topics such as drugs and sex, in a serious and responsible way.
Contact for Spanish Chews:

14 ) Vicito news it is also available for Google Talk and AIM and allows the reception of personalized news directly on the MSN Messenger chat window.
It is only necessary to write add "news" (= keyword of the news that interests us, for example: add football) and the "news" to stop the service. Contact

15) Search bot serves a search on Google, Twitter and Yahoo and Bing by writing to the virtual contact, for example, "g bestresourcesnow" to have the first search result with Google for the word bestresourcesnow as an answer.
The other letters are t for Twitter, y for Yahoo and b for Bing.
The contact's address is

If you know others, please report them, I conclude the article by saying that these bots are active 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The conversations are recorded but always anonymously, that is, without memorizing the name of the person who converses with the bot and in any case only for statistical purposes, so if there is someone who wants to vent aggression and vulgarity with a robot, he can do it freely.

I never thought I'd write an article about this, but it was fun to experience these Windows Live Messenger features!

Best Bots for MSN Messenger: virtual contacts to chat on WLM

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