Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen When we spend a lot of time on the computer, a good way to regain concentration can be the appearance of a beautiful image or a photograph taken on vacation, useful to raise morale and awaken the senses.
Generally changing the desktop background is not something that is done so often in the workplace because it is a frivolity not too professional and at home because you could not share the pleasure of a beautiful background.
The fact remains that, for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, it is advisable to find distractions to make work less boring.
Among the many customizations that can be done on the desktop and seen on this blog, a very important part is the choice of background or wallpaper to see on the PC screen.
In another article we had seen the best sites to find the most beautiful images to put as a background, on this page instead we list some tools that do turn and rotate these images, periodically, at defined time intervals so you can always see a different one every day.

Di programs to automatically change the desktop background on your PC there are so many and it is difficult to find one that is better than another. My choice goes to 5 small tools because they are 100% free and because they are light, that is, they take up little memory and do not slow down the computer.

I already know that for some, this fact of taking up RAM for a program that rotates background images, is an avoidable annoyance however I believe that modern personal computers and laptops are really oversized in terms of performance capacity so even wasting a couple of Megabytes of memory I don't think that's a problem.

Programs for changing desktop wallpaper

1) Awesome Wallpaper
The first program to use to change your PC wallpaper automatically and set up a gallery or collection of wallpapers to switch continuously is Awesome Wallpaper, free and very configurable. You can choose a folder with the images you want to use and the program automatically changes the background from time to time, as if it were a presentation. You can customize the interval between images and the time an image is displayed.
This program also allows you to set a video as your desktop wallpaper and display hardware information in the background.

2) John's Background Switcher

John's Background Switcher it is truly a well done and feature rich program. When rotating the backgrounds you can decide if take pictures from your computer or from the internet by giving the addresses of your profile on various photography social networks.
Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

In addition to being able to use the photos on Flickr and Picasaweb, also manages to use photographs of Facebook, not only those uploaded to your profile but even those of friends. Among other things, it also supports multiple monitors, allows you to choose the time interval to change, to set filters on the "tags" (if you use photos taken from the internet) and then also to choose which images to see giving preferences that prevent the program from picking random images. The program is available for both Windows and Mac.

3) Press

Press is a program that changes wallpaper automatically after a certain period of time. The configuration window is minimal, you can just enter a word in English that will be the theme of the chosen images.
Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

The wallpapers come from the Rewalls site and are of great quality.

4) Bing Desktop

Bing Desktop is Microsoft's official program to change Windows wallpaper every day with images from the site.
Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

These features work seamlessly across all versions of Windows that are still supported. 

5) WPTimer

WPTimer it's a portable program which should not be installed and which perhaps will please those who do not intend to "dirty" the computer with unnecessary programs.
Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

WPTimer is really a small tool that does its job by taking the files in the image folder as backgrounds and automatically rotating them as desktop backgrounds. It does it all by itself and to add new photos, just copy them or save them in the images folder, the default one which is usually inside the documents.

6) MuralPix

MuralPix is a program that does some more changes to the desktop because, in addition to rotating the backgrounds and changing them automatically at defined time intervals, it puts icons around the image which therefore will not be full screen.
Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

In addition to this, it also adds a calendar overlay on the monitor and allows you to change the wallpaper manually by pressing a button.

7) DeskSlide

DeskSlide is another program to rotate desktop background images and automatically change wallpaper.
Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

Small and light, it is noted not to be felt on the computer's memory consumption.

8) ZapBing

ZapBing it is a program different from the others because it puts the images and photos used by the Bing search engine that change every day and are really beautiful to look at.
Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

Once installed it will place itself in the system tray at the bottom right and automatically change the wallpapers based on the images transmitted by the Bing search engine.

9) Photostand

Photostand it is similar to the previous software and allows you to change the desktop background automatically, at a set time or frequency and choosing the images to be displayed from a chosen folder on the computer.
Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

If we want to transmit the photos of the holidays or all our shots taken, we can configure this program to rotate the images among those selected. 

10 ) Wally

Wally is a wonderful software for Windows, which changes the desktop background every day by taking a picture from the best wallpaper sites, such as Bing, Picasa, Buzznet, Photobucket, deviantART and others.
Automatically change the desktop wallpaper on your pc screen

Just enter a word such as "planes" or "Race cars" to see different images on your desktop every time. In the settings you can also decide whether to keep the photos used by Wally or to delete them from the cache.


Finally I remember that it is possible to useAnimated moving wallpapers for the Windows desktop.
For those who want to animate the desktop, I always remember the article on hypnotic and moving wallpapers.
I am sure there are many others, only that looking for them on the internet, I realized that, when it comes to desktop backgrounds it is like talking about emoticons for messenger and you come across a lot of deceptive websites, with programs passed off as free but full of advertising. and with many others for a fee. Personally, we recommend that you try ZapBing and Wally right away to immediately have some very nice automatic wallpapers to look at.

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