How to get Amazon Prime for free without a credit card

Methods to get Amazon Prime for free

If you are interested in having Amazon Prime for free, you can take several paths: if you do not yet have an Amazon account or, again, you have a profile but have never activated Prime before, you can use the 30-day free trial period, during which to take advantage of all the benefits of the service (including Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Reading and Prime Gaming). If you are a college student also, as mentioned above, you have a chance to get well 90 days Amazon Prime free, through the program Amazon Prime Student.

If you've already used Prime's initial trial period, you can try to get a Amazon Prime promo code in the form of a welcome gift or digital reward from an outside company. For example, from time to time, some cittàn telephone companies promote offers dedicated to new customers with Prime included or even to existing customers, through special loyalty programs.

At the time of writing this guide, it is WINDTRE to offer the possibility of obtaining one year of Amazon Prime for free, by activating its offer Super Fiber, which allows you to activate an unlimited fiber optic or ADSL Internet connection (based on coverage, with a maximum speed of 1 Gigabit download and 20 Mega download respectively) and unlimited calls to all fixed and mobile numbers national + various ancillary services, such as the proprietary Wi-Fi modem, the ability to receive 100 GB of data traffic on the WINDTRE family SIM cards already active and to receive Amazon Prime for free for one year.

Therefore, if you intend to change telephone operator and take advantage of it to take advantage of Prime benefits for free, you can take a look at the offer mentioned above or, alternatively, check the availability of other rates that include this service. In this regard, I refer you to reading my guides dedicated to fixed and mobile phone offers.

Get Amazon Prime for free without a credit card

Whether you are eligible for the Prime trial offered by Amazon or have received a promotional code, you can take advantage of the service at no cost for the period provided by the current promo. However, to activate Amazon Prime it is absolutely essential that theAmazon account in question is associated with a valid payment method.

However, this does not mean that it is not possible have Amazon Prime for free without a credit card, rather! If you do not intend to associate your credit / debit card with e-commerce (or you simply do not have one), you can use various alternative solutions, such as a rechargeable prepaid card: in this way, you will be able to decide exactly how much money to dedicate to online purchases, making “manual” top-ups, based on the expenses to be faced.

Prepaid cards have extremely low operating costs and are available in both physical and virtual formats and there are so many to choose from.

For example, there is HYPE, an electronic money account with zero fixed expenses and integrated MasterCard card, both physical and virtual.

More information about HYPE More information about HYPE Next More information about HYPE Premium

Alternatively, I'll point out N26, account with MasterCard card (free or at a cost of € 10 one-off, depending on the account chosen) that can be used all over the world without increases caused by fluctuations in exchange rates.

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Another solution of this type is then Revolut, a Smart online account that allows you to receive a virtual prepaid card from the MasterCard circuit.

Learn more about Revolut

Alternatively, if you can't use a prepaid card (I remind you that those ATM are not supported by Amazon), you will be pleased to know that Amazon also allows you to pay via direct debit on current account: to take advantage of this possibility, just provide, when choosing the payment method, the BIC / Swift of the bank where the account is domiciled, theIBAN associated with the same and the name of the holder (which must match the name of the Amazon account holder).

Activate the Amazon Prime free trial

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​how to get free Amazon Prime without a credit card, let's see how to activate the free trial of the service, using one of the payment methods mentioned above or redeeming a promotional code obtained from an external company. You will find everything explained in detail below.

From computer

To activate Prime for free without a credit card from computer, start the browser you generally use to surf the Net (eg. Chrome) and go to the Amazon main page, then log in to your account (if necessary), placing the mouse pointer on the item Account e list located at the top right, by clicking on the button Log in and entering your login details (email address or telephone number and password) in the appropriate fields. If you have activated thetwo-factor authentication, also enter the required code.

If you don't have an Amazon account yet, click on the link New client? Start here present in the menu that opens, enter the required data (name, email address and password) in the fields attached to the next screen and click on the button Create your Amazon account. If necessary, to activate the new profile, enter the code of confirmation that was sent to you via email, in the appropriate field.

Once logged into your account, you can proceed with the activation of the free month of Amazon Prime. To do this, place the mouse cursor on the item Sign up for Prime located at the top right and click on the button Sign up, it's free for 30 days give the menu that you come purpose.

At this point, click on the button Sign up and use it for free for 30 days that you find in the new screen proposed and you should be taken back to the page relating to the entry of a valid payment method: if you prefer to use, instead of a credit card, a prepaid card belonging to one of the supported circuits (VISA, MasterCard o Maestro), enter the data in the fields Name on the Card e card number, specify the Expiration date using the appropriate menus and, when done, click the button Add your card.

