Apple support: how it works

How Apple Support Works

Before explaining to you how Apple support works, let me give you some preliminary information that will surely come in handy. First of all you must know that, as happens for the products of other electronics companies, also for the devices produced and marketed by Apple in theXNUMX-XNUMX business days there is a legal guarantee covering 2 years: the first is paid by Apple, while the second is paid by the store where the product was purchased. In the event that the user makes the purchase directly from Apple (therefore going to an Apple Store or from it is the Cupertino giant that covers both years of warranty.

As noted in the Seller's Legal Warranty document on Apple's website, the legal warranty covers only i lack of conformity and not accidental damage. The lack of conformity, therefore, includes those that make a device unsuitable for the usual use that should be made of products of the same type and / or does not conform to the description given by the manufacturer in terms of performance and quality.

This means that if your device has been accidentally damaged, the legal guarantee will not cover the costs associated with its repair. In any case, regardless of the warranty status of the product in question, it is possible to request its repair or replacement paying a sum of money, which varies according to the type and extent of damage and of course also based on the prices indicated in the official Apple price list.

To find out if a product is still covered by the legal guarantee, go to this page and write the serial number of the device of your interest in the appropriate text field. Then, type in the box located at the bottom the security code you see in the image and click on the blue button Continue to continue. In a few seconds you will be able to know if your device is still protected by warranty or not. More info here.

I also point out that Apple allows extend the warranty on their devices by purchasing the package AppleCare + from its website. As you can easily guess, AppleCare + is an insurance package that extends repair rights on hardware problems, includes up to two accidental damage repairs (discounting the repair price), and offers telephone support. For more information on how to extend the Apple warranty and AppleCare + plans, consult the in-depth analysis I dedicated to the subject and go to this page set up on the Apple website.

Contacting Apple Support

You need contact Apple support to receive support regarding a problem you have encountered on one of the devices in your possession? If so, know that there are various contact options available to you.


If you want to contact Apple Support via phone, you have to dial the toll-free number 800 915 904 from your mobile or landline phone and follow the instructions given to you by the voice guide, specifying the name of the product or service for which you are calling and providing all the other information necessary to obtain support.

I remind you that, by calling from the city to the number in question, the call is free. To contact Apple from another country, however, I suggest you use one of the numbers listed on this page. The telephone assistance service is available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:45.

I would also like to tell you that by contacting Apple from the mobile number you have associated with your Apple ID, you will be immediately recognized and you will be able to benefit from a personalized assistance service. In the event that you have recently contacted assistance, the voice guide will remind you of the problem that you had previously raised and will ask you to confirm, verbally, if you are calling back for the same problem or not.

I also remind you that you can also contact Apple by phone at the number 800 554 533, which allows you to obtain assistance on all the products and services of the Californian manufacturer. After starting the call, press 1 to get information regarding the purchase of a product; 2 to receive technical support and information on the warranty and / or on the repair status of the devices; 3 to access information regarding iTunes, iCloud, App Store or gift cards; 4 to receive assistance on recent orders, billing and returns; 5 to receive information about the privacy offered by Apple or # if you know the internal number of your Apple specialist.

Since the key combinations that I have listed above could be changed at any time by Apple, I still invite you to listen carefully to the instructions that will be given to you by the voice guide, so as to avoid problems.


Another way to get assistance from Apple is to contact website of the colossus of Cupertino. To use it, connected on this page, click on the topic corresponding to the product or service for which you need to receive support (eg. Mac, iPhone, Apple ID, etc.), then click on the type of problem you are interested in (eg. Startup or power up, Battery and charge, Apple ID disabled, etc.) and then select the option that specifically corresponds to your problem from the menu that opens (eg. Buttons not working, Lost or forgotten Apple ID password, Etc.).

At this point, you have to choose one of the solutions that are proposed to you by the online assistance. Depending on the type of problem encountered, the option that allows you to may be available chat with an operator, book one call, ask for assistance via e-mail and so on. After choosing the contact option you prefer, all you have to do is explain the problem encountered to the operator who will assist you and follow his instructions to try to solve it.


Apple also offers assistance on Twitter. To take advantage of this option, visit the verified account @AppleSupport and start following it by pressing the button Follow. Then send a direct message to the account in question to ask for assistance with a problem you have encountered. I want to clarify that, at the time of writing, this assistance option is only available in English language and, therefore, the message cannot be written in in your languagen.

Don't have a Twitter account yet? Take a look at my guides in which I explain how to subscribe to Twitter and how Twitter works, so as to create an account on the social network and not miss the opportunity to receive assistance using this channel as well.

Apple support app for iPhone

Even the app Apple support, available for both iPhone that for iPad, allows you to receive assistance from the Cupertino giant. If you have not yet installed it on your device, all you have to do is search for it on App Store (or tap on the link I gave you just now, if you are reading this article from your iPhone or iPad), press the button Get and confirm the download via Face ID, touch ID o Password dell'ID Apple.

After installing and launching the Apple Support app, provide yours in the appropriate text fields Apple ID and the relative Password and then select the product for which you want to receive assistance (eg. iPhone Xs Max). Then scroll through the list of topics available for the product you have selected and tap on the one you are interested in. If you want, you can also use the search function integrated in the app, writing the keywords that identify the problem you want to solve in the Campo di Ricerca placed at the top.

Once you have identified the problem, you can read an article that allows you to solve it yourself or select one of the assistance options from those available (eg. Take it with you for repair, to repair the device in an authorized center; Chat, to chat with an Apple employee; Schedule a call, to set up a call with an Apple employee, and so on).

Apple Store

In case you have not been able to solve the problem through the assistance methods mentioned in the previous lines, you just have to go physically to theApple Store closest to you (or, in any case, at a Apple Authorized Service Center).

To find the Apple Center closest to you, go to this web page. To search for one in another country, open the menu Select your country located at the top right and select the geographical area of ​​your interest.

Once you have located the nearest Apple Store, go there and take the device you want to support with you and give Apple employees a description of your problem.

Apple support: how it works

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