How to use PEC


What is the PEC

How to use PEC

La certified mail, more commonly called PEC, is a tool that allows you to send and receive emails having a legal value equal to that of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, as long as they are received from another certified email address. This is possible because, unlike a traditional email service, the PEC is equipped with a control system that certifies the authenticity of a message and its receipt and delivery to the recipient.

The PEC can be used by private citizens, companies and public administration bodies to exchange communications and documents, having the certainty ofsuccessful delivery of the same, as well as ofidentity of sender and recipient.

While for private individuals, the activation of a PEC is optional, for all companies (including sole proprietorships) it is mandatory to have a certified e-mail address. This means that all companies must have a PEC address and must also communicate this to the Register of Companies.

Both private citizens and companies can contact various companies to activate a certified e-mail address: the PEC is not free but it is possible to buy one at low prices. In any case, it should be noted that the costs to obtain it vary according to the size of the box and the services related to it.

How to obtain the PEC

How to use PEC
If you do not yet have a PEC, you must know that, to obtain it, you must first choose a subscription plan among those made available by one of the many companies that offer the service. In this regard, you can read my guide on the best PEC offers, to get an idea on the packages offered by companies like City post office e Aruba.

Then you must register for an account by acting directly on the website of the company of your choice and make the purchase of the PEC account, using the indicated payment method, such as the credit card or Bank transfer.

To continue, you usually have to send the required documentation via email or via the company's web panel: usually just send a copy of your identity card and wait for the PEC box to be activated at the same time.

How the PEC works

How to use PEC

If you wonder how the PEC works first of all you must know that, when an email is sent via PEC, it undergoes an automatic and immediate process that is similar to that of a registered letter with return receipt: at the time of shipment, in fact, the email sent via PEC is taken in charged by the operator (i.e. by the company that provided the service) who verifies compliance with the standards.

If successful, the manager applies an electronic signature to the email that certifies the origin and inalterability of the message and its content. The sender then receives a Receipt of acceptance and this means that the email has been accepted, and is therefore being sent.

At this point, if the message is sent to another certified email, the manager of the latter checks the validity of the signature and, again in the event of a positive outcome, the message is received.

At the same time, the sender receives a Receipt of delivery which certifies that the message has reached its destination, also showing data relating to the time, date and content of the message. But be careful: as happens for sending a registered letter with return receipt, the Receipt of delivery it does not testify to the reading of the emails by the recipient, but only the arrival at the destination.

Have you activated a PEC and now you are wondering how to use it? In this case, the first thing you need to know is that, just like most traditional email services, certified email addresses can be used directly from the browser, through the appropriate web panel, or in the most popular email clients. famous, like Outlook e Thunderbird, configuring them through the parameters POP3 o IMAP. To use a PEC, in fact, you do not need to install any particular program or use keys or smart card readers.

How to use the PEC Aruba

How to use PEC

As an example, in the course of this chapter, I'll explain how to use the PEC Aruba, certified e-mail service I have.

If you have purchased and activated an Aruba PEC, you can first choose whether to use it from a computer, through the appropriate Web panel accessible from the browser, or whether to configure the account within an e-mail client, using its POP3 and / or IMAP.

Also, to use the PEC Aruba on smartphones and tablets, you can download the free app Aruba PEC for Android and iOS. In the following lines I will explain how to use it from computers and mobile devices.

Web Panel

How to use PEC

If you want to use the PEC Aruba through the appropriate web panel, the first thing you need to do is log in to the service to start using it: enter your login credentials in the text fields Email e Password and press pulsating Log in.

Once logged in, you may notice that the main screen is divided into tabs (Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Search e options) which are used for quick access to the respective functions, similar to a traditional Webmail service.

The section Messages, is the main one and shows the list of all email conversations. Furthermore, as in any other e-mail service, messages are divided into folders, such as those dedicated to incoming mail, To mail sent,  basket and at drafts.