Finally, fill in the next screen indicating the data of billing / delivery, award-winning Use this address to save the information entered and, to activate the free month of Amazon Prime, click on the item Sign up now, month for free.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use thedirect debit on current account, locate the item New: add a checking account, click on the link Add a checking account present a little further down, enter the BIC (Swift) of the bank where the account is domiciled, its code IBAN and name associated with it, then click the button Add a checking account and fill out the billing and payment information, as I showed you earlier.

If you are a university student and want to take advantage of the trial period of Prime Student, instead connected to the section of the Amazon site dedicated to the initiative, select the item Sign up - 90 days at no additional cost, award-winning Sign up - 90 days at no additional cost on the new page displayed and log in with the Amazon account you created earlier.

Next, specify theuniversity email address in the appropriate field, indicate theyear of completion of studies (the one in which you plan to graduate) in the appropriate drop-down menu and, if applicable, enter i Payment details following the same modalities seen above. To activate the free trial of Prime Student, then press the button Sign up - 90 days at no additional cost.

To learn more about the procedure dedicated to activating the Amazon Prime free trial period, I refer you to reading the in-depth guide that I have dedicated to the topic.

Give smartphone and tablet

You do not have a computer at hand and would therefore like to understand how to activate Amazon Prime for free without a credit card by acting from smartphones and tablets? I'll settle you immediately. To begin with, take your device, unlock it, access the home screen and select theamazon app icon.

If you have not yet installed the Amazon application on your device, download it first. To do this, if you are using Android, visit the relative section of the Play Store and award your bottone Install (if you use a device without the Play Store, you can instead turn to alternative stores). If you are using iOS / iPadOS, invece, accessed the relative sezione dell'App Store, premi sul bottone Get, by your complaint Install and authorize the download by Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple. In segito, avvia l'app, premendo sul bottone apri appeared on the display.

Once the main screen of the application is displayed, if you already have an Amazon account, log in to the latter (if necessary), choosing the option Sign-in, typing your e-mail address in the appropriate field, pressing the button Continue, by entering your password in the new field displayed and tapping the button Log in. If you have enabled thetwo-factor authentication, also enter the required code.

If you don't have an Amazon account yet, put the check mark next to the box Create an account, to start creating a new user profile. Then, enter your name, email address and password to use to access the service, tap the button Continue and verify the data entered by typing the code of confirmation received by email in the appropriate field.

When you are logged in, tap the button with the lines horizontally, select the voice My Account in the menu that opens, then that Prime Membership, choose the wording relating to Amazon Prime and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the registration, which are practically similar to those for computers that I described to you in the previous step.

As an alternative to how I just explained to you or if a warning appears indicating the fact that it is not possible to subscribe to Amazon Prime from a smartphone, you can act as browser, by connecting to the Amazon site through the app to browse online that you usually use from mobile and following the same steps that I have already shown you.

Redeem a promotional code for Amazon Prime

redeem a promotional code for Amazon Prime, you must necessarily have an Amazon account. If you don't have it, create it by following the instructions I gave you in the previous steps of this guide, in which I explained how to proceed from a computer and smartphone and tablet, or follow the steps I indicated in my in-depth analysis. specific.

To activate the code received, you can follow two different ways: if the company that provided you with free Amazon Prime in promotion has sent you an email (or an SMS) containing a link, visit the latter and, when prompted, log in to your Amazon account to complete the process.

If, on the other hand, you have been sent only the letters that make up the coupon, connected to the appropriate page of the Amazon site, enter the promotional code in the text field provided, press the button Redimi and, if requested, log in to your account, to complete everything.

Deactivate Amazon Prime

If, after the promotional period, you do not intend to renew your Amazon Prime subscription, you must remember to unsubscribe from the service us at least one day in advance with respect to its natural expiration. Unlike what happened in the past, following the deactivation of Amazon Prime, all the benefits associated with the service will be immediately interrupted (and not maintained until the expiration date): therefore, make sure to do this in the right time, to avoid wasting precious days in promotion.

deactivate Amazon Prime from a computer, connected to the Amazon website, log in with your account (if necessary), click on the item Hi, [your name] Accounts and Lists and click on the box dedicated to Premium, which resides on the next screen. At this point, click on the item Update, delete and more attached to the box Manage Subscription which is located at the top and, if you only want to receive a reminder 3 days before the natural expiration of the service, put the check mark in the dedicated box. Instead, if you want to terminate the registration, click on the appropriate button, then on the button End your subscription and confirms the will to proceed, responding in the affirmative to the subsequent notice.

disable Amazon Prime from smartphones and tabletsinstead, start theAmazon app for Android or iOS / iPadOS, tap the button with the lines horizontally, then on the wording My Account and on that Prime Membership, then expand the section Manage subscription located at the top, tap on the link Update, delete and more placed in correspondence with the wording Manage Subscription and, if you want to receive a reminder before the deadline, check the box next to the wording Remember me before renewal. To cancel the subscription, however, click on the button End your subscription and confirm your intentions.

How to get Amazon Prime for free without a credit card

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