Best GreaseMonkey scripts on Firefox and Chrome

    In a blog like this, which always aims to find the best solutions to surf the internet to fully exploit the potential of the network, we cannot fail to mention GreaseMonkey.
    Greasemonkey è a Mozilla Firefox browser extension which, also thanks to this plugin, becomes the most customizable browser and which makes navigation on web pages more exclusive, easier and more interactive (Active Browsing).
    Greasemonkey allows you to use scripts, written in the javascript programming language, which can be used to add new content to normal web pages, improve its appearance, simplify operations, combine data with other pages, and numerous other purposes.
    Userscripts are developed by normal users to change, locally, the codes of the most popular web pages to add many functions and tricks that make them more functional.

    In another article, the best extensions, plugins and add-ons available for Firefox.

    The most common scripts for Greasemonkey can totally change the layout of a site by adding new menus, perform common operations automatically such as filling in fields, changing characters, removing parts that are not of interest from sites, be they paragraphs , images or advertisements.

    We are therefore talking about very profound changes on any site, be it Google, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others.

    Installing any GreaseMonkey user-script is very easy, just install the plugin GreaseMonkey per Firefox o Tampermonkey for Chrome and, finally, choose the script from the official Greasyfork list to install with a simple click.
    The scripts were, until recently, all collected on the site which has now disappeared from circulation.
    This has resulted in the disappearance of numerous scripts and, therefore, a radical decrease in the list.
    If you know any good ones and want to share them I would be really happy to be able to try new ones, whether they are revolutionary or simply nice.

    8) Greased Lightbox: This script renders the browsing image sites such as Google Image Search, Flickr, Wikipedia, MySpace, deviantART, easier and more immediate so that when you click on the thumbnail of an image, the real, large one, appears in a lightbox, i.e. a box, a central pop-up , without changing the page.

    11) Autopagerize helps the search with Google, preloading the next 10 results in order to show them below, without ever having to change the page.

    14) Facebook Fixer to improve Facebook overall.

    15 ) FaceBook Friends Checker check your friends list for notify who on FAcebook has removed us from friends .

    18) Facebook Download Video per download videos from Facebook

    other scripts dedicated to Facebook you can read the page of Facebook tricks.

    20 ) Download photos and albums from Facebook

    Finally, the latest news is that scripts also work on Google Chrome without the need for any additional plugins and can be installed like normal extensions.

    Best GreaseMonkey scripts on Firefox and Chrome

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