How to contact Poste city

Contact City Post via Twitter

Are you a lover of social networks and are you looking for a way to get in touch with the post office? Then use Twitter! All you have to do is send a tweet to @PosteSpedizioni, the official account of Poste citye, in which you explain what your doubts and / or problems are. In a short time you will receive an answer and depending on the case you may be asked to provide more details and possibly to continue the conversion privately, via DM.

You can write to Poste citye on Twitter at any time but you must take into account that the social care service is not active 24 hours a day. It works from 24:8 to 00:20 and on days from Monday to Saturday ( exclusive holidays). This therefore means that if you send a tweet to Poste citye outside the time slot and the days in question, the message will still be received but to get an answer you will have to wait for established times and days.

Contact the city post office via Facebook

If, on the other hand, you do not have a Twitter account or if you are looking for an equally social alternative to the system to get in touch with the aforementioned city post office, I recommend that you rely on Facebook. More precisely, just visit the official post office fanpage and start a private conversation explaining what your doubts and / or needs are and you will see that in no time you will receive a satisfactory answer.

More precisely, after having gone to the official Facebook page of Poste citye, click on the button to send a message located under the cover image and start your chat conversation explaining what your doubts and / or problems are. In a short time you will receive a reply from the Post Office.

Even in this case, you can write in chat, on Facebook, at any time to Poste citye but considering that the service is active from 8:00 to 20:00 and on the days from Monday to Saturday (exclusive holidays) you will receive an answer only at the times and days indicated.

Contact the city Post Office by e-mail

You prefer to get in touch with the city post via email? This can also be done. To do this, you just need to access the Webmail service you usually use or the specific client installed on your computer or mobile device, start composing a new email message (usually just click on the button depicting a pencil or on the button Write) and enter the address in the field dedicated to the recipient

Now fill in the field for the subject by typing a generic title that allows Poste citye to quickly understand what the subject of your email will be (eg. Shipping problems) and then presented and explain in detail, in the field intended for the insertion of the body of the message, what are your doubts and / or your problems, then presses the button to send the email and that's it.

Even in this case, Poste citye will provide you with an answer as soon as possible, directly to the email address from which you wrote.

Contact the city Post via online form

Another very effective way to get in touch with Poste citye is that which consists in filling in the appropriate form online form available on the official website. Therefore connected to this page, make a slight scroll down and fill out the form that you find under the heading Do you need information? by typing in your name and surname, your date of birth, your municipality of birth and the relative province, your tax code and the subject of the request with the relative text below.

If you need to, you can attach a file by clicking on the arrow button next to the section Do you want to attach a document? and by clicking you can on the button Attach the file.

Then indicate the method of reply you prefer by choosing whether to be contacted by email or by mobile phone, you agree to the information on the use of personal data, type the security code that is proposed to you in the appropriate field and then click on the button Continue bottom right.

Finally, check that the form has been filled in correctly and that all the data entered are correct and confirm your willingness to have everything delivered to Poste citye. Subsequently you will see a warning appear on the screen indicating that everything went the right way (and in case of problems, this will be reported to you, of course).

Contact the city post office by phone

As easily imaginable, you can contact the customer service of the Post Office also via phone. How? I'll explain it to you right away. If you want to call from fixed network, you need to grab your phone, dial the number 803 160 and wait for the call to be initiated. Then listen to the voice guide, follow the instructions and press the button corresponding to what you need help for.

The service is active from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 20:00. The call is free.

If you have to make the call from cellular, you have to grab your smartphone, access the dialer (the numeric keypad) and dial the number 199 100 160. Then press the button to initiate the call (usually the one depicting a green handset). Listen to the instructions of the recorded voice and press the button corresponding to the topic you need assistance with.

The service is active on the same days and times as the one available from the landline but in this case the call is not free. The cost of the call is linked to the operator used and is equal to a maximum of € 0,60 per minute plus € 0,15 per answer.

Do you need specific help regarding a given service offered by Poste citye? Then visit this Internet page, locate the section Do you need specific help?, select the service you need assistance with from the menu I need the assistance of and indicate the reasons from the two drop-down menus to you see appear. Then you will be shown the phone number to call for help in this regard.

Contact the city post office in person

If you think it is more appropriate, you can also go in person at one of the many post offices on the city territory and ask directly there for the information and help you need.

If you do not know where the closest post office to your area is, connected to this specific web page, type in the search field that you find in correspondence with the wording Search the name of your city, your country or your zip code, select the relevant suggestion from those that are shown automatically and then if the page with the information relating to the chosen area does not open by itself, click on the button with the magnifying glass.

Once this is done, you will be shown a map showing all the post offices in the area. Select the placeholder of the one you are interested in to find out the address, telephone and fax number and services offered. Then click on the tab Opening Hours to know the days and times of opening and closing and on that Average turnout to receive details about the turnout and avoid excessive queues.

If you see fit, you can also filter your search for postal officers via the appropriate menus on the left. You can choose to view only those open at a certain time, those that fall within a certain distance, and those offering specific services.

By scrolling the web page towards the passage you can view all post offices in the form of a list, rather than on a map. By clicking on Details and timetables that you find in correspondence of each one you can receive further information, while clicking on the button See more (if available) located below you can view additional post offices.

Other solutions

To conclude, I suggest you always take a look at the page of the FAQ's attached to the Internet site of the Post Office. You can consult the topics in evidence by clicking on them or you can carry out a targeted search by typing the reference keywords in the appropriate field in the center of the screen. Maybe the answers you need are already written online and you do not need to contact customer service or in any case you could try to do some research while waiting to receive a reply from Poste citye. As they say, trying doesn't hurt.

You are a Poste citye customer belonging to the bracket business? In this case, you can contact the dedicated contact channels that you can find out through the appropriate web page accessible by clicking here. You need product assistance Vita Post? Then the Internet page you need to refer to is this. While in the case of products Assicura Post you have to click here.

How to contact Poste citye

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