App to see what's on TV tonight, today, tomorrow (Android - iPhone - Windows)

Several years ago, to find out what was on TV in the evening, one would consult the newspaper or magazine with the TV guide. In the following years we were able to use Teletext directly using the control of the TV, internet from the computer and the EPG guide included in every modern TV (usually by pressing the Guide button) which lists the channels and the program broadcast in real time. Today, the best way to find out what's on TV tonight or to get the program guide with the complete schedule there are the phone app, very practical, fast and updated in real time.
Below then we see the best TV guide apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, among the many that you can find and try in their respective stores.

TV program guide app for Andoid

1) Tonight on TV is an app that shows what's on television at all times, in the following hours and in the next few days, on the main TV channels Rai, Mediaset, La7 and also some pay channels (except Sky which only wants to use their app ). Very convenient are the selections to know what's on TV tonight and which channels are broadcasting movies.

2) TV Guide is an app that shows the programs of the evening and of the day, with a figure, the name and a description, on the cittàn digital terrestrial and satellite TV channels. The application has beautiful graphics and is very complete and quick to use.

3) FREE TV Guide is another very popular app on Android to know what they are doing on television at any time and on any free-to-air channel.
Here too there are selections to know what movies are out and what they do tonight, with a timeline view to know the start and end times of each program.

4) Super TV Guide it integrates, in addition to the complete schedule of cittàn TV, also news on the films broadcast and programs.
This app also includes the TV guide for Sky and Mediaset Premium channels.

5) Today on television is a newer app that seemed to me to be among the fastest at loading TV shows on air, with the ability to instantly know what's on tonight.

6) Free TV Plus Program Guide is a complete app, with a timeline that tells us what's on TV now and after on each TV channel, with the ability to tap on them to see more information about it.

TV Program Guide App for iPhone

1) TV Guide shows the schedules of digital terrestrial TV channels for an entire week, with the possibility of downloading the TV guide to consult it even offline.
The app allows you to organize your favorite channels in order to see them faster and also allows you to search if they do a certain type of broadcast or movie in any of the channels.
There are reminders to receive notifications when a movie or broadcast is scheduled that you don't want to miss.

2) The TV Guide is the essential, minimal app, with a concentrated and good schedule list to get a glimpse of what they are doing tonight or today.
In this app there are guides, as well as of the Rai, Mediaset, LA7 channels, also of Mediaset Premium and Sky. Here, too, you can search for a TV program to find where they do it, there are tabs for movies and series and there is also the reminder function with integration into the iPhone calendar.

3) Super TV Guide is an excellent application for iPhone and iPad to know what they are doing on TV tonight, today, tomorrow and every day of the week, with the possibility of consulting the data even offline without internet connection. There are sections to see what's on before and after and also to add a reminder not to miss your favorite show or movie.

4) Tivu the guide it is the same app already described for Android, with a very clear weekly guide to TV programs relating to digital and satellite channels.

TV Guide app for Windows

1) Today on television is a complete app with all 300 digital terrestrial channels, Mediaset Premium and Sky, which downloads the schedules of the week so that they can be consulted even without an internet connection. For movies there are also trailers and tabs, then there are separate sections to find out what's on TV tonight.

2) TV Guide it has a more minimal graphics, with a white background, very clear and perfect for an overview. There are the Mediaset Premium and Sky channels, in addition of course to the free-to-air ones, you can see what is on the air right now, what they are doing tonight, which films and programs.

App to see what's on TV tonight, today, tomorrow (Android - iPhone - Windows)

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