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How to recover files and data from PC with any operating system

Whether you are running on a PC with an operating system Windows oppure its a Mac from the very famous Apple, below you will find the recovery modes for files, folders or any other document magically disappeared.

Read all our data recovery tutorials and information on Windows and Mac:

  • Forgot password Windows 10
  • How to recover Windows 10 product key
  • How to recover Product Key Office
  • How to recover WiFi password
  • Recover deleted files from Google Drive
  • How to recover backups from Google Drive
  • Retrieve Google Chrome history

Did you just delete something by accident? We help you!

You no longer have to panic or worry about deleting critical documents! For each erroneous cancellation, from the recycle bin or computer, you just have to consult our articles, follow the directions and… voila! In no time at all, yours file Word o Excel lost will reappear.

Restore contacts, photos or videos from any smartphone

It is true! Switching from one phone to another is not always without unjustified loss of contacts, photos, videos, messages or simple data. Not to mention the loss, theft or damage to your beloved portable devices.

Fortunately, you will find very simple tutorials for file recovery on the site on both iPhone and Android, the whole with or without backup. Programs such as Dr Fone, Airmore, Undeleter or Google Photos will no longer have secrets for you, being able to make the most of our advice aimed at restoring the messages, photos, videos and more.

Discover all our information and data recovery tutorials on Android:

  • How to recover deleted photos and videos from Android
  • How to recover Android contacts
  • How to recover deleted SMS Android
  • How to recover a number deleted from the call log on Android
  • How to recover data from a broken or dead phone
  • How to install deleted Play Store
  • How to recover deleted Android apps

Have you accidentally lost or deleted something on your iPhone? We help you recover everything:

  • How to recover deleted photos and videos from an iPhone
  • How to recover lost or deleted iPhone contacts
  • Easy methods to recover iPhone notes
  • How to recover call log on iPhone easily
  • How to recover accidentally deleted messages on your iPhone
  • Here's how to recover data from a broken iPhone
  • Recover deleted iPhone app

All your games and apps:

  • How to recover Clash Royale account
  • Come recover account Clash of Clans

Recover data from any damaged device

How to Recover is packed with information for restoring even the damaged or broken devices, chock full of data that you now considered lost forever. We show you how to get files back from USB sticks to be repaired or SD cards with problems, taking advantage of software such as File Recovery, Pandora Recovery, DiskDrill and others.

We help you retrieve your social media information

Not only are information lost from mobile phones and computers, but sometimes useful information is unintentionally deleted from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other social media, which often rely on large amounts of information, data, photos and videos. Our purpose is to help you restore and recover everything that can be saved.

We know how frustrating it can be to lose files or important notes, so we have created a guide just for any eventuality that can guide you step by step to retrieve the information you need, and make it as easy as possible for you, so don't worry!

Our aim is to be honest and not waste your time or give yourself false illusions, if a data cannot be recovered we will tell you immediately, so that you do not waste time. We always try to keep you away from possible scams and deceptive applications that promise to recover the impossible.

The best tutorials to recover everything you lost or deleted on Facebook:

  • How to recover a deleted Facebook account
  • How to recover Facebook email
  • How to recover Facebook pages and groups profiles
  • How to recover Facebook Messenger messages
  • How to recover a deleted post on Facebook
  • Recover deleted friendship from Facebook
  • How to recover a declined friend request
  • Recover deleted Facebook history
  • Facebook password recovery

How to recover everything you have deleted or lost on Instagram:

  • How to recover a hacked Instagram profile
  • How to recover archived Instagram photos
  • How to recover deleted stories from Instagram
  • Can I recover deleted chats on Instagram?
  • How to recover Instagram password

Do you use WhatsApp on your smartphone? Don't miss our guides:

  • Recover deleted Whatsapp messages without backup
  • Recover deleted messages from the sender on WhatsApp
  • How to recover deleted WhatsApp photos and videos
  • How to recover messages from a blocked contact on WhatsApp

If, on the other hand, you use Telegram, this may interest you:

  • Recovers all deleted contacts on Telegram
  • Guide to recovering chats on Telegram

All tutorials on TikTok:

  • How to retrieve TikTok drafts
  • How to recover deleted TikToks

All methods to recover the PUK code

The Personal Unblocking Key is the only code capable of unlock a SIM which was logged out as a result of incorrect PIN entry.

When you enter the security code of your mobile device incorrectly more than three consecutive times, you risk having to replace the phone card if you are unable to recover the PUK .

Discover all the methods you can try and the possible ways to go to get hold of the famous eight-digit code.

Follow the guidelines your carrier recommends to retrieve the PUK and finally unlock your card. Click on your Company and find out the procedures to follow to find the eight-digit code:

  • Recover PUK Vodafone
  • PUK Tim recovery
  • PUK Wind code
  • Iliad PUK code
  • Fastweb PUK Recovery
  • PosteMobile PUK code
  • CoopVoce PUK code
  • PUK Ho Mobile

Other codes to recover:

  • Retrieve ICCID SIM serial number
  • SIM TIM serial number

Don't miss any emails!

Discover with us the complete guides to the recovery of email on Libero, Gmail, Alice or simply from Outlook trash. We will show you how to make the most of iCloud restore or more efficient software like Recuva and EaseUS.

  • How to recover deleted emails from Gmail
  • How to recover Gmail password
  • How to recover contacts on Google
  • How to recover deleted Google account
  • How to recover archived emails from Gmail
  • How to recover Libero emails
  • Free password recovery

ComeRecuperare.com remains at your complete disposal for any question or doubt you may have, also inviting you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. It is the best way to get in touch with hundreds of users like you, make new friends and, why not, consult each other on the various difficulties encountered. You will receive real-time updates and news, all just a click away!

How to recover your credentials from institutional sites and beyond

It is true! Now that even institutional sites allow you to make all online transactions, it can be difficult to understand the steps to follow. But don't worry, we're here to help! Together we will find out what are the operations to be carried out on the site of the INPS or on your bank's app, helping you to quickly retrieve the SPID credentials or access PIN. Thanks to our team of experts you will always have simple and comprehensive guides at your disposal!

  • How do I get old CUDs back
  • ID mail credentials recovery
  • SPID credentials recovery
  • INPS PIN recovery
  • MPIN Unicredit forgotten
  • Postepay PIN recovery
  • How to recover the NoiPA PIN
  • How to recover Authcode vaccine

Join ours ever-expanding community and say goodbye to irreparable deletions of files or data!

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