How to contact Infinity +

How to contact Infinity + via chat

The simplest and most immediate solution for contact Infinity + is to use the service of chat, which allows you to speak to a live operator. However, this option can only be used via the app Mediaset Infinity for Android and iOS / iPadOS and can be used to get more information on how to solve the problems encountered on the Mediaset video streaming service.

If you think this is the best solution for your needs, launch the app on your device and log in to your account. Now, press onyour profile icon and, in the menu that is shown to you, click on the item Support. Then press on the item Chat.

Once this is done, enter the subject of your request in the field write a message and premium key Submit of the keyboard, to send the message in the chat, and wait for an operator to contact you directly.

How to contact Infinity + by email

Contact Infinity by email is another valid solution to get in touch with the staff of the famous video streaming service, both for requests relating to your account and to obtain general information about the service and the available contents.

In this case, you can proceed either from a computer or from a smartphone and tablet, by sending a ticket to the dedicated support service. Therefore, if you prefer to act as a PC, connected to the official Infinity + website, click on the option Help visible at the bottom of the page and, in the new screen displayed, try typing the problem you encountered, to see if you find information on how to solve the problem you encountered. If not, press the button Leave a message.

At this point, check the correctness of your data, in correspondence with the sections Your name e Email address. Then use the Select topic drop-down menu to specify the problem you encountered (for example Registration, Account deletion, Automatic Renewal) and in the text field How can we help, write the text of the message.

Finally, click on the button Send, to send your message. Infinity + staff will send you an answer as soon as possible, by contacting you at the email address provided above.

To send an email to the technical support of Infinity + from a smartphone / tablet, on the other hand, start the app Mediaset Play Infinity, tap on your profile icon and then on the items Support> Open a ticket. Then select the topic related to the problem encountered and use the text field write a message to type in the information you need. Finally, click on the button Send, to send the message.

How to contact Infinity + by telephone

How did you say? Vorresti contact Infinity + by phone to speak to a live operator? If so, I am sorry to tell you that this is not possible. However, you will be pleased to know that there is a number to contact Infinity via WhatsApp, the famous messaging application. The service is available every day from 10.00 to 24.00.

For assistance and contact Infinity + via WhatsApp, start the app in question, access the section Chat, press the icon to start one new chat and select the option New contact, to add Infinity + to your contact list.

Once this is done, select the contact you just added, type your message and the email address associated with your Infinity account in the text field below and press the icon of thepaper airplane, to send your request for assistance. In this regard, my guide on how to send WhatsApp messages may be useful.

How to contact Infinity via Facebook

Among the solutions you can consider to get in touch with an Infinity + operator there are also i social networks. In fact, the famous video streaming service owned by Mediaset has a Facebook page to which it is possible to send a message.

To contact Infinity + via Facebook, start the app of the famous social network for Android and iPhone / iPad devices and go to the official page of the service (looking for it, if necessary, using the search bar located at the top).

Once this is done, click on the icon speech bubble, to chat via Messenger, the Facebook application to send messages, enter yours message in the text field located at the bottom and press the button Submit keyboard, to send it.

From a computer, on the other hand, connected to the official Infinity page, click on the button Message and enter your request in the text field in the window that has opened at the bottom right. Then press onpaper airplane icon (or the key Submit keypad), to send your message, and that's it.

How to contact Infinity +

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