How to contact Aruba

How Contact Aruba by phone

THEhelpline is among the first solutions you can consider for contact Aruba. This option is available both for customers wishing to obtain assistance on the services offered by the famous city company and for those who need commercial information. The telephone number to call varies according to the service or product purchased: any number indicated in the following paragraphs is active 24 hours a day and 24 days a week.

Electronic invoice

Be your intention è Aruba contact for electronic invoicing, to get commercial information, purchase the service or receive assistance, you must call the dedicated number: 02.50041300.1 to get commercial information, otherwise press the button 2 to request assistance.

Regardless of your choice, wait on the line and as soon as an operator is available, they will answer your call.

PEC and certified services

To request assistance on the services of PEC (Certified Electronic Mail), you can call the dedicated number: 02.50041309. After starting the call and listening to the welcome message, then press the key 1 for commercial information or button 2 to get assistance, then wait for the answer from an operator, to whom you can ask all your questions.

Alternatively, you can also call the number 0575.0504, also dedicated to assistance for all certified services, as SPID credentials and time stamps. So pick up your phone, dial the number I have just given you and start the call.

After listening to the welcome message and the privacy policy message, press the key 11 It was decided to provide assistance to the PEC, 2 but I will access the section related to the digital signature, 3 for assistance on electronic storage 4 for questions, information and assistance on SPID.

Hosting and domains

Your domain, hosting, backup services, database and optional services, will be provided to you as Office 365, part of Aruba, you will have your phone number, you will compile the number 0575.0505 e avvia la chiamata, premendo sull'apposito pulsating.

Dopo aver ascoltato il messaggio di benvenuto e l'informativa sulla privacy, premi il key 1 to get support in English, the key 2 to retrieve the authentication codes to the customer area and the key 3 to obtain technical and administrative assistance on the services purchased.

If, on the other hand, you are not yet an Aruba client and you would like to obtain commercial information, you can call the número 0575.05077 and press the button 2 but I will access the section dedicated to hosting, domains and related services.

Solution cloud

The number to call for assistance regarding Aruba Cloud is 0575.0508. So, take your phone, dial the number I have just given you and start the call.

After hearing the welcome message, press the key 1 to obtain assistance in English, 2 for obtaining assistence amministrativa or modifies data, 3 for technical assistance your Cloud Smart, Cloud Pro e servizi annessi, 4 for technical assistance on Private Cloud e 5 to obtain information following the request for a personalized intervention.

In this case, it was decided to obtain commercial information or support from an operator In the flesh during the phase of acquiring a service in Aruba, you can call number 0575.05077 And, successively, I will access the section dedicated to the cloud service, premendo il key 5.

Data center solutions

For assistance in following the acquisition of a dedicated server, it is necessary to call the number 0575.0501 for customers who have activated plans Base, Standard e Professional while for those who have relied on the solution Managed the number for obtaining assistence è 0575.050080.

Also in this case, all you have to do is dial the number dedicated to the service of your interest and, after listening to the welcome message and the privacy policy, press the combination of keys suggested by the guide voice corresponding to your needs.

For commercial information and for the service or product of Aruba, you can call number 0575.05077 and press the button 5 but I will access the section dedicated to the cloud service and the server dedication.

Contact Aruba chat processes

If, in fact, there is no PEC index and you will receive commercial information, then you will send an email to Aruba to process the contact form present on the Commercial Information page on the Internet site.

Then enter your data in the fields First name & Last name, Phone Number ed Email and specify the service you are interested in (PEC and certified services, Hosting and domains, Database, Dedicated servers, Services e Cloud) process the menu to tendin Select the service, after saying insert the title of your request in the field, Subject type your message in the ready field and click on the button Select file to attach any files.

Finally, put the mark next to the items Agree and I confer to accept the treatment of your personal data and to declare to be of age and click on the pulsado .Send inquiry for contact Aruba processes email.

the message Your request has been successfully forwarded to support with ID number [number] you will confer the sending of your message. As soon as a consumer of Aruba will start taking care of your request, his answer will be sent to the email address you previously indicated.

Alternatively, if you intend to provide assistance with a service or product that you have purchased, you will be happy to receive a ticket for your personal area. In such a case, Go to the Support section of the Aruba website, select the option Assistance request and accessed your account by entering your login details in the Username and Password fields.

In the new page that opens, click on your button New request, make sure that the data shown in the fields Email e Phone Number siano corretti e seleciona il servizio per il quale stai richiedendo assistenza process il menu a tendina Select the service.

Then enter the title of your request in the field Subjectspecifies the problematic riscontrata in the field Messageclick on your button Select file to upload any files, and press the button Send inquiry to send your message.

Per visualizzare tutte le tue richieste d'assistenza, it selects the scheda again Assistance request And the page verso il basso fina is to be identified by the box with the storico di tutte le tue richieste. Clicca, quindi, sulthe icon of freccia rivolta verse destra Relating to the practice of your interest, in a visualized manner and with the risposte fornite dall'assistenza Aruba (che ti saranno notificate anche tramite email).

Ti sarà utile know che puoi contattare Aruba processes email anche per suggerimenti o reclamami. In this case, dopo esserti collegato alla page Assistenza di Aruba e aver effettuato l'accesso al tuo account, select the scheda di tuo interesse tra Suggestions e Complaints, insertion and date richiesti nei campi Email, Service, Subject e Message and click on the button Send Message, per spedire l'email.

Contact Aruba processes chat

You prefer contattare Aruba processes chat? In such a case, devi know che tale servizio, at the moment in cui scrivo questa guida, è available only per alcuni prodotti e servizi.

Your intention is to provide information on your hosting, services and services, on the main page of Aruba, click on your voice Products and servicesand choose the option Hosting and domains give the menu to compare.  In the new page, click on your button New request, make sure that the data shown in the fields Email and Phone Number are correct and select the service for which you are requesting assistance process the drop-down menu Select the service.Then enter your message in the Write here to start the chat field and click on the paper airplane icon to send the message and start the chat.

I will, in fact, chat with an Aruba operator and obtain information on the Aruba Cloud service, I will visit the website of the last question and click on my voice Live chat Present at the bottom of the page. Indicate, so, the reason why you are starting the chat Briefly scan the reason for this chat and click on the button Start the chat.

Now, insert your message in the field Enter your message hereclick on your button Send Message and Wait for a reply from an Aruba employee. To conclude the chat, instead, premium pulsating Fine chat And that's it.

Will you chat with an Aruba client for other information about your server dedication? In this case, go to the main page of Aruba, click on the voice Products and services and choose the option Data center solutions, then click on the entry Live chat  in the bottom right corner (or scroll down the page and click on Need help? and Enter chat with an operator) and the first Continue button to start the chat.

Contact Aruba processes Facebook

The solution for Aruba has been made available to you in advance by contacting you directly with your client service. Facebook.

If you think this is the most suitable solution for your needs, start the app of the famous social network, log in to your account (if you haven't already done so), write Aruba in the field Search at the top and press on the item Search. After see individual the Aruba Facebook page In the search results, tap on it and press the pulsado Send a message to open Messenger.

Now, choose the option of your interest between Can I chat with someone and I have a question. Can you help me? and premium its pulsating .Ask to start the chat, otherwise enter yours message in the text field below and tap the button Submit to ship it.

If you prefer, you will come from the computer, go to the Facebook page ufficiale di Aruba, click on the button Send a message, Choose the option that interests you from I can chat with someone and I have a question.I have a question.Can you help me? or, simply, I inserted it directly into the field Type a message and press the button Submit keypad to send the message.

How to contact Aruba

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