How to contact PlayStation

How to contact Playstation city

Let's go straight to the heart of the article by looking at it in detail how to contact PlayStation city. Below I will explain how to do it through the official website, some social networks and, of course, the more "classic" method, that is the telephone.

How to contact PlayStation via the official site

How to contact PlayStation

The first mode that I invite you to try for contact PlayStation è through the official website. For what reason? Because the PlayStation site is very well structured and allows the user to solve a large number of problems relating to the products and services of the PlayStation world in total autonomy.

To proceed, go to the PlayStation online support home page, type in the keywords that identify the problem you encountered (eg. "Ignition problem") in Search field located in the center of the page and press Submit on the keyboard. Next, select the device on which you encountered the problem (eg. PlayStation 4), by clicking on its name.

At this point, if necessary, further narrow down the search for the problem encountered by clicking on one of the proposed options (keep in mind that it is not always necessary to do this, especially if you were very precise in the initial phase of the research) and, based on the problem you indicated, you will be prompted to read one or more solution guides: to read one, click on the relative link See full article.

If the proposed guide does not allow you to solve the problem encountered, return to the previous page by clicking on the button o ⬅︎ located at the top left of the browser window. Then specify the exact model of the device on which you encountered the problem (eg. PlayStation 4 Pro), by clicking on one of the options in the section What product have you encountered problems with?, insertion il serial number of the console in your possession (it would be the code of 17 code shown on the back or on the side of the same), using the appropriate text field, and click on the button Send.

On the page that opens, you will be told whether or not you might be able to solve the problem independently and you will also be shown the cost to be incurred to proceed with any hardware repairs. After reading the conditions of the online assistance service, click on the button I understand, let's continue (below) and answer the questions you are asked.

Carefully follow the various instructions that are shown to you on the screen, so as to try to solve the problem using the solutions proposed by the PlayStation site. If these don't work, answer them No to the box It worked? located on the right (you need to do this for each broken solution). At this point, having ascertained that the problem cannot be solved online, you will be offered the replacement of the product (if it is still under warranty) or its own riparazione for a fee.

All you have to do is check the box relating to the fact that any damage to the product was not caused by accidental damage, click on the button Confirmation, fill out the form displayed on the screen specifying your contact details, shipping address, etc., click on the button Continue located at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the procedure. Subsequently, carefully follow the instructions that will be provided by email regarding the packaging of the product to be repaired / replaced and its sending to the PlayStation technical department.

I would also like to point out the possibility of contacting PlayStation through the form you find on this page. Once you have gone to the latter, select a topic from the appropriate menu, fill in the form displayed on the screen, specifying the data requested in the sections Personal informations… (Eg. name, contact email address, etc.) e Information about your question ... (Eg. kind of problem, game title, content type, platform, firmware version, etc.) and, after possibly completing the proposed verification procedure, email your request by clicking on the appropriate button.

How to contact PlayStation on social networks

How to contact PlayStation

Another method of contact made available by PlayStation is tramite and social network and, in this case, Twitter. However, I would like to point out that in this case it is necessary to communicate in English to receive assistance.

To proceed, go to your @AskPlayStation account and send a direct message to the PlayStation team by clicking on the button Message (the letter envelope icon located at the top), write the message of your interest using the typing bar that appears on the screen and, when you are ready to do so, send it by pressing theletter aeroplanino.

You just have to wait for the answer from the PlayStation team, who will provide you with assistance as soon as possible. However, please note that the service is available every day, from 08:00 to 19:00 (PDT time zone).

How to contact PlayStation by phone

How to contact PlayStation

As I mentioned a few lines above, it is possible also contact PlayStation by telephone. To proceed, dial on dialer your phone number 02.36009081, initiate the call and follow the instructions of the voice guide to speak to an operator, who will answer you from the UK or Romania. I remind you that the service is available from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 19:00.

At the time of writing, the keys to press to speak to an operator are as follows: button 1 to request assistance on the PlayStation Newtork service or button 2 to request assistance on PlayStation systems and accessories. Once you have made your choice, press the button 1 to consent to the recording of the call or the button 2 not to consent. Since PlayStation could change the guided menu at any time, I invite you to follow the instructions of the guide entry anyway.

As soon as a consultant from the PlayStation team takes care of your call, explain the problem you have encountered on your console to them and follow the instructions they will give you to resolve the situation.

How to contact PlayStation

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