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    How to Recover Photos from iCloud

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    When I'm asked to explain the main features of Apple devices, I sometimes talk for hours without realizing it: there are several doubts that I want to fill. However, one of the questions I get asked most often is about a very common problem: the accidental deletion of your photos and videos. Both friends and colleagues who are somewhat tech-savvy and novice users alike ask me a recurring question, "For Data Recovery what do I need to do to recover photos from iCloud?" It's clear that, sooner or later, willy-nilly, everyone runs into this technological problem.

    It happened to you too: due to a moment of distraction you deleted from your iPhone that beautiful photo you had taken a few days ago. You are desperate: that was one of your best shots, you can't have lost it forever! Come on, don't be like that, all is not lost! Apple devices have an edge when it comes to iCloud photo recovery with native features. You'll see that with a little calm and patience, you'll be able to restore that photo you care so much about.

    Excuse me? You don't believe it? Well, then you just have to read this tutorial of mine. In the following lines I'll explain how you can perform the recovery of photos from iCloud acting through your device or through the web version of the famous storage service signed Apple. Are you ready to start? Are you? Great, then I just have to wish you a good read.

    How to activate iCloud Photo Library

    If you want to make sure that you can retrieve the photos taken by your Apple phone at any time, and from any device, you should first make sure that you have activated the iCloud Photo Library service on your iPhone or iPad.

    This way, the photos you take from your smartphone or tablet will be synced across all your Apple devices and also viewable online at any time. You can verify that this option is active in no time, acting directly from the settings of your device. I explain in the following lines how to proceed.

    From the main screen of your iPhone, tap on the Settings icon that has a gear symbol, so you can access the Settings screen of your device. Now locate the Photos item and tap on it; make sure that the heading iCloud Photo Library is active and also that the Upload to my photo stream and Upload photo quick sequence items are active.

    If these items are deactivated, activate them manually: to do this, move the lever from left to right, turning it green. Always acting from the settings of your device, and then through the app with the gear symbol, also make sure that the backup system of the photos on iCloud is active for safety. To do this, tap on your name from your device's settings and tap on iCloud.

    On the next screen, make sure that under the heading Apps that use iCloud there is a Yes entry for Photos and iCloud Backup. If not, tap on the individual items I mentioned and move the toggles from left to right to turn green.

    In this way you will have fully activated all the features of the service in question. So you will be sure to have a backup copy of your photos and also to be able to recover them at any time from any Apple device and also through the iCloud service from the Web. I will explain how to proceed in both cases in the following lines.

    How to recover photos from iCloud (via web)

    Once you have correctly activated (or verified the activation) of the iCloud Photo Library service, you can try to recover your photos with different procedures. In this paragraph I'll first explain how to do it from the official iCloud website.

    Open the browser you usually use to browse the Internet and go to the official iCloud website at this link, logging in with your Apple ID.

    Once you've logged into the iCloud service via the web, first click on the Photos icon and wait until you can view the library of photos and videos that have been synced with your device. Once you view all of your photos via the iCloud web service, the first thing you can do is click on the Recently Deleted item.

    This item located in the left sidebar (it has a trash can symbol); this is a photo folder synced to the web version of iCloud that includes all the photos you recently deleted on your device.

    Through this folder you should be able to view a number of photos you've deleted, provided they've been deleted for no more than 40 days. Keep in mind that the photos you delete from your device will not be permanently deleted, as they will be stored in this special folder for up to 40 days. After this time, the images will be permanently deleted. So if you have recently deleted pictures from your device, you can still see them in this folder, which will be very useful for you to recover them.

    In case the image you are trying to restore is present in this folder you can recover it in a very simple way. All you have to do is click on it to select it and place a check mark on it and then press the Recover button that you can see in the upper right corner. Moreover, you can perform this recovery procedure also in case of multiple images: select them one by one so that the check mark appears and perform the recovery by pressing the Recover button.

    How to recover photos from iCloud (alternative method)

    Let's say you're trying to recover an iCloud photo, but it wasn't stored directly in the iCloud Photo Library, because it was in a folder you uploaded to iCloud Drive. If you accidentally deleted the folder in question, don't worry: you can recover it and consequently the photos in it.

    To do this you need to go back to the official iCloud website and sign in with your login details. Once you are logged in, click on your name that you can see located in the top right corner and then click on iCloud Settings from the menu that you will see.

    Then click on the Restore Files item that can be found at the bottom left corner. This will open a menu where, in the Restore Files section, you can see the files you deleted from iCloud Drive and you can easily take action to restore them. To do so, all you need to do is to place a check mark in correspondence with the file names and then click on the Restore label that you will see located at the bottom.

    How to recover photos from iCloud on iPhone

    As we have seen together, recovering deleted photos from iCloud is actually very simple, as you just need to act from the web version of the well-known service developed by Apple. There is also an even more immediate and intuitive procedure that allows you to recover photos that have been deleted from your device, acting directly from the Photos app, present by default on your phone.

    If you have deleted photos from your device, the first thing you need to do is open the Photos app from the main screen of your smartphone. Tap on Albums to view all of your photo albums on your device.

    Then, locate the album called Recently Deleted and tap on it. Similar to what I've seen in the previous lines, the Recently Deleted folder is present directly in the iOS Photos app, so you can search this screen for the photos you deleted to perform the restore procedure.

    Again, keep in mind that deleted photos will only be kept in the Recently Deleted folder for a maximum period of 40 days, after which the photos will be completely deleted and you won't be able to restore them.

    Therefore, if you have deleted a photo from your device's memory in a recent period of time, search for the photo in question via the Recently Deleted folder and once you find it, tap on it and, to recover it, tap on the Recover button that you can see located at the bottom right.

    You can also do this procedure to recover multiple images at the same time. To do so, first tap on the Select item in the top-right corner of the Recently Deleted folder , then tap on the individual images you want to restore to place a check mark on them and recover them all at once by tapping on the Recover item in the bottom-right corner.

    How to recover photos from iCloud on iPhone (alternative method)

    An alternative procedure that I want to explain to you concerns the recovery of deleted photos from iCloud, in case they were stored in an iCloud Drive folder.

    The recovery of deleted photos from iCloud Drive can also be done via your Apple smartphone or tablet, using the File application that is present by default on your device.

    If you can't find the Files app on your device's home screen, you may have deleted it by mistake. Don't worry: open the iOSApp Store and use the search engine to find, locate, download and install the Files app again. Once the app is installed, tap on it from the home screen of your device or tap on the Open button that will appear in the iOS App Store.

    From the File app, tap on the Browse item and then tap on the Recently Deleted item. This folder will contain the photos you recently deleted from iCloud Drive. You can then use this folder to restore the images. To do so, tap the Select item and then, after checking the images you want to recover, tap the Recover item.

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    Tap Choose.
    tap the photos or videos, and then tap Retrieve.
    confirm that you want to retrieve the photos or videos.
    26 oct two thousand twenty

    Under "Deleted", tap Choose, mark the photos or videos you need, click Recover, and confirm it.

    Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable > Choose Recover from iOS Device.
    Step two.
    Choose Photos, and click OK.
    Step Three.
    Choose the photos you want, retrieve them to your PC (or device).
    Step two.
    You will see your photos in step > Choose the photos you want > Download them to your PC.

    On iCloud.
    com, tap Photos.
    Tap Choose, then tap a photo or video.
    To choose multiple photos or videos, tap more than one alternative.
    To choose your entire library, tap Choose All.
    tap the More button.
    select Download, then tap Download to confirm.
    6 july two thousand twenty-one

    Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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