To send a new message, click on the entry New message, in order to display, on the right side of the screen, the email composer tool.

As you can see, the text field From: is the one relating to the sender and, usually, it is already pre-filled with your PEC address and its header (it is possible to change it in the section General parameters present in the menu options).

To enter the recipient's PEC address, instead, refer to the text field A: o DC:, if you want to add a recipient in carbon copy. It is not possible to send a message to via a PEC address blind carbon copy (Ccn).

After typing theobject message, please refer to the buttons High priority e confidential, to activate the latter optional options concerning the priority of sending emails from the server.
How to use PEC

Then type the message text in the field inside the tabs HTML text o Plain text, depending on the formatting you prefer to set. Other formatting options are the keys BI e U which allow, respectively, to write in Bolditalic e stressed. Through the drop-down menus Character e Dimensioninstead, you can customize these last parameters.

To attach a document, click onpaperclip icon located at the top, in order to import the file from your computer. The button Saveinstead, it is used to save in the folder Draft the email. When you are ready to send the email simply press the button Send. Also, if you have any doubts or problems, please refer to my guide on how to send a PEC with Aruba.

Aruba PEC Mobile (Android / iOS)

If you want to use the Aruba PEC Mobile on smartphones and tablets via the app for Android and iOS, the first thing you need to do is install it on your device.
Su Android, award-winning Install located at the app tab on the Play Store. On iOSinstead, after identifying the app in theApp Storepiggy back his Get and install the app via Face ID, Touch ID or type in your iCloud account password.

On both operating systems, to launch the app, press apri, or tap on its icon added to the home screen and / or drawer. When the application is started, log in by entering e-mail e Password in the respective text fields and tap the button Login.

How to use PEC

The main screen of the app Aruba PEC is the section of the Incoming mail. However, if you want to manage the emails received and sent and also see the other folders, such as the drafts and basket, press the ☰ icon located at the top left.

To send an email, first press onpencil icon bottom right (up Android) or the paper sheet symbol top right (up iOS) and then use the text fields A:C: e object, to enter, respectively, the recipient's email (and possibly the one to be included in carbon copy) and the subject of the message.

If you want to send attachments, instead, click onpaperclip icon and, after typing the message text in the appropriate box, presses onarrow icon located at the top right, to send the email.

How to use PEC
In case you have any doubts regarding the use of the Aruba PEC on smartphones and tablets, consult my specific guide on how the service works.

How to use the PEC with normal mail

How to use PEC

Some PEC services allow you to set a notification on a traditional mailbox that notifies you of the receipt of a PEC email. In other cases there is the possibility to redirect the PEC messages received inside a standard mailbox.

With the PEC Aruba, for example, these operations can be performed in the panel Box Management, by accessing the login area with your credentials. To activate a notification, tap on the item Email notification and indicate the standard email address in the box Send a notification to non-certified addresses. To confirm, click on Confirmation.

To redirect the PEC messages received, instead, select the item Message rules and press pulsating Set rules. In the new screen that is shown to you, press the button New rule and, in the form on the screen, type the name you want to give to the rule using the box Rule name.

Now, in the drop down menu Select, scegli l'opzione All messages. Then activate the box Forward to address and type the email address on which you want to receive a copy of the message. Then check the box Active and then press the button Add rule, to confirm the operation.

If this option interests you, check that the functionality is present before purchasing a PEC email and activate this possibility within the settings of the certified email service, following the instructions provided by your manager.

How to use PEC for electronic invoice

How to use PEC

Some PEC managers, such as Aruba, allow companies to communicate to Chambers of Commerce your PEC address, using the system Infocamere.

After registering your PEC account, you can use it to send the electronic invoice, provided that the precise sending rules indicated on the official website of the same are followed.

For more information on this, I suggest you also read my guide on how Aruba electronic invoicing works and that of InfoCert, called Legalinvoice.

How to use PEC

